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  1. kutulu

    Is anyone living a better life than Rob Gronkowski?

    It's all in his head
  2. kutulu

    Favorite of these 70's AM radio classics

    From wiki: "In the early 2000s, Dan embarked on various tours with his brother Jim (of Seals and Crofts fame), billing themselves as Seals & Seals, and performing their successful hits from Seals & Crofts and England Dan & John Ford Coley, Dan's hits from his solo career, and a few original songs written between the two brothers...The status of the original recordings is unknown."
  3. Correct. If you want to ensure gronk stays on your team you would need to keep him as one of the 25. Alternatively you could draft him in the 5 round rookie/FA draft or pick up as a free agent when that opens provided you have the winning bid. "No more than Twenty-five (25) Keepers will be selected a minimum of one (1) week before the rookie draft." https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/402194-league-constitution/
  4. kutulu

    Another win for the good guys

    Did anyone read the article past the headline?
  5. kutulu

    Pet Peeves

    He doesn't even like sports anymore, sad.
  6. kutulu


    Someone may have mentioned it before
  7. kutulu

    Another win for the good guys

    That doesn't really sound like a win or a loss... More like a punt for now.
  8. kutulu

    Dominican Republic Tourist Deaths

    Timely, watched the movie, The Master, yesterday. Besides being a focked up movie in general, the main character makes homemade hooch which is basically a posion. Stars J. Phoenix and PSH, btw.
  9. kutulu

    Dominican Republic Tourist Deaths

    Poisoned cheeseburgers?
  10. kutulu

    Happy Father's Day

    Reminds me of this product I saw a commercial for today for the first time https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-motorola&q=the+grandpad&spell=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjEp6Ddse7iAhXlQ98KHc4VCa8QBSgAegQICBAC&cshid=1560701403653&biw=592&bih=280
  11. Years ago my sister got me a signed picture of some no name offensive lineman who played for they Patriots. I'm a NYG fan while she is a NE fan which she must of told him cause he wrote "To kutulu... Go Pats, Boo Gaints!"