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  1. The raiders have a winning record
  2. kutulu

    Vince Neil - Stage Diving

    Theatre of Pain Tour 2
  3. Got a 2 pointer. Baby steps.
  4. kutulu

    Vince Neil - Stage Diving

    Too old to fall off stage
  5. kutulu

    Here's my problem with B cups

    Never heard this phase until someone in my auction league used it as a team name this year... And now you. For the record the name is "Tig Ol Bitties"
  6. kutulu

    Electric Scooters

    I woulda bet a thousand dollars you had one.
  7. kutulu

    Bill Clinton in hospital

    I did not have sex with that candy striper
  8. kutulu

    Here's my problem with B cups

    How do you make five pounds of fat sexy? Put a nipple on it.
  9. Dawson Knox leads the NFL for TDs from the TE position with 5 through 5 weeks, but never caught a TD in college.