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  1. kutulu

    What podcasts do you like, if any

    Time Suck with Dan Cummings
  2. kutulu


    I don't follow basketball at all, but I heard these teams were 1 and 2 on offense
  3. kutulu


    Dang. Is this thing on?
  4. kutulu

    What’s the worst fast food chain?

    Family owned grocery store chain in New England based in mass, I think
  5. kutulu

    Your Favorite Cartoon Villains

  6. kutulu


    Pretty close in the 4th....
  7. kutulu

    What’s the worst fast food chain?

    Yeah it's good, a little sloppy sometimes imo,vbut still. Ain't bad, you can go in, order your pizza, do a mini grocery trip, pick up your pie, and check out.
  8. kutulu

    Another One

  9. kutulu

    What’s the worst fast food chain?

    The price at MB are great but I can't go there on the weekends, it's packed just too many people. But I'll pop in on my way home after work and grab 20 or less items, get in and out quick. Their pizza ain't bad either.
  10. kutulu


    I saw them on this tour
  11. kutulu

    What Does Everybody Want ?

  12. kutulu

    Day Care owner

    I don't condone it, but I understand.
  13. kutulu

    What Does Everybody Want ?

  14. Go full Cliff Clavin At least we're not on Venus, it rains sulphuric acid there. That's not hot, Mercury can hit 800℉. That's hot. Windy? Sheeet, Neptune has wind speeds over 1000 miles per hour.