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  1. kutulu

    The Case for Chase

    Took him sixth overall last year, that worked out great for about a month
  2. kutulu

    2023 MFL site

    Sent him an email...
  3. kutulu

    Where And What Is The Coolst Places You’ve Ever Been

    I've been here, I've been there I've been every focking where So what, so what? So what, so what, you boring little kunt?
  4. kutulu

    2023 MFL site

    What about next year?
  5. kutulu

    Best stand Alone Album

    For drinking, Back in Black.
  6. kutulu

    Let Me Tell You About Jack & Diane

  7. kutulu

    How I’m Feeling Again

    Until someone throws a baby ruth in
  8. kutulu

    Rodney Dangerfield - Top 100 Jokes

    No respect
  9. kutulu

    I Found One Injurd in My Backyard Last Week

    Thought this was gonna be about your last hooker. Obviously disappointed.
  10. kutulu

    German 1930s = USA 2020s

    I barely post anymore but whatever, I still block doltaire, so I get it
  11. kutulu

    German 1930s = USA 2020s

    Major reach
  12. kutulu

    Death Pool Update - Doyle Brunson

    Dang I thought he busted a long time ago