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  1. kutulu

    I Need Help With Two Bets I Made!

    Double down then let it ride, hth
  2. The cheapest stuff is all I need.
  3. Of course it's Snickers. If you think otherwise you're probably suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome
  4. Still doesn't make him overrated in fantasy football though.
  5. kutulu

    FU Week 2

    Kyle Pitts, don't believe the hype
  6. kutulu

    Trey Lance Carted off field - Broken Ankle

    Jimmy G, come on down
  7. kutulu

    Do you own a bespoke suit?

    I got a pimp suit, is that the same thing?
  8. kutulu

    Michael Pittman Jr. Out for Week 2

    Thunderstorms likely in Jack
  9. kutulu

    What Type Of Workout Do You Do ?

    I work out
  10. kutulu

    SNF Discussion: Tampa Bay at Dallas

    Nice call
  11. kutulu

    ****Happy Football Day Week 1****

    our great national nightmare is over How bout them giants!
  12. kutulu

    I’m gone

    Flame on! I'm gone! I'm so sweet Like a nice bon bon
  13. kutulu

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    Which quarter did ed quit?
  14. kutulu

    Recommend podcasts here pls

    Time Suck with Dan Cummings
  15. kutulu

    TNF Discussion: Bills at Rams - Wk1

    Curb meet stomp