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  1. kutulu

    Patrick Chung

  2. My sister used to buy frozen stuff like that from some guy that went door to door. They called him the meat man. He was like a Seinfeld character... All of a sudden he would be there standing at the back patio door, was kinda creepy, but most of the stuff he peddled was actually decent for being frozen food.
  3. kutulu

    Peanut Butter Jars

    edjr just tosses it out his kitchen window
  4. kutulu

    When did you last win the day?

    Back in March. I think it's broke.
  5. kutulu

    Patrick Chung

  6. kutulu

    Friday Laughs

    At least Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays
  7. kutulu

    Dear Abby: I saw my wife in a porn.

    Hey man that's not cool It's spelled "kutulu"
  8. kutulu

    Describe Your Last Fart With A Song Title

    Chemical Warfare, Slayer
  9. kutulu

    Describe Your Last Fart With A Song Title

    When the Levee Breaks
  10. kutulu

    Awesome new show on Amazon!!

    I thought Jack Ryan was just alright. I think my 3 favorites from AP as far as originally programming goes would be... The Boys (and I'm not a superhero movie fan) The Patriot (kinda querky liked S1 better than S2 but both pretty good... Has both John Locke and Red Foremam Fleabag (might seem like a chick show but pretty dam good imo)
  11. kutulu

    Exotic animals you would like to own