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  1. kutulu

    Oh man, Remo Williams is Dead!

    He was officially dead already.
  2. kutulu

    Happy Friday the 13th

    I'm on a cruise ship getting getting ready to depart to Bermuda. I may not have thought this all the way thru.
  3. kutulu


  4. kutulu


  5. kutulu

    Final Vote for Hair Band Draft

    No, I didn't. But you ruined the bored contests for me with your false allegations. So much so I don't take part in them anymore. Thanks for that, fockface. Anyway back to ignoring your posts, asswipe.
  6. kutulu

    Final Vote for Hair Band Draft

    You didn't "expose" sh1t, Geraldo. You had no proof cause it didn't happen.
  7. kutulu

    Final Vote for Hair Band Draft

    Yup. Focking cheater.
  8. kutulu

    How Much Do You Tip A Stripper ?

    Just the tip
  9. kutulu

    I Just Ordered Off Of Amazon

    You wanna spoon
  10. kutulu

    ***The 148th Running of the Kentucky Derby***

    And sure enough, that nag came in
  11. Just remember. It's not a lie if you believe it.
  12. When I started doing the opposite of what my gut told me to do.