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  1. kutulu

    Those whacky Chinese- uncontrolled rocket 🚀

    On top of that last night I didn't get the free appetizer that usually comes with my order
  2. I find your lack of faith disturbing
  3. kutulu

    Screw India

  4. 1 of 2, got it at Gillette stadium, was very efficient system they had there, got the one that starts with an M. Got it almost two weeks ago, no side effects
  5. kutulu

    BLOscars tonight!! Whose getting their white guilt on??

    I don't watch every year but am watching tonight. Always looking for a good flicker show. Try not to get all caught up in the political bs, much easier on the constitution.
  6. kutulu

    nzoner had a heart attack this morning

    Damn that's terrible, no mention of can size? Just kidding, hope he's doing all right and is back busting balls with us soon
  7. kutulu

    My New York Islanders thread

    Washington is in first place in the East Division, 1 point ahead of 2nd place Pittsburgh. The Islanders are in 3rd, 2 points behind the Penguins, and 3 ahead of Boston.
  8. kutulu

    Black man murders one year old white baby

    Well the Amish probably didn't hear about it cause they don't have TVs or radios