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  1. kutulu

    2021 Draft Picks

    1.05 Ski Colts Williams, Javonte. DEN RB (R)
  2. kutulu

    Who do you think nukes first?

    You mean 2nd
  3. kutulu

    2021 Draft Picks

    1.02 Neckbeards Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR (R) 1.03 Die Nasty El Padrino Pitts, Kyle ATL TE (R) 1.04 Neckbeards Etienne, Travis JAC RB (R)
  4. 1 thanks 2 I don't know 3 I don't 4 see ya have fun
  5. 1.01 The Vudu Balls Harris, Najee PIT RB (R)
  6. Well draft was to start at 11 am but it doesn't look like your first pick went through. Maybe the commish can put the pick through so we don't have to stand around holding our d1cks all weekend 1.01 1 The Vudu Balls Waiting For The Next Pick 2.01 13 The Vudu Balls Pre-Draft Selection Made *Also sent Vudu an email to see if he could come back and make the first pick
  7. kutulu

    Chinatown by state. Spermoff

    Boston has a pretty big Chinatown
  8. kutulu

    2021 Fees

    I use my wife's PayPal and she's away on a cruise in Greece, but I'll pay as soon as she gets back.
  9. kutulu

    Why do you love the Geek Club?

    I love big boobs
  10. kutulu

    The Poop Knife..

    Crap thread