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  1. Squintz82

    How bad is this trade?

    No, redraft. Owner giving up Hopkins has Hilton as his WR1 and lost Ajayi. He's panicking.
  2. Squintz82

    How bad is this trade?

    Alright, thanks for your input. I'm probably overreacting, but it feels like 3 quarters for a dollar. And again, blocking or vetoing was never a question.
  3. Squintz82

    How bad is this trade?

    I'm commish of a 12 team PPR league. I will never veto a trade, and there are no reviews. We generally have a trustworthy group, and sometimes have lopsided trades. But today was one of the worst I've ever seen, and wanted to get other opinions to see if I'm overreacting. One owner just sent Lynch, Drake, and Chris Godwin for Deandre Hopkins.
  4. Squintz82

    Should The Commissioner Have Nixed This Deal?

    Didn't read it and voted no. If you have to ask, then generally it's a no.
  5. Squintz82

    If Mixon is out is Bernard a good play?

    Decent as in 16th in the NFL?
  6. Squintz82

    If Mixon is out is Bernard a good play?

    Would anyone else play Bernard over Howard and Collins (if Mixon is out)?
  7. Squintz82

    Trade Hopkins for Julio?

    Don't buy any of this. I stand by my point that EVERYONE is over valuing Julio based on his name. Hopkins shows zero sign of slowing down with Savage, even against terrible matchups. Case in point this past week.
  8. Squintz82

    Trade Hopkins for Julio?

    I don't think ANYONE will argue that Hopkins was better with Watson, that's not really the point. Back to the topic, it was comparing Hokins to Julio. Based on what both players have shown, with any QB or situation, people are overvaluing Julio. Hopkins has shown in the last 2 games that he's still a WR1. Granted, I will admit that Hopkins' schedule is brutal down the stretch.
  9. Squintz82

    Trade Hopkins for Julio?

    So you're saying because he didn't have a great season in a different offense with a different QB last year, his WR1 numbers with Savage won't continue? Even though he's heavily targeted against both good and bad defenses. Let's hear some data to back that up. Sounds completely subjective since we've seen zero reason to worry about Hopkins so far. Let's also completely throw out 2015 with Hoyer and Mallett where he was a top 3 WR.
  10. Squintz82

    Trade Hopkins for Julio?

    Thought my question was self explanatory, but I'll help. I was pointing out how last season stats are meaningless week 10 of this season. Hence, Jones being ranked 5th in PPR last season, and being nowhere near that this season. Do I need to explain how Hopkins has been QB proof this season? I'll ask you a question now. What does a question about last season have anything to do with this topic?
  11. Squintz82

    Trade Hopkins for Julio?

    Did Julio lack upside last season? Not sure how last season applies here.
  12. Squintz82

    Trade Hopkins for Julio?

    People give Julio WAY too much credit for his name value. Hopkins is pretty much QB proof, and everyone is overreacting to Savage. Against a good defense, he put up WR1 numbers again. I wouldn't even put Julio in the same tier as Hopkins this season. At some point you have to consider that Julio isn't going to have that 300 yard game everyone is waiting for.
  13. Squintz82

    Alex Collins

    Sorry you dropped him before Thursday night.