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  1. ralphster

    Antonio Brown says goodbye to Steelers fans

    Trade him to Buffalo for a coke & a smile.
  2. ralphster

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    Lindsay, Sanders, Sutton, Royce Freeman are weapons.
  3. ralphster

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    You need to go.
  4. ralphster

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    You said it tiny hands.
  5. Is there a way to mute a user w the new forums? There's a religious zealot that I could enjoy never seeing posts from again...
  6. ralphster

    2019 Free Agents

    few Qbs, lotsa Rbs, almost no Wrs
  7. ralphster

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    I'm sure they do not give af what you think they should be doing. But dont let that keep you from expressing it.
  8. ralphster

    Top players available in the 2019 Draft

    Hard for me to say prior to the combine. I'll have a better idea where I rank them around the end of May.
  9. ralphster

    If Nick foles wins a 2nd Superbowl

    Rumor I saw recently has Jax sending Fournette for Foles. It makes a lot of sense; Foles is going to get paid somewhere and Coughlin doesn't like Fournette.
  10. ralphster

    Kareem Hunt's True Value & Talent

    Without any knowledge of where Hunt lands or the length of his suspension I wouldn't give more than a 2nd. Right now a mid to late 2nd seems correct imo. 1.01 - regardless of this year's rookie talent - is far too much to pay for a suspended abuser with no current prospects.
  11. ralphster

    Kareem Hunt's True Value & Talent

    "That kick was just a push with his foot". Come on foamy, yer really explaining away the actions of an abuser? Bad optics.
  12. ralphster

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    Dungy & Co aren't hiding on tv because they're afraid of the Pats. They've put in their hours and are enjoying having a life. That the Jets/Bills/Dolphins have sucked terribly the last few decades has more to do with ownership making bad hires who then make bad decisions. Over and over again. Go Rams.
  13. Have the meds worn off or is this full tilt?
  14. I see tiny hands is back showing off that hallmark of many evangelicals; hypocrisy. Slow clap for it, may thou choketh on yer Sunday wafers.. Hunt is a talented and troubled young man as evidenced by his recent entry into rehab for anger & alcohol issues. Should he complete them and show some contrition about these acts of his past then he rightly should be allowed to play again. I mean sheet - it's not like he and his friends murdered some guy and covered it up ala Ray Lewis amirite? edit: Saw some saying the Bears should sign Hunt. Don't think we need him with Cohen & Howard already on the team.
  15. ralphster

    Cardinals set to hire Kliff Kinsbury as head coach

    This is a great take right up to the defensive argument. He's not a defensive guy and has said as much. His college offenses have been worthy of note though. Pair him with a legit DC and there's hope for a hot as$ LA Rams type quick turnaround for the cards. They've got maybe 1 or possibly 2 years left with Fitz. DJ is in his prime and healthy. Both players will do well if the oline and QB can be melded. That line is most of their trouble.