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  1. ralphster

    First Round NFL Mock?

    ss - you gotta be at least hopeful about how cooper performed after being traded right?
  2. ralphster

    Krafty move

    There are huge volumes of pressure and money being thrown around down in Jupiter right now. Billionaires and the massage parlor owner selling access to trump at mara lago along with the trafficking angle - its real bad optics all around. Still the local DA & the police force need something to justify the sting & subsequent expenditures, so they're trying to throw Kraft a bone. Everyone saves face, Bobby K makes a nice donation to their fallen officer fund and a much bigger one to anti trafficking orgs and walks away. Good for everyone right?
  3. ralphster

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    Kenny Stills is pretty good. Wonder if Devante Parker might turn into anything w Fitz too. I see Flores opening up the offense and going gunslinger this first year.
  4. I'm liking Chubb more than most and am not too worried about Hunt next year. Dorsey drafted Hunt. Knows him as a person and a player. Knew that Hunt would take a cheap deal and would toe the line to rehab his value. Having another good rb on his team never hurts either, but I'm more of the opinion that signing Hunt was Dorsey doing him a solid rather than signing him to take Chubbs job. When he gets back Chubb will most likely need a breather, but even then I see a 70/30 split. Then Hunt will be signed for more money by another team in 2020.
  5. ralphster

    Tyreek in trouble

    I'm not advocating a ban, that's the religious zealot.
  6. ralphster

    Tyreek in trouble

    This. The kid came into the league with baggage.
  7. ralphster

    The Free Agency Thread

    Mike Davis. Stand out 3rd down back for SEA. Gets signed by the Bears, who already have Cohen as a reliable 3rd down back and Howard as a big banger type. Howard being moved has been rumored, but why Mike Davis? This move, and signing an injury prone on the way down Skrine to replace an excellent young Callahan - it puzzles me.
  8. ralphster

    Antonio Brown says goodbye to Steelers fans

    During another chat a friend remarked that chucky essentially dumped cooper and a $50 mil contract plus a 3rd & a 5th for AB and a $30 mil contract plus a 1st.
  9. ralphster

    What NFL team should trade for Derek Carr?

    good point mick. also next years qb class is better than this years. chuckie might like a shiny new qb going into his 1st season in vegas.
  10. ralphster

    NFL Mock Draft - 2019

    Supposedly they want a 1st. Peter King says two talent evaluators would give a 3rd. that kind of return likely won't go over well, but I agree that if Murray truly IS Kliffs guy you should go get him. Or more likely the cards have multiple holes to fill and are trying to drive interest in order to trade down for a nice bounty of picks.
  11. ralphster

    Antonio Brown says goodbye to Steelers fans

    Either AB has gone full TO doing sit ups on the front lawn for the reporters crazy or he's deliberately trying to pull down his value in order to limit what the Steelers can get for him. If I'm running a club with the cap space and a need at wr and happen to see his twitter feed or tv interviews I'm not signing him to sweep floors at minimum wage much less catch footballs for $20 mil a year. You never go full TO.
  12. ralphster

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    What are you going to get though? Right now nothing much. Best to hold and wait for an early season blow up game and move him then. Or just maybe this is all offseason speculation and he'll be back to dominance next spring after he's had a chance to heal. Bottom line - Gurley is a hold right now.
  13. ralphster

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    Yeah! So there Les!
  14. ralphster

    Steelers-Bell-Transition tag

    Speculation Ray. If he were to sign in SD, NO, LAR, maybe even Hou I think he replicates 80-90% of his past production.
  15. ralphster

    What NFL team should trade for Derek Carr?

    I don't think chuckie moves carr. He's due manageable salaries the next few years. gruden now has the picks to build his team around carr.