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  1. ralphster

    this site is dead

    the site is great. I still stop through 4-5 times a week. staff features are consistently excellent and the community on the forums is mostly good. I've gotten busier so I don't post as much, figured the same was true for others. Agree with the less is more comment above, and FBG seems to be trying to out do geek squad most of the time. sleeper bot just annoys tf out of me w the comments so I uninstalled.
  2. ralphster

    Is Antonio Brown a keeper this season?

    Anyone else wondering if the cte is setting in early with AB? Up arrow Ty Will
  3. This is the year where you're wrong Tan. Ridley is the key - no one thought he'd break out like he did last year. He's Roddy White Jr & effects the entire offense. Matty Ice should be a top 8qb this year.
  4. ralphster

    Keep AJ Green or throw him back for Godwin/Lockett?

    Godwin for sure, then it's down to how you feel about the ankle on AJ. There's been speculation that it could be longer than a few weeks, can you afford to hold if he's out until week 6? Depends on when keepers are due. If they're due today, Lockette. If they're due in two weeks and there's good news from the Bungles, keep AJ.
  5. ralphster

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Josh Jacobs, Raiders

    Chris Warren was released. If there is a cuff for Jacobs it would be Doug Martin. I wouldn't pay a 3rd for Martin/Walker, but he might.
  6. ralphster

    potential keepers Mack vs Dalvin Cook

    I don't know if it's as much a downgrade on Mack as it is an expected uptick in Hines usage in Indy. I'd keep Cook then I'd make sure to cuff him with Mattison later on.
  7. ralphster


    Value TE picks this year for me: Henry, McDonald, Burton.
  8. 16.12 WR Randall Cobb, DAL
  9. ralphster

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2019 **

    15.01 Harrison Butker, PK KC
  10. ralphster

    ** Round 14 Selections - July Mock 2019 **

    14.12 MIN DST
  11. ralphster

    Teams so Far

    QB - Luck, Garappolo RB - Barkley, Fournette, Royce Freeman, AP WR - Theilen, Watkins, Landry, Sanders TE - Henry, Macdonald
  12. ralphster

    ** Round 13 Selections - July Mock 2019 **

    13.01 QB Jimmy Garrapolo SF
  13. ralphster

    ** Round 12 Selections - July Mock 2019 **

    12.12 WR Kenny Stills, MIA
  14. making my picks now
  15. I edited in sanders. Took AP after the news broke that Guice is injured again.