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  1. Lone Star: I am only here to ask a favor, and I'm being completely serious about the favor I'm about to ask: Please consider starting fewer threads. The limited amount of involvement in threads you start should be a clue to you that the threads you are starting are a) unneeded and b) unwanted. this forearm is not reddit. members are not farming karma here. you've been admonished for this same issue multiple times yet you continue. you are part of the reason I frequent this website less often than I used to. is that what you are trying to accomplish?
  2. ralphster

    Tyreek in trouble

    Roto reporting his son has been removed from the home. If Dept Child Svcs found cause to revoke custody I can't imagine it will be good for his football prospects this year. Maybe he can keep it tied up in court, but he would probably be put on the mish exempt list. Of course if he actually broke his son's arm he should be in jail.
  3. Currently in a 12 man dynasty start up draft. 15 rounds and you draft your rookie draft slot during this draft (rookie 1.01 went in the late 5th). Our rookie draft will happen in the middle of May because it's nice to stretch these out this time of year. I would not want to draft rookies before the NFL draft simply because so much of their value relies on where each player lands. No opinion on salary cap as we use yearly contracts - players get a 3 year contract and must be traded or franchise tagged after 3rd year. For scoring we use the following: .5 ppr RB 1 ppr WR 1.5 PPR TE/QB 6 Pts Passing TD -2 for ints/fumbles .20 points per carry. .10 points per yard rec/rushing .033 points/return yard .05 pts/passing yard. I think this scoring is pretty ideal for dynasty.
  4. ralphster

    Duke Johnson value on another team?

    Raiders have an accomplished pass catching back in Jalen Richard. They need an early down pounder. Steelers have Connor & Samuels. Colts have Mack, Hines & Wilkins. Pats have White, Michel & Burkhead. Skins have Guice, AP & Thompson. Bucs could use Duke if RoJo is a bust. Vikes could use back up behind Cooks. Seahawks don't need him behind Carson or Penny. So two possible fits.
  5. ralphster

    Anybody watching the AAF tonight?

    supposedly betting in real time of games currently being played - prop bets like "will Kamara get 6+ yards on his next touch from scrimmage" or "bradys next throw will go to" stuff like that.
  6. ralphster

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    They will have bionic knees by the time he needs them.
  7. ralphster

    Gronk.....peace out!

    I did not dismiss Ditka. I disagreed with your stated opinion that Gronk was no Ditka and opined that Gronk was better. You know, discussion an the like. On a ff bored.
  8. ralphster

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    Bears reddit is furious we got so little for him. I'm okay w the deal as we drafted him in the 5th and could get a 5th back so it evens out. Really I think this was more the Bears doing Howard a solid than trying to get max value back. He didn't fit our system but he didn't b!tch and was a team guy. I wish him well.
  9. ralphster

    Gronk.....peace out!

    Foamy will defend his position, natch. As a bears fan I only saw Ditka the coach, his playing days were before I was born. For the record I love iron mike. All that said, Gronk was reknowned for his blocking and was nigh uncoverable in his prime. He ran better routes, caught more passes, scored more TDs and fundamentally changed the way the TE position was defined by the league. Ditka did the same 50+ years ago, but to say Gronk is no Ditka is to expose either your fandom or your ignorance.
  10. ralphster

    First Round NFL Mock?

    nice link j.
  11. ralphster

    * Updated: NFL Mock Draft - 2019 - Version 4.0

    This is a good point. A year ago Keim hired last a new coach & OC and drafted Rosen. He also got a 4 year extension. Now he's fired the coach & OC he brought in and replaced them w an out of the blue hire from the college ranks. His new guy is also very publicly in love w Murray. So Steve is in a rough place. Either he trades the guy he moved up to get last year for pennies on the dollar to get his new coach's man crush or he stays the course w Rosen and builds the trenches - which is really what his team needs. Drafting Murray first overall, losing the chance to get Bosa on a rookie deal and getting a 2nd or 3rd for Rosen just seems like madness to me. A great coach should be able to mold their system around the available talent, not demand a new roster. Reminds me of Mike Martz and Greg Olsen years ago.
  12. ralphster

    Pass Interference Calls are now Reviewable

    I agree 100%. The rule change should allow home office to call in missed penalties instead of putting it in a coach's hands for a challenge.
  13. ralphster

    * Updated: NFL Mock Draft - 2019 - Version 4.0

    That's exactly what the Browns did - they moved back and picked up extra early round picks for several years before drafting Baker. They had 2 firsts and 2 seconds last year and 3 firsts and a second the year before. Literally exactly what Ray is saying, but you're going to call him a flat earther? Your user name should be 'dontlisten2me'.
  14. ralphster

    Pass Interference Calls are now Reviewable

    There was very little support for this across the league last week. Must've been some big league arm twisting going on. Quite the can of worms they're opening here.
  15. ralphster

    Gronk.....peace out!

    You're right. He was better than Ditka.