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  1. bandrus1

    Credit Card debt...

    I had a $2300 credit line open on a split AC unit I had installed last February. 3 years 0 interest for $7200 total was initial line. Took tax return and paid the rest off and it raised my credit score 60 points when I closed the line. I have no clue why $2300 would impact score that much
  2. bandrus1

    Free weather app

    I use MyRadar app
  3. bandrus1


    Pats "aggressively" looked into OBJ and now there are rumors and predictions he will be moved this off season
  4. bandrus1

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    can do anything besides 1000 island or french really
  5. bandrus1

    National Emergency

    Isn't it rather clear this is all about campaign? Have courts rule against him.. say "they" are anti American and then run on the wall a second time
  6. 65 mph in 0 visability What could go wrong
  7. bandrus1

    Manafort: 19-24 years + $24mil

    I think it will be a little more harsh for violating deals made
  8. bandrus1

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Not in general but putting that thing in Long island City was going to be very hard that live in that general area. As someone nowhere near it... It sucks it is not coming
  9. You could literally take a week ling fishing trip in alaska and fish for 2000 And catching a a nice fish is a lot different than bragging about shooting a near endangered animal
  10. bandrus1

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I don't think there is anything official
  11. bandrus1

    Ginsburg ded ?

    That is interesting
  12. bandrus1

    Ginsburg ded ?

    Do both the house and Senate have to confirm a new judge?
  13. We eat ground up beatles all the time don't act above it
  14. First step in conservation is get them off endangered list Second is shoot um