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  1. Beer22

    Flex need one, Kittle, Ingram or Richard

    I like Richard in PPR. Please answer mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482135
  2. Beer22

    Tough Choice RB

    Is this a flex spot ..... or do you have to play an RB. If you can go with a WR or TE you may be better off as those RB options are not very promising this week. If I have to pick one of these, I like Mostert.
  3. Beer22

    Julio Jones for Chubb or Arron JOnes

    Offer him his choice between Chubb or Jones for Julio. Either one is a win for you if he accepts.
  4. Beer22

    Accept this Offer? Will Help.

    I would probaby do it. It would make your overall WR's better and or get added depth at RB. Reminder TY on Bye this week.
  5. Beer22

    Week 9: Start Courtland Sutton or DJ Moore

    I like Sutton more.
  6. I need some flex help with this week's byes. (PPR) Brieda vs OAK (nice matchup but dealing w/ankle issue) C.Ridley @ WAS Tre Burton @ BUF C. Sutton Vs HOU (leaning this way right now) I leaning towards Courtland Sutton now. I would feel better about Brieda if it wasn't a Thursday night game. Please let me know your thoughts. I will answer yours. Thanks
  7. Beer22

    Possible Lynch IR

    When can he come off IR?
  8. Beer22

    Broncos at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    Crap.... Denver defense sitting on my bench. I went with the Colts because of the Buffalo match up.
  9. Beer22

    Cooks or Gordon? Chiefs or Steelers?

    I like Cooks and Chiefs D.
  10. Beer22

    Dak or Foles?

    Dakota Prescott vs SEA or Nick Foles vs OAK I lost Wentz. I think they're close. Foles has a higher ceiling and Dak has a higher floor. What do you think?... will answer yours.
  11. Beer22

    Which Eagle?

    Ertz & Bryant
  12. Beer22

    QB Help

    Goff....but it's a close call
  13. Beer22

    RB help!

    I like the same 2 you have selected.
  14. Beer22

    RB Help / Dion or Collins?

    Lewis. I think the Pats get an early lead and run to hold it.
  15. Beer22

    Flex help - finals

    I like Mike Davis of these 3.