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  1. the s is ilent

    I can't believe nobody even noticed

    Every wiffleball needs to be hit with a plastic bat.
  2. the s is ilent

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    I like my Coors when I golf. Not to heavy or drunky. Now I've got to listen to my group rag on my corn syrup beer. Bud Lite found another way to give me a headache
  3. the s is ilent

    Isn't this sex discrimination?

    I've seen the YouTube videos on waxing and sugaring techniques. The back door area is also an issue with hairy women that gets cleaned up too. Men should show up at the salon, drop the speedo, bend over and tell them to get to work. Given the vulnerable situation and/ or position it may be best to wait until the job is done before demanding "fix me a sammich"
  4. the s is ilent

    Matthew McConahay

  5. the s is ilent

    Woman in 14-Year Coma Gives Birth in Arizona

    She's 17. Nate has a lazy eye. It all makes sense now. Prolly hard for a c0ck eyed man nurse to pick up chicks.
  6. the s is ilent

    Should I “rat” this guy out ?

    The whole process of sharing gratuities is to protect waiters that get stuck with the segment of society that refuses to tip.
  7. the s is ilent

    What’s the weirdest topping you have seen on a pizza

    Pineapple tidbits and ham. Delicious.
  8. the s is ilent

    Madonna's arse

    Still wood. Listening to a sad version of Borderline.
  9. the s is ilent

    Better cowboy: Clint Eastwood Or John Wayne

    Duke as Rooster Clint as Josey Both goats
  10. the s is ilent

    Twas the Night before Christmas

    The horror of the act And sights I can not unsee. A burning sensation When I start to pee
  11. the s is ilent

    Happy Festivus

    Festus and Miss Kitty had a Festivus.
  12. the s is ilent

    GoFundMe for Trumps border wall: currently over $13M

    If these funds are donated to the government they go thru House appropriations. The House is controlled by the Democrats. These funds are also taxed and can not by earmarked for any one project. The House determines what is best " for the people" I doubt if any of this money makes it to the wall.
  13. the s is ilent

    Burt's bees.

    How does peppermint feel in an open wound?
  14. the s is ilent

    Ninja say what?

    Ninja please.
  15. the s is ilent

    Potential Keepers for 2019

    It's nice to own Guice. Maybe...