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  1. NFL PLAYOFF DRAFT $25 SAT JAN 6 AT 9 AM EST EMAIL DRLRPH@aol.com to reserve a spot Link to complete rules: https://www62.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/30678#1 EDIT TO ADD .... Guys, I usually use League Safe in the in-season leagues that I commish but since this is cheap entry and to avoid hassle we are doing PayPal. Here is my general website for all my leagues: https://treadlightlybb.weebly.com/ ... You can click upper left menu to view all the Leagues and Testimonials. In summary I have: (a) 10 of 18 spots left for the playoff league mentioned above $25 ( 4 of 36 spots left in 2018 Start Em Once 50 © maybe 1 spot left in 2018 Tackling Dummies (Limited IDP Auction) --- depends on if current owner responds hit me up at DRLRPH@aol.com to reserve a spot in any of the 3 above leagues. Thanks, Daniel
  2. Very unique league. You have access to all NFL players. The Catch .. Can only start a player ONCE !. Lineups are hidden until the start of a player's game. Shooting for 60 teams top 20 (one-third) make playoffs, payout 100% after MFL fees. Currently we have 34 entries. Shooting for at least 60 with the top prize of $550. NOTE: We are now opening this up wherein an owner can own up to a max. of 4 teams (cost is $25 per team). Weeks 1-12 regular season. Then only the top one-third advance to playoffs Week 13-16. Note scores revert to zero start Week 13 AND if you started a player first 12 Weeks then he is unavailable. Final score per team is combined Weeks 13-16. The first 12 Weeks scores are just to separate playoff teams from elimination teams. Can expand up to 96 teams with 32 advancing. L EMAIL DAN at DRLRPH@aol.com ... in the email please include the following: (1) Full Name, (2) Email Address, and (3) Team Name (if have more than one it will be same with roman numerals at the end i.e. II, III, IV. http://www77.myfantasyleague.com