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  1. The unique concept of Guillotine Fantasy Football leagues was developed by expert Paul Charchian. There are no head to head matchups yet the lowest scoring team each week is eliminated for the season. Here is the crazy caveat: the entire roster of the eliminated team is dropped and available for pickup of players through blind bidding acquisition. Breaking Bad Guillotine League (BBGL) incorporates his core principles with its own 3rd round reversal draft and a scoring system similar to the Scott Fish Bowl.  17 teams - payout top 3 (see link below).$35 leaguesafe . Slow 3rd rd reversal draft in August. email NFLMAn69@gmail.com. Select a team name from open teams (Reports>franchise>franchise Info or just Standings) as well as your full name and email address. http://www60.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/54829#0 
  2. We are looking for some very committed owners for a high stakes league that will draft LIVE in LAS VEGAS every other year. For several years now the co-commissioner and I have been tossing around an idea of a LIVE AUCTION in person draft in Vegas. We have competed in various on-line leagues together for years, but we have never met in person. This year we have pulled the trigger and created the league. The league will operate as a high stakes redraft league comprised on 12 owners across the United States with the purpose of bringing fantasy football auction enthusiasts together to share their passion and develop relationships in person. The league will have a $300 per year owner entry fee held at LEAGUESAFE. The LIVE IN PERSON drafts will occur in Las Vegas sometime in late AUGUST every other year starting in 2020. In the odd number years including this year 2019 we will hold a slow email on-line auction. The $300 owner entry fee does not include any travel or other expenses related to the even number year Live drafts in Las Vegas. The Draft details and all LEAGUE BY-LAWS can be found at our MFL web site below. The web site will be hosted on at myfantasyleague.com - http://www60.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/56265#0 Additional league information including DETAILED By-Laws have already been uploaded to the web site including: scoring, rosters, lineup, waivers, draft details and prize money distribution. PLEASE NOTE- the by-laws section X. as requirement of the league we will need some basic personal information in order to properly coordinate the logistics of an in-person live draft with owners attending from all over the country. The information will not be shared with anyone aside from the league co-commissioners without consent of the owner. If you have any questions feel free to email the co-commissioners at - vegas.elite.commish@gmail.com
  3. NFL PLAYOFF DRAFT $25 SAT JAN 6 AT 9 AM EST EMAIL DRLRPH@aol.com to reserve a spot Link to complete rules: https://www62.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/30678#1 EDIT TO ADD .... Guys, I usually use League Safe in the in-season leagues that I commish but since this is cheap entry and to avoid hassle we are doing PayPal. Here is my general website for all my leagues: https://treadlightlybb.weebly.com/ ... You can click upper left menu to view all the Leagues and Testimonials. In summary I have: (a) 10 of 18 spots left for the playoff league mentioned above $25 ( 4 of 36 spots left in 2018 Start Em Once 50 © maybe 1 spot left in 2018 Tackling Dummies (Limited IDP Auction) --- depends on if current owner responds hit me up at DRLRPH@aol.com to reserve a spot in any of the 3 above leagues. Thanks, Daniel
  4. Very unique league. You have access to all NFL players. The Catch .. Can only start a player ONCE !. Lineups are hidden until the start of a player's game. Shooting for 60 teams top 20 (one-third) make playoffs, payout 100% after MFL fees. Currently we have 34 entries. Shooting for at least 60 with the top prize of $550. NOTE: We are now opening this up wherein an owner can own up to a max. of 4 teams (cost is $25 per team). Weeks 1-12 regular season. Then only the top one-third advance to playoffs Week 13-16. Note scores revert to zero start Week 13 AND if you started a player first 12 Weeks then he is unavailable. Final score per team is combined Weeks 13-16. The first 12 Weeks scores are just to separate playoff teams from elimination teams. Can expand up to 96 teams with 32 advancing. L EMAIL DAN at DRLRPH@aol.com ... in the email please include the following: (1) Full Name, (2) Email Address, and (3) Team Name (if have more than one it will be same with roman numerals at the end i.e. II, III, IV. http://www77.myfantasyleague.com