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  1. FootballT

    TJ Yeldon or Alex Collins ?

    I have Collins in my lineup. New QB and vs Cincy Defense.
  2. FootballT

    Flex D Cook or A Cooper

    In Standard (Non PPR), would you fo with Dalvin Cook or Amari Cooper? I keep switching them up. I currently have Cook as my flex, but Cooper should have a great matchup. Thoughts?
  3. FootballT

    Fitz of Wilson?

    Thanks guys!
  4. FootballT

    Which WR to Drop

  5. FootballT

    Which WR to Drop

    I need to drop a WR to get get a backup kicker and not have to drop Gostkowski. Non PPR league and I have: Starters - Adams and Woods Bench: A Cooper D Thomas C Sutton D Baldwin Appreciate the help!
  6. FootballT

    Fitz of Wilson?

    Who would you go with (Non PPR)? Fitzpatrick or Wilson?
  7. FootballT

    Drop Fitzgerald to pick up Coutee?

    Thanks Guys. Lucky for me, I also have J Winston as my backup QB, so for now, Im going to keep Fitz and drop Winston for Coutee. Hopefully things will pan out after the trade deadline and next week. Appreciate the help!
  8. FootballT

    Drop Fitzgerald to pick up Coutee?

    Thanks weepaws. I went ahead and placed the waiver request. Well see what happens. Appreciate the help!
  9. Ive kept Larry Fitzgerald on my bench and he showed slight signs of hope last week, but thinking it may be best to drop him and pick up Coutee. He should see a ton of catches with Fuller out and Hopkins drawing in the top defenders. Thoughts?
  10. FootballT

    Kicker - Drop Matt Bryant?

    Forgot to mention that Gostkowski and Vinateri are available on waivers. Not sure Icouldnget Gostkowski, since Im in 5th place out of 10
  11. FootballT

    Kicker - Drop Matt Bryant?

    Bryant has a hammy and I dont have a back up kicker (who does?). Should I drop him or drop J Cook, Baldwin or Fitzgerald for a 2nd Kicker? This seems like an easy question, but you guys know how easy it goes from week to week.
  12. Wilson has a bye week next week and I dont have a back up yet. I have Burton as my main TE. Should I drop J Cook, Baldwin or Fitzgerald for either of the below?: Dalton Winston Smith Trubisky Keenum
  13. FootballT

    Wilson or Winston for week 6

    I have the exact same scenario and Im starting Wilson. Need to see more from Winston before I put him over Wilson.
  14. FootballT

    TE Help - Burton or Cook?

    I currently have Trey Burton @ Miami as my TE for WK6. Im torn on starting Jared Cook @ Seattle. Thoughts?
  15. FootballT

    Give up on Wilson?

    Thanks All! Im going to hang on a few more weeks and pick up someone else to start for now (Staff, Luck or Dalton).