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  1. I in the championship and am projected to lose by 10 points and Texans’ Defense are slated to score higher than Cardinals. Houston vs Cincy Arizona vs San Fran appreciate the help!
  2. FootballT

    PPR WR Help

    Well, just like the rest of 2020, my WR situation just got worse. Lazard had core surgery and he is out for 4-6 weeks. Fuller is questionable for a hammy (typical Fuller). I already have D Samuel on my IR spot. I now only have TY Hilton, who has been almost absent so far. I picked up Aiyuk, but wanted to see what he did this wee before I considered plugging him in my line up. What would you guys do now, if Fuller is iffy? Hilton or Aiyuk?
  3. FootballT

    PPR WR Help

  4. FootballT

    PPR WR Help

    WR 1 - Golladay WR - Fuller or Lazard? Also have Hilton, but I’m losing complete faith in starting him. thanks!
  5. FootballT

    WR Help. PPR

    I drafted both Godwin and Galloway and of course they get injured. I have the following options for week 2: TY Hilton bs Vikings E Sanders Vs Raiders Fuller @ Ravens Lazard Vs Detroit Leaning towards Hilton and Sanders. I went with Fuller last week and he helped me get a win. Ravens D is no pushover, but also am thinking Houston will be playing catch-up all game. Which 2 WR’s would you go with?
  6. Who would you guys play at Flex in a PPR league: OBJ vs Buffalo Gurley vs Pittsburgh Gallup vs Minnesota
  7. FootballT

    WR 2 Help - G Tate, Fitz or C Samuel

    Tate it is, thanks guys!
  8. FootballT

    Stash Antonio Brown?

    Most signs point towards him not being allowed to play this season, even if he is picked up. Big gamble and I’m not considering it.
  9. Non PPR - my WR 1 is Thomas. I need a WR2 and my options are: Larry Fitzgerald @ Saints Curtis Samuel @ SF Golden Tate @ Lions
  10. FootballT

    Trade Curtis Samuel for Gerald Everett?

    Thanks Guys; I declined the offer. Elf’s comments don’t bother me one bit. It’s still feedback. Plus, Christmas will be here soon and I’m sure the elf will be much more merry! Cheers!
  11. FootballT

    Trade Curtis Samuel for Gerald Everett?

    That was my gut feeling too. Thanks!
  12. Non-PPR - I was offered Everett as a trade for either C Samuel or Fitzgerald. Waller is my TE and Is on a bye. I picked up Jared Cook this week and plan on starting Waller for most games. Do you think it is worth trading? I haven’t seen enough from Everett. I also have Michael Thomas and Golden Tate, who I don’t plan on trading.
  13. FootballT

    Bye week help - who do I drop?

    Thanks. I’m on the fence as you can see and everything you noted is what true. I’m leaning towards dropping Cam now.
  14. FootballT

    Bye week help - who do I drop?

    Non-PPR- I need to pick up a TE and a Defense this week. I am dropping Darrel Williams for sure. Which other bench warmer would you drop? Cam Newton (I’m not as worried as needing a backup for wk 8 as much as I am dropping him and he coming back strong) Golden Tate (with Barkley and Shepard injured, I see him getting a lot of throws) Desean Jackson ( should be coming back soon) Curtis Samuel Ronald Jones II
  15. FootballT

    Pick up Diggs?

    In my defense, it was merlot. Shoot, my typos are bad today. Anywho, thoughts on dropping one of those guys for Diggs?