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  1. FootballT

    WW help please!! Robinson or cobb...whir

    I would go with Cobb. Cooper will get the most attention from the defense and I can see Cobb getting a lot of throws. Robinson looked good, but need to see him play another week or 2.
  2. FootballT

    off to rough start- calling on the cavalry

    Cowboys at Miami is too enticing to not play Cobb, especially with Gallup out. TE is a bit trickier. I would still vote to start McDonald over Hock. Rudolph will probably throw a lot to his TE.
  3. Non PPR - I currently have Wentz, but Wilson and Allen are available to pick up. Would you drop Wentz to pick up and play either Wilson or Allen?
  4. FootballT

    Pick up Shepard?

    Thanks for talking some sense into me. @Little Tree - just added my opinion on your post.
  5. FootballT

    M. Brown and D. Montgomery for Mike Evans? WHIR

    I would not trade Brown. You have good WRs and if Cam can get his stuff together, Samuels will be a weekly starter. I’m also not a fan of trading RBs for WRs. If you want to trade Montgomery, I would look at another RB in exchange.
  6. FootballT

    Pick up Shepard?

    Non PPR - I have Desean Jackson and Gallup on the bench with injuries. Sterling Shepard is available on waivers and NY just announced they are starting Daniels at QB. Does it make sense to drop DJax or Gallup for Sterling Shepard (to use later)?
  7. Non PPR - who would you flex - Duke Johnson running against Jax? Or DeSean Jackson vs Atlanta? I usually prefer a RB at flex, but think Jackson has a high ceiling. I also have Aaron Jones on the bench this week.
  8. FootballT

    WK 2 TE - J Cook or A Hooper?

  9. FootballT

    Non PPR Flex - Gurley or Fournette?

    Haha, I probably do need to feed the gut. The 2nd league I play in is only 8 teams, so I have Kamara and Ekeler. Thanks for the advice on Gurley!
  10. FootballT

    Should I do this?

    I would trade. Peterson may have a solid game here and there, but hard to imagine he will be consistent.
  11. I have Gurley, but my gut is telling me I should consider benching him and putting Fournette as my Flex.
  12. FootballT

    WK 2 TE - J Cook or A Hooper?

    Non PPR - Jared Cook vs Rams or Austin Hooper vs Eagles?
  13. Non PPR - I have Curtis Samuel to start tonight. Thoughts on replacing with Desean Jackson or Larry Fitzgerald? I also have Landry.
  14. FootballT

    WK 2 Defense - Texans it Bears?

    Ignore that last question, I’m sticking with the Bears. I’m overthinking it! Thanks weepaws!
  15. FootballT

    WK 2 Defense - Texans it Bears?

    I was leaning that way, thanks for the push. Now a new question - Sam Darnold is not playing this week, due to Mono. What do you think about playing Cleveland at the Jets? Would you go with Cleveland or stay with Chicago? Cleveland had a bad week 1, but they had a good defense late last season.