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  1. track 1

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    A trend that I noticed from everyone teams. Take a quarterback late!!!
  2. track 1

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    Trubisky, Stafford Connor, Hunt, Lindsay, Mack, Howard, Ware Edelman, Emmanuel, Fitzgerald Njoku Fairburn Chicago D
  3. track 1

    post your 7-0 teams

    this year my team is crazy. the best team i ever had in 20 years of playing qb - mahomes, trubisky rb - barkley, james conner, christian mccaffery, philip lindsay, wr - theilan, devante adams, emmanuel sanders, boyd te - ebron, njoku k - crosby def - chicago 12 team. .5 ppr mainly due to leveon bell and waiting on qb. pat mahomes. every week its not even close lol now im going to lose in the first playoff game lol happens every time
  4. track 1

    RB's - Freeman and Lindsay

    Lindsay should get 90 percent of the snaps. this is the first time watching him play and he is clearly better than every rb on the broncos. i missed out on picking up lindsay week 2
  5. track 1

    ROS. Njoku or Brate

    the time to own NJOKU is not this year. next year is his breakout year...jimmy graham like numbers in new orleans
  6. track 1

    Panic selling on Kamara

    this is different. it wasn't a sub par performance, its because Ingram came back and out-touched him...got all the goaline work. it was very strange tbh
  7. track 1

    Serious lack of TE's this year? I'm hurting...

    Niles Paul. he saw 9 targets in the second half after the starter got hurt. starter is out til week 11
  8. track 1

    Someone offered me Mahomes for Connor

    I have Mariota and Carr
  9. track 1

    Someone offered me Mahomes for Connor

    6pt td for every position .5 ppr
  10. Im thin at qb. What yall think
  11. track 1

    Waiver priority 1 strategy

    You play in a 4 man league? Connor should not be available in any leagues off waiver wire
  12. track 1

    Jets at Lions: In-Game Discussion

    Doris Burke is a legend. I enjoy her She mostly does nba and college football
  13. 12 team .5 ppr Qb - mariota, Carr Rb - hunt, j Howard, Alex Collins, James Connor, Peyton barber WR - Emanuel, Goodwin, Edelman, keen Cole Te - Njoku Def - bears K - Crosby Connor in the 4th was my last rb. Went sanders Goodwin Edelman next