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  1. Pheagle

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    CMC @ 2.3 in a 12 team 1/2 pt PPR
  2. Pheagle

    Chiefs at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    Playing not to lose...is no way to win
  3. Pheagle

    Chiefs at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    I stand corrected....you're right TUS...one throw downfield during the 1st half....
  4. Pheagle

    Chiefs at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    Wow...Is Keenum's arm broken? Throw the ball downfield to 88...wtf....one of the worst pass defenses in the league and he hasn't attempted a pass of more than 10 yds
  5. Pheagle

    Bears at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Baseball cap off...hands through the hair and tears in his eyes.....yeah....serious injury....
  6. Pheagle

    I hate Andy Reid !

    I hate Andy Reid.... Signed... -Eagles Fan -Kareem Hunt 2017
  7. Pheagle

    2018 week 1 FU thread

    Refs....This roughing the passer BS is getting old....apparently no one can tackle a QB and land on them because their using their "weight"....how the hell are they supposed to tackle? Just wrap flags around every QB and make it flag football....
  8. Pheagle

    Jerick McKinnon injury

    Morris will be 1st and 2nd down, between the tackles GL back Breida at 190 lbs is the 3rd down passing back with occasional GL carries since Morris stunk in converting last yr in Dallas. Here's hoping Breida's hands have improved from last year. I went Breida since I'm in a PPR league but gut feeling is RBBC
  9. Pheagle

    Jerick McKinnon injury

    Damn...knew I shouldn't have drafter McKinnon...know I have to debate dropping Jordan Wilkins for Breida....which is a crapshoot
  10. Pheagle

    2.4, 12 Team, 1/2 PPR, RB RB

    Thanks for the insight...I actually have him 3rd out of the above since it's 1/2 PPR...appreciate the response
  11. Pheagle

    Draft Position

    Same boat....posted a similar question minutes before....thinking of going with McCaffery in the 2nd...I think it's a sound strategy with the depth at WR
  12. Pheagle

    Let's play "Which first two?"

    Can we do a C? If not I would go A...excited to see McCaffery in Norv's offensive system and I don't trust Reid's usage of Hunt....Andy seems to think he's smarter than the rest of the world...see weeks 6-12 last yr
  13. Pheagle

    2.4, 12 Team, 1/2 PPR, RB RB

    With the depth at WR and lack of elite options at RB I've been looking at going RB RB.... At 2.4....is it too much of a reach to go with McCaffery, Freeman or Howard? Probably giving up a top WR like Adams, Allen or Green... Thoughts? I think there is some decent value in the 3-5 range with a possible top 3 TE at 3.9 or at least Hogan or Goodwin in the 4th and 5th Any feedback is appreciated
  14. Pheagle

    If Mike thomas sits...

    I would look outside the Saints for a replacement....not sure anyone could "take his spot" too much of a gamble for Championship week...at least it's a 1:00 game
  15. Pheagle

    Play your best player or block the other guy?

    Isn't Foles the better player anyway?