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  1. yankmccobb

    Keenan Allen Owners; We trusting him Saturday?

    Im choosing between Allen or Doug Baldwin. Struggling with who to roll with. Allen been $ all year
  2. yankmccobb

    Texans at Jets: In-Game Discussion

    And there he goes...... BIG
  3. yankmccobb

    Texans at Jets: In-Game Discussion

    Seems like an all passing gameplan so far
  4. yankmccobb

    Texans at Jets: In-Game Discussion

    Keenan Allen & now Lamar Miller hurt FU
  5. yankmccobb

    Pick 3

    Mixon vs Raiders A. Jones @ Bears Lamar Miller @ Jets Justin Jackson @ KC Thanks!
  6. yankmccobb

    Need a lil playoff help

    Still struggling with this one
  7. yankmccobb

    TE help needed please. Burton or Smith, PPR?

    Id go Burton with Mitch back in the saddle and theyll need to score to keep up with Rams. Good luck!
  8. yankmccobb

    Need a lil playoff help

    Matt Ryan vs Packers (COLD) Winston vs Saints (RAIN) Prescott vs Eagles (Jerrys World) Who you like? Leave a link if I can help you
  9. yankmccobb

    Scantling or Lamar Miller?

    Need one in my flex spot. Leave a link if I can return the help. Thx
  10. yankmccobb

    Who to start at QB? Goff or Wentz?

    Think Id go Goff. That game could be 51-48. I dont see how Goff doesnt have at minimum 300 yds & 3 tds
  11. yankmccobb

    Trade help

    Offered Lamar Miller & Vance McDonald for Goff. Have matt Ryan & Rudolph also. Could slide Miller into my flex spot over Scantling & might start Vance over Rudolph but if I lose Im likely out of contention & Goff has potential showdown with Chiefs. Im stumped. Could use advice. Thanks.
  12. yankmccobb


    So he plays one drive & gains 60 yards then never sees the field again. Now 35-7.......FU
  13. 12 team yahoo 5x5 roto league. $100 buy in. The groups been together a few years but lost a couple players. Very competitive league. Email me if interested. ddbate76@yahoo.com
  14. yankmccobb

    Prediction for burkhead today?

    Starting him over Ivory also. Hope its a shootout. My luck hell fumble on first touch & Belichek will bench him.