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Edit/Export Rankings

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Hi L.F. Are we talking about the same feature - directly on the cheatsheets after you've compiled, the yellow highlighted cells under Rank and Tier? You can change the numbers and then hit the re-rank buttons to sort them more to your liking. I do find if I change just the tiers first the players are at least in groupings and then you can move finely adjust the rankings later. Plus, Draft Buddy should automatically renumber in case you miss a number here or there.


I don't think you are going to find an easier way than that in Excel. Drag-and-drop is not recommended on the Buddy tabs because it tends to mess up formulas, plus you would have to drag the players completely off the table before moving them back (to create space). They won't automatically shift around.


In terms of exporting it is Excel so you are pretty free to copy and paste it somewhere else, into a blank sheet say, and adjust however you like.

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