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  1. Mike MacGregor

    Draft Buddy 2024: Version 1.0, Projections Update 6/20

    Giddy up
  2. Mike MacGregor

    Auction League Drafting

    Howie! I checked your league. I love the rule about resetting all keepers if a team wins back-to-back championships and had a keeper finish Top 2 at their position. I picture guys with bad keepers cheering for a potential back-to-back winner, and guys with good keepers cheering against. lol Okay, I started getting Draft Buddy set up for your league to test it out. Problem: your auction is not set yet. We might not be able to test very well anyway with no results. However, I found another league from another customer that uses the auction sync with MFL. Here are the pages that Draft Buddy imports for them, including keepers: https://www.draftbuddy.com/football/3rdparty/mfl/keepers.php?MFL=42618&o=1 https://www.draftbuddy.com/football/3rdparty/mfl/auction_results.php?MFL=42618&o=1 (auction results - players, and it does include the winning bidder teams) https://www.draftbuddy.com/football/3rdparty/mfl/auction_results.php?MFL=42618&o=1&v=2 (auction results - winning bids) So based on this I feel good it will work for your auction. Make sure your rules are set up properly, Compile Cheatsheets. Set the owners (you can also pull that with the sync by using the link on the sync tab) but make sure to put them in the right nomination order. Check your auction report tab that it is correct order and long enough. Then the sync should work once the keepers are input and auction is set up. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues.
  3. Mike MacGregor

    Auction League Drafting

    Hi Howie. Sorry we missed this earlier. I'm supposed to get email updates when people post on the forum! Did you already have your auction? What is the league site? I haven't used the auction sync in some time and so few people do, it is hard to test. I'd like to check out your league, but yes, I believe everything you are asking does pull in the team and winning bid value.
  4. Mike MacGregor

    FIX: Run-time Error 1004 When Trying to Update Projections

    Pleased to say we made some progress with this. New video:
  5. Mike MacGregor

    Microsoft 365

    Hi JT. I'm sorry, but no, I don't believe it will work with the online version of MS Excel. It doesn't support some of the advanced functions in Draft Buddy. However, the download version of Office (with Excel) is available for a reasonable monthly subscription cost. You could sign up, download, user Draft Buddy this month, and then cancel your subscription to Office after that. Unfortunately you do need a full version of desktop Excel to use Draft Buddy.
  6. Mike MacGregor

    Custom Scoring: 50+ Yards

    Hi Slinky. Your right, I don't believe Mike's 100+ yard rushing and receiving game projections are on the website, but they are in Draft Buddy. If you go to the RB tab, scroll right, then you'll see them in the first large yellow highlighted section. If you'd like to adjust for 50+ yard rushing or receiving yard bonuses, here is what you can do... take Mike's projections for 100+ and copy them and paste them over on the same tab under Custom 1 (far right). Then adjust the projections as you see fit - double or even more, since 50 is much more likely than 100. Now go to the custom scoring tab and for RB, and say you get 3 points for a 50+ yard rushing game. Change the name of the stat, and put "3" under FF Pts. Do not change anything under Ranking, as that performs a different function.
  7. Mike MacGregor

    Which Sheet to Draft From

    Unfortunately this forum doesn't get a lot of feedback any more. We have a lot of vet users who don't ask nearly the questions they used to. lol. But new users always welcome! Glad to have you aboard! I like the offense tab the most, myself. Nice thing about Excel is people can make a lot of changes to customize Draft Buddy to their liking. I've seen tabs highlighted, moved to the front and the back. Lots of different customization. Here is my thinking for my drafts... The overall tab gives a nice reflection of how valuable positions are for your league relative to one another. However, it runs out of utility before too long because if I draft 2 RB early, then I probably don't want to go with a 3rd RB, even if he is highest remaining overall, because of the WR I'm missing out on. So I kind of have an expected start / Top 20 / first couple rounds plan, and then switch to offense. It has all of the draftable players, all positions (unless IDP), so no searching for players. Now I will flip around a lot - more for a slow draft than fast draft - if I want to see detailed projections (position tab), compare ADP, compare players on the player tab, etc. I don't draft from summary very often. More to review positions by team. I review rosters a lot to not only look at mine (don't forget to click the + sign above your team) and to see what positions I expect the guys around to me to draft next. I'll also use the depth tab sometimes very late in a (deeper) draft, where the rank based on projections mean less than potential opportunity if there as injury to a starter.
  8. Mike MacGregor

    Rookies Only

    Okay, figured out what happened. Try importing those rankings again and they should come through. Thanks for letting me know!
  9. Mike MacGregor

    Rookies Only

    Huh, I didn't realize that, let me double check what happened
  10. Mike MacGregor

    Rookies Only

    Hi tiggo25. One way, you pull the alternate rookie-only rankings by going to the offense tab, and selecting DLF (Rookie) or DLF (Superflex Rookie), click Import, and it will pull in those rankings for you. Another way... we might be able to add some formulas to the custom fields on each position tab to identify rookies only, and then sort those players to the top. This would be a little more complicated, and I haven't tried it to even know for sure it will work. Check the first idea and let us know if that gets you what you need.
  11. Good news, we've got an easy fix for this one. I'm glad your draft is tomorrow! You need to run Excel in Rosetta mode. This is an issue + solution that came up this year and is specific to Macs with the M1 chip. See here for details:
  12. Mike MacGregor

    What’s the best way to make sure DB is synced?

    Just the 5 digits.
  13. Mike MacGregor

    What’s the best way to make sure DB is synced?

    Click the link to franchises from inside Draft Buddy and if the franchises come up then that is pretty solid assurance. You can also check and/or import the (blank) draft results so the connection is made. Or if it is a keeper league and there are keepers on the draft report, those should import. Are you the commish for the league Old School?
  14. Mike MacGregor

    Removing drafted players in Offense Tab

    Sorry pmnovak1, I thought I responded to this earlier. Remember now I wasn't having much luck logging into my phone - my own fault, couldn't remember my password. Anyway! No, it isn't possible to completely disappear the drafted players and push the other players up, so some scrolling involved in the current version.
  15. Mike MacGregor

    Ranking issue after applying Custom Scoring

    Glad you figured it out! I think it is a bit tricky, but the thing to remember about the custom scoring tab is there are two main options - 1. add the data from the custom fields to scoring, and 2. simply sort the players by data in the custom fields. #2 would override #1 if it is enabled.