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  1. Mike MacGregor

    Thanks for Draft Buddy

    Cool FR, thanks, and have a great season!
  2. Mike MacGregor

    Limit number of player on Offense Tab/

    Hi Craig. Good question. I do believe years ago we had the RB and WR at 80 each, and QB around 40, so the one-page print was a lot better. Also noticed my eyes getting worse with each passing year which isn't helping! We can adjust some of the print settings to help improve this. Try these ideas: 1. Highlight just the QB to WR area. Start at the cell with the heading "QUARTERBACKS" instead of the very top of the tab (because that top part is not necessary), and down to the last WR in the ADP column. Choose File > Print Area > Set Print Area. 2. Go to File > Page Setup and adjust "Page" from Fit 1 wide and 1 long to 1 wide and 2 long. 3. Now Print Preview and, in my case at least, it cuts off about TE 15. That might be a little light. If you aren't going to draft the bottom 10 or so QB, then you can highlight the TE from the heading down, copy (CTRL-C) and move up about 10 or so cells and paste (CTRL-V). Now Print Preview again. Only print page 1? 4. Then to get the K and DEF you can set a separate print area for them and print to fit one page. Now you've got 2 pages which should be much easier to read and cross off. And you can keep playing with the same settings. Does that help? Some of the print settings might be different depending on your version of Excel. Going be memory in some cases you actually have to start the print process and then the page setup button is available to make these changes.
  3. Mike MacGregor

    Advice for 5th pick in keeper league

    Nice job Matt. Good luck!
  4. Mike MacGregor

    2pt Conversion

    Hi Hman. We don't include that in Draft Buddy, nor are projections available for 2-point converts. The reason is because they are pretty random and have minimal impact on the player rankings.
  5. Mike MacGregor

    Is O-flex position W/R/T??

    You can use it for any combination of QB/RB/WR/TE. See the checkboxes under each position on the same tab? Beside it says, "use position in flex"? Check the positions that the O-Flex applies to for your league. If your league has a superflex position and a regular (not QB) flex position, then what I suggest is put 2 starters in for QB, because every team will typically want to draft/start 2 QB anyway, and then use the O-Flex for the regular flex, checking off RB/WR/TE.
  6. Mike MacGregor

    Advice for 5th pick in keeper league

    I would go with Dobbins at 5 if available. Non-ppr if he is gone then probably Zack Moss over the WRs, but the WR ahead of Dillon even though I do like Dillon. QB does look a little rough for you short-term. Tua could be a consideration at 17 or 20 but really you want to go BPA - best player available - regardless of position. We need to improve your keepers for next year where Green is not in that group, probably not Bell and Slayton either, and Edmonds would only possibly be a keeper a year from now if he excels after a Drake injury. Maybe package 17 and 20 to move up for a Burrow/Dillon/Jeudy?
  7. Mike MacGregor

    Nomination Order change serpentine

    No problem. Good to hear from you. Enjoy the auction!
  8. Mike MacGregor

    Nomination Order change serpentine

    Hi rwren. Sure, at the top of that tab - the auction report tab - there should be a drop-down you can switch serpentine to straight (or custom). When you switch, give it a second, and it should update for you.
  9. Mike MacGregor

    Need Help, please....

    I agree with Mike, I would go more for trust the talent and not worry as much about situation in a rookie draft. Therefore Lamb, Jeudy > Reagor, Ruggs for dynasty, even though I've been picking Reagor quite a bit in redraft this season.
  10. Mike MacGregor

    Need Help, please....

    Sorry Bob, I was out all day, and when I saw it wasn't a tech support email I figured someone else would chime in. What did you end up doing?
  11. Mike MacGregor

    Using Sync Tab with MFL

    Sweet. Thanks Pat. A lot of challenges with those super-sized MFL leagues but think I've ironed them out. Good luck, and have a great season!
  12. Mike MacGregor

    Using Sync Tab with MFL

    Hi Pat. Try 06 as I think MFL uses two digits for the division and conference ids. Edit: That is zero-six
  13. Mike MacGregor

    Error using Draft Buddy

    Came to check to see if you guys got this resolved. You can also email me FR, mike@draftbuddy.com.
  14. Mike MacGregor

    Draft Buddy Survivor Contest

    It was a rough week. Can't believe the Saints lost to the Falcons, Colts even with Brian Hoyer lost to the Dolphins. Thanks for the continued support Old School, and good luck the rest of the season! Good luck to our final 7!
  15. Mike MacGregor

    Draft Buddy 2019 - Projections Updated 9/4

    Last scheduled update is ready! Go get it. action tab > Update Projections ... and Compile Cheatsheets. For those still drafting, good luck! If we don't need to do another update (i.e. no more big news changes), then thanks for all of you and have a great season!