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  1. Good news, we've got an easy fix for this one. I'm glad your draft is tomorrow! You need to run Excel in Rosetta mode. This is an issue + solution that came up this year and is specific to Macs with the M1 chip. See here for details:
  2. Mike MacGregor

    What’s the best way to make sure DB is synced?

    Just the 5 digits.
  3. Mike MacGregor

    What’s the best way to make sure DB is synced?

    Click the link to franchises from inside Draft Buddy and if the franchises come up then that is pretty solid assurance. You can also check and/or import the (blank) draft results so the connection is made. Or if it is a keeper league and there are keepers on the draft report, those should import. Are you the commish for the league Old School?
  4. Mike MacGregor

    Removing drafted players in Offense Tab

    Sorry pmnovak1, I thought I responded to this earlier. Remember now I wasn't having much luck logging into my phone - my own fault, couldn't remember my password. Anyway! No, it isn't possible to completely disappear the drafted players and push the other players up, so some scrolling involved in the current version.
  5. Mike MacGregor

    Ranking issue after applying Custom Scoring

    Glad you figured it out! I think it is a bit tricky, but the thing to remember about the custom scoring tab is there are two main options - 1. add the data from the custom fields to scoring, and 2. simply sort the players by data in the custom fields. #2 would override #1 if it is enabled.
  6. Mike MacGregor

    Excel problem

    Hi Detwa. Just sent you an email response
  7. Mike MacGregor

    Draft Buddy problem with Keepers

    Okay, so on the keepers tab you need to input three things under each team heading. The first yellow box is to select the position, the second the player. Then the third - after the player's team appears - select from the drop-down that appears, the draft pick given up to keep the player. That should copy the player to that pick on the draft report tab. Alternatively, you can input the players directly on the draft report tab next to the pick being given up to keep them. Some people find that easier.
  8. Mike MacGregor

    Draft Buddy problem with Keepers

    Hi divrdwn69. Do keepers cost a draft pick for your league? And if so did you have that option selected on the rules tab before hitting Compile Cheatsheets?
  9. Mike MacGregor

    Bonus scoring for QB's and RB's

    Hi RZKYBZNZ. Returned extra point I think is so rare you don't need to include that in your cheatsheets, it would have very little impact on the rankings. As for the yards, the 1 per 25 passing and 1 per 10 rushing you can use the regular scoring options. And for 300/100 yard milestones, there are also options for those on the scoring tab. For the 400/200 milestones, you can put the projections for number of games over 400/200 yards in the custom scoring fields, which are found on each of the position tabs (QB, RB, WR, TE). Scroll to the right to find them, after all of the stats and projections, and before the news and notes. Custom 1, 2, and 3. You can move down the list and input the projections in Custom 1 (for example). Then, go to the custom scoring tab and input the points for "number of games over 400 yards passing" (Custom 1). Draft Buddy will add that to the projected fantasy points. Make sure to hit Compile Cheatsheets to update your cheatsheets for this change.
  10. Mike MacGregor

    setting up 3rd round reversal in draft buddy

    Found it: Put the teams on the owners tab in reverse order of first round, 12 to 1 instead of 1 to 12. Now rounds 3 and onward should all be correct. Then change the draft order option at the top of the draft report tab to "Custom". Now copy all the names under the Original Draft Pick Owner column for Round 3 and paste them into Round 2. Copy all the names for Round 4 and paste them into Round 1. If you go to update Draft Buddy again, make sure on the action tab to change the Clear Keepers and Draft Picks option to "no" before running Compile Cheatsheets again. #3RR #reversal
  11. Mike MacGregor

    setting up 3rd round reversal in draft buddy

    Hi Kyslick. It isn't automated, but you can do it pretty quickly. Let me find the instructions...
  12. Hi kherren. I believe if you highlight any of the fields in those columns, and select Format > Column > Hide, that will just tuck them away and not disturb anything else. Good idea if those aren't used. Now the notes should be easier to read since many extend beyond the screen.
  13. Mike MacGregor

    Salary Cap Help Needed

    Try sending to my email, mike@draftbuddy.com. Send me your copy of Draft Buddy too.
  14. Mike MacGregor

    Salary Cap Help Needed

    You know, I think I might keep this set up as an auction league, not a standard draft pick style league, in Draft Buddy. The reason is that you can still use Draft Buddy to track the draft as if each person is picking one after the other (non-auction). Set up the nomination order the same as the draft order, and then you don't have to input the "winning bidder team" with each pick... it will default to award the player to the nominating team if you keep the winning bidder team blank. As for how to see projected value based on projections, and set value based on prior year performance, I'm not exactly sure. Do you have these cap values based on prior year in a spreadsheet? Maybe we can import those to align with the right players in Buddy using Projection Pal? Then the data is all in there and maybe we can work up some sort of value metric. Yeah, let me know how you think we can get these set values in there (are they in a spreadsheet) and then we can figure it out.
  15. Mike MacGregor

    Salary Cap Help Needed

    Hi bartian. In Draft Buddy, to get dollar values you are going to have to set auction draft to Yes. Maybe use 19,000 for the cap per team, instead of 19, so there will be more defined numbers than if you set it to 19 as it will round to the closest dollar, and in your case that $1 would be worth $1 million. If the columns are not wide enough then you can always highlight the cells that are showing ### and use Format > Column > AutoFit Width After changing auction to Yes and your cap to 19,000, make sure to go to the action tab and hit Compile Cheatsheets. Now you have your dollar values to reference. You could set up a new copy of Draft Buddy specifically for a 12-team serpentine draft.