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Barkley for Gurley

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Standard Keeper League. I can keep a player 2 years so if I traded for Gurley I would get to keep him for this nfl season, the next, and then have to trade him the year after. Same situation with Barkley if I kept him.


Gurley owner has to trade him by week 12 or else he loses him to the pool next year. Guy asked me if I would trade him Barkley straight up for him. Here are the considerations to take into effect with this trade:



Trade value when my time up with this player comes due

Injury History



It immediately seems like a no brainer to trade Barkley for Gurley, but that is based off of last year and this years performance of Gurley. Barkley is just getting started and has looked pretty good. Barkley is starting his career out better than Gurley did.


Also, since he is asking me it seems like I should at least inquire on if Gurley would be available immediately for trade so maybe I can get more worth out of him if he is more valuable than Barkley.


Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

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Interesting question. In the immortal words of coach Herm "you play to win the game". I think it is a no brainer to make that trade. Gurley is just hitting his prime playing on one of the elite offenses in the league. Giants have a garbage oline and a disaster at QB and no improvement in sight. HIT THE ACCEPT BUTTON NOW!!!!!

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