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Possible Kelce trade

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I am looking to upgrade my TE position in my standard league and not sure if the Kelce owner would even go for this. He is 2-7 and most likely won't make playoffs. I was thinking of offering him something like Burton and Kupp/Lewis or some kind of combo like that. He is really in need of help at the RB position. Not sure if I should even make any moves at this point sitting at 9-0. Any help is much appreciated!

My Team:
QB: Brees
RBs: Kamara. McCaffrey, J. White, A jones, Lewis
WRs: Hill, Thielen, Funchess, Kupp, Humphries, Dez Bryant
TEs: Burton

His Team:

QB: Watson, Cousins

RBs: Cohen, Richard, Freeman

WRs: Hopkins, Julio Jones, Edelman, Crabtree, Gordon, Enunwa

TE: Kelce, Njoku


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Burton and White may get it done, but not Lewis or Jones

Not sure i would want to break up my RBs that's why i was offering Kupp as well but he is pretty loaded at WR. Probably best to stand pat?

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Up to you, if it was me I would do Burton and white for Kelce. From his perspective kupp isn't enough I'd want one of your top 3 RB to trade the best TE in the game.

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