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  1. jrokh

    NFL Mock Draft - 2019

    Much better (realistic) Mock than the previous versions. My only major disagreement is at 8 where the Lions want to trade back and Greedy isn't going anywhere close to this high regardless, and the Giants taking Metcalf at 17? No chance. They are not an organization that rolls the dice on boom or bust players in the first round, and if they take a QB at 6 they will trade up or draft a Defensive Front 7 player. They will not leave the room on Thursday without a Defensive trophy. Otherwise solid job all around.
  2. jrokh

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - RB Damien Harris

    Brown reminds me a little of Anquan Boldin. Similar body type, good hands and that quality of being a gamer.
  3. jrokh

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - RB Damien Harris

    I feel like you have to be crazy to draft a guy with Metcalf's red flags in the first 15 picks or so, but some GM will find a dude who looks like a superhero and runs faster than DB's irresistible...
  4. jrokh

    First Round NFL Mock?

    Things finally seem to be heating up on The Josh Rosen Trade front: Benjamin Allbright @AllbrightNFL · 16h Washington/Rosen looks more and more like the pairing, unless someone else steps up their offer. Although Adam Schefter reports this: Despite being the subject of rampant trade speculation, Arizona QB Josh Rosen is expected to report to and participate in the start of the Cardinals’ off-season workout program on Monday. Some players who have been subject of trade speculation have declined to report to workouts. and this: Plus, the Cardinals still have not engaged in active trade discussions to date on Josh Rosen. Other teams have asked about him, but to date, the Cardinals have not shown a willingness to trade him. To date.... At the very least it looks like we may have an answer to the Rosen/Murray dilemma in short order.
  5. jrokh

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    I agree that the Jets are the place to go if you want Haskins or Lock, or even Q. Williams, I just don't think the Jets can expect the same return as they gave up last year, which was 3 second round picks.
  6. jrokh

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    The Jets have been refreshingly candid about wanting to move down. They want to get back some of the picks they gave up for Darnold last year. The issue for them is Scouts aren't grading Haskins and Lock as high as the top guys last year. The Jets will have to lower their asking price if they want to move down.
  7. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    I will repeat, I don't blame the Bears, Howard obviously doesn't fit there anymore. It's not some unrealistic dream compensation as you put it. The Patriots have been doing it for years. But yeah you're right it obviously doesn't work.
  8. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    Trading for a player for a pittance that is better than what you have on the roster at the position and having a realistic possibility of receiving higher compensation than what you originally gave up shouldn't be brilliant. It should be what every GM tries to do, Nevertheless most don't so Roseman and the Iggles deserve the accolades.
  9. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    Not a head scratcher at all. You as a Bears Fan linking a Bears hometown viewpoint, aimed at Bears Fans makes perfect sense. The impartial analysts, those with no stake in the game recognize the brilliance of the move for the Eagles. That doesn't mean it was a bad move by Da Bears, just a far superior one for the iggles. HTH
  10. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    Bill Barnwell of ESPN posits that if the Eagles play Howard a decent amount and he has a better year than last, The Eagles could then let him walk in FA and receive a higher compensatory pick than the one they gave up to get him. Is there a way the Giants could trade Gettelman for Howie Roseman?
  11. jrokh

    Pass Interference Calls are now Reviewable

    This may be an unpopular view, and I have done a 180 on it personally, but I say get rid of all replay. I'll live with the human error of referees. The game was better before replay existed. Now get off my lawn!
  12. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    Draft picks are so overvalued right now that smart teams should take advantage of the buyers market like the Eagles just did.
  13. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    Maybe, I just think the odds of drafting a RB in the 6th round who is comparable in production to Howard are remote.
  14. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    In Nagys system it does, in the previous system he was a pro-bowl caliber back. You are probably right though, no players being traded this offseason are getting a great return
  15. jrokh

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    Wow, I get why the Bears don't want him but a 6th rounder? What is he 25? Great move by the iggles