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  1. jrokh

    TNF Discussion: Patriots @ Steelers - Wk14

    Started Zeke tonight just to have a reason to watch this crap game. Better to be lucky than good, I reckon…
  2. Its Official, and not all that close....
  3. jrokh

    MNF Discussion: Eagles at Chiefs - Wk11

    Knew this was the wrong week to quit sniffing glue…
  4. There have been terrible calls for decades and no incidents. Not sure why it would change now….
  5. jrokh

    WW adds for week 12?

    Rondale Moore
  6. jrokh

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    FU David Montgomery, revenge game my ass. Wake up you pampered dandy ass prima donna…
  7. The main reason they traded Dobbs, is because DTR blew up in the pre-season, and they wanted to develop him and give him more reps. In hindsight, yeesh...
  8. Imagine if they didn't trade Josh Dobbs for a 5th rounder...
  9. jrokh

    Trevor Lawrence isn't that good

    56 QBR this year, same as last year. Surprising, but yeah he’s been average…
  10. jrokh

    Daniel Jones ACL

    Yes it makes life tougher for Saquon. Despite the protestations of the low-IQ crowd, DJ made defenses have to prepare for the threat of a deep pass, and the plus athleticism of him running. Tommy Devito is an undrafted free agent scrub. Not sure what Matt Barkley or Jacob Eason bring but probably more than Devito. Barkley Will still get enormous volume making him a good play in advantageous matchups…
  11. jrokh

    Daniel Jones ACL

    No I call you a homer. Remember Blaine Gabbert is better than Trevor Lawrence… Good times…
  12. jrokh

    Daniel Jones ACL

    Without question he could do it again. Regardless he has an exponentially better chance than Tommy Devito or Matt Barkley…
  13. jrokh

    Daniel Jones ACL

    So, you posit Tommy Devito or Matt Barkley can finish the season with the 6th best QBR in the NFL, and lead the Giants to a road playoff win? Methinks you are flying to close to the sun on the wings of pastrami...
  14. jrokh

    Bears get Sweat

    Bears give Huge extension to Sweat. 4th highest paid defensive player. 73 million guaranteed! They could've just given him that after the season, without the added second round pick. Morons... https://x.com/Schultz_Report/status/1720846746715058382?s=20
  15. jrokh

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    Maybe if you say it three times, while clicking your heels, it will actually happen...