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  1. He blows, like Josh Rosen blows. I can't recall many worse performances then, Fields V Browns and V Bucs. Thank the lord I am not a Bears fan...
  2. jrokh

    Miles Sanders carted off

    Now ruled out.
  3. jrokh

    I thought Mahommes was supposed to be so good.

    Wasn't there a poster on here who predicted 6000 yards and 60 Td's for mahomie? Now who was that again....
  4. jrokh

    Miles Sanders carted off

    Return is questionable.
  5. Shep is OUT, fire up the Slayton Express!
  6. Looks like I’m playing Darius Slayton in the flex. Fun times!
  7. jrokh

    Rashaad Penny

    Dead Issue…
  8. jrokh

    Rashaad Penny

    Fo’ shizzle…
  9. jrokh

    Rashaad Penny

    yeah, byemaggedon is real and its spectacular!
  10. jrokh

    Rashaad Penny

    If Collins is declared out before 1pm Est. Sunday I’m rolling out the Penny.
  11. jrokh

    D'Ernest Johnson: Cleveland Browns

    Blind faith? He was a top 20 RB in most rankings. Guy in my league blew most of his faab to grab him and start him. He was kind of chalky.
  12. Not sure why this move matters for CMC. He’s on IR for 3 games. They need to replace that spot regardless.
  13. jrokh

    AJ Green

    He is currently the WR 34 in half ppr. Not really worth loving or hating. A dime a dozen guy.
  14. jrokh

    Week 6 FU Thread

    they are way ahead, that's likely the reason.