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  1. jrokh

    Gambling Thread

    Took the under 43 Texans-Jags
  2. Ian Rappaport suggesting they will feed AB early. Not sure I buy that Bellicheck would let a reporter know their actual game plan. Could be the old bait and switch?
  3. jrokh

    Week 2 Draftkings Line ups

    I like the Big Ben-Juju stack this week
  4. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    You also forgot Byron Leftwich. McNair was more mobile than Haskins....
  5. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    If Haskins gets put in with their current crummy Oline, he will get pulverized. He is not mobile and made a lot of bad decisions in preseason whenever there was pressure, which he rarely had to deal with at Ohio State. If I'm a McLaurin owner I'm hoping Haskins never plays this year
  6. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    OBJ's are as common as Haley's comet. They should only be looked for every 70 years or so...
  7. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    You should play him over Westbrook. I am not suggesting he doesn't have value. I am suggesting he won't be anywhere near as good as OBJ was his rookie years. If his owners want to indulge in delusions of grandeur, by all means, have at it...
  8. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    As rookies I believe it does. Regardless OBJ was almost an outlier. Expecting a rookie WR to compare to his production is unrealistic
  9. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    40 time doesn't correlate with production.. Just ask Ross on Cinci...
  10. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    Then Marquise Brown should be the guy you are grabbing wherever you can, as his odds are much better than McLaurin's
  11. jrokh

    Terry McLaurin

    OBJ was the 11th pick in the draft. McLaurin the 76th. History tells us that Marquise Brown is far more likely to be "that next OBJ". Not saying one shouldn't take WR fliers if you have the opportunity and bench space, but pump the brakes on the OBJ comparisons.
  12. jrokh

    TE1 ROS: Engram, O.J. or Henry

    I don't care who's calling the plays, 5 targets, 32 scoreless yards after 2 weeks would scare me sh!tless...
  13. jrokh

    Cam Newton.. whats his deal?

    He was special mostly because of his rushing ability, now he doesn't run at all and looks like a cross between elfrid Peyton and little red riding hood. Find someone else in fantasy
  14. jrokh

    Buccaneers at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    My league Website draft review scolded me for not drafting Howard, who's laughing now algorithm!
  15. jrokh

    Buccaneers at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    Bruce Arians came out of retirement for this?