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  1. jrokh

    Seattle QB???

    Regardless of which of these scrubs is QB where are ya’ll thinking of ranking DK?
  2. jrokh

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    Did a deeper dive for the five pro bowl years of Jarvis Landry. 2015-2019. In 2015 he finished 4th in the NFL with 110 receptions and 13th in yards with 1157. 2016 8th in rec with 94, and 10th in yards with 1136. 2017 he finished first in rec with 112 and 17th in yards with 987. 2018 20th in rec with 81 and 22nd in yards with 976. Finally in 2019 19th in rec with 83 and 10th in yards with 1174. That includes all pass catchers (TE&RB). If there is another so called 'JAG' who put up 5 consecutive years like that I'd love to see it...
  3. jrokh

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    How can one disprove a subjective statement? What is the definition of a Jag? What is the definition of a high-end Jag? What separates a high end Jag from a low end non-Jag? I would argue five straight years like the ones Jarvis put up keeps him easily in the above average category. I do however recognize that my statement can neither be proven or disproved…
  4. jrokh

    Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints

    5 straight years between 81-112 receptions and 976-1,174 yards is nothing to sneeze at. But if your point is the Pro Bowl is a joke, I'm pretty sure no one would argue...
  5. Jameis has some targets now in the Big Easy…
  6. jrokh

    Steeler's schedule this year.

    Yeah heard that a while ago. Won’t help them much in the AFC when just about every opponent has the advantage at QB..
  7. If Mayfield is garbage than Gabbert is nuclear waste. Compare them statistically, as I did in another post and it’s not remotely close. Not just counting stats but by every metric. Keep ‘em coming fanboy…
  8. You’re the troll, with the after 3 titles nonsense, not to mention the Gabbert is better than Mayfield bad attempt at comedy. Still it’s funny how little you actually know about the team you consistently overate in this forearm…
  9. Based on this report yes I would fully expect Gabbert to be first man up. Regardless since both of them stink it doesn’t really matter.
  10. You don’t even know your own team. Sad.
  11. Probably option D After losing in the playoffs once again, the Tampa brass pressures him into the broadcast booth to make room for superstar in the making Blaine Gabbert…
  12. jrokh

    Doug Orth's Rookie Profiles - 2022

    I watched a lot of Alabama last season. Jameson is a really good talent. If he didn't get hurt he might have been WR1 in the draft instead of WR4. The Hyperbolic, Homer-Goggle infused Randy Moss comp notwithstanding, I don't think you understand how a scouting report works. If he was compared to Ted Ginn and that's was the comp I might be more sympathetic, but that was the low end comp, as in worst case scenario. I would love the Guru to come on here and take you to school, but he probably wouldn't waste his time on a Lions fanboy with delusions of grandeur...
  13. jrokh

    Doug Orth's Rookie Profiles - 2022

    I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but if you are really that insulted by the comp, then you have much bigger problems. I can only imagine how you must feel watching the worst team in football for decades. Good luck with all that…
  14. jrokh

    Doug Orth's Rookie Profiles - 2022

    Ted Ginn was a top ten pick in the draft I believe. At the time he was considered to have elite level traits. Look at it more from that perspective. Not that he was a disappointment so therefore Jameson will be a disappointment.
  15. jrokh

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Jameson Williams, Lions

    Didn’t say that, stop making up nonsense.