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  1. Fine, you want to ignore the championships and the counting stats, the historical criteria that Hall of Fames in all sports have used for our entire lives? No problem. Here is the indisputable analytical argument. BOOM... You've just been Jrokhed... https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-most-clutch-postseason-quarterback-of-all-time-is-eli-manning/
  2. Please list the other QB's in NFL history who were average for "about 90% of their career" who are in the top ten in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and won multiple super bowls (Not to mention SBMVP's). I'll give you a head start. The only other QB's who have even reached the mentioned criteria are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Big Ben...
  3. In five years he will be looked at more favorably. Every year someone gets in to the HOF who was much less impactful than Eli. If he doesn't get in on the first ballot he surely will on the second.
  4. jrokh

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Patrick Mahomes II, Chiefs

    Definitely this season. Too many fanboys who scoffed at the more level-headed among us that predicted Mahomes wouldn't come anywhere near 50 TD's again....
  5. jrokh

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Charity

    I think this snippet from Peter King's FMIA sums it up nicely: "I think the decision of super-agent Drew Rosenhaus to step away from repping Antonio Brown till Brown gets professional help for his disturbing recent behavior points to a concerning slide in the star receiver’s life. Think of where Brown was 13 months ago this week: He played for the Steelers at New Orleans and had one of his greatest games as a Steeler: 14 catches, 185 yards, two touchdowns. In order since, Brown: • Went AWOL from the team the following week and was inactive for a playoff-implication Week 17 game • Criticized the team openly and often in the succeeding weeks on social media • Got traded for third- and fifth-round picks to Oakland • Never practiced fully with the Raiders for any period of time, threatening to retire because the NFL wouldn’t allow him to wear a helmet with yesteryear technology • Had to be separated from GM Mike Mayock at practice after Mayock fined him • Got cut by Oakland • Got signed by the Patriots and lasted one game • Accused of sexual assault by a former friend and trainer, and a Sports Illustrated story accused him of being a serial welsher and another woman accused him of inappropriate behavior • Got cut by the Patriots • Sniped at the league, the Patriots, the Raiders while unemployed • Tried out for the Saints, then sniped at them after the workout • Yelled at the Hollywood (Fla.) police repeatedly and profanely when they responded to a disturbance at his home. I’ve left out quite a bit, I’m sure. When Rosenhaus, who has been incredibly loyal to Brown in the face of his behavior, says he’s through with him, that should be the clarion call Brown needs. I hope it is".
  6. jrokh

    2020 NFL DRAFT (who you like-rookies)

    Good Post, I forgot about Vaughn, he made some noise last year. As for Moss, he has a lot of Hype, likely day 2 pick, but when I watched Utah, he never wowed me. At least not in the way Taylor, Dobbins, and Swift did. Clyde Edwards Helaire should benefit from his championship game performance and Etienne surprisingly going back to school. He has great patience, balance and ingenuity, it will be interesting to see how he tests at the combine. Is he fast enough?
  7. jrokh

    AFC Championship: Titans at Chiefs

    Saw a piece that said Ryan Tannehill has never played in a game anywhere near this cold in his life. Wonder if that will have an effect, or does it even matter when your just handing off 40 times?
  8. jrokh

    Coleman or Mostert?

    A great question. Fan duel has Coleman $700 more for whatever that's worth...
  9. jrokh

    A truly great idea: Give back to fantasy

    Perhaps you can make a comprehensive list of all Athletes, Actors, and Television Executives' favorite charities so all of us "moral cretins" will know where to donate our fantasy winnings going forward....
  10. jrokh

    A truly great idea: Give back to fantasy

    Dude, when your in quicksand the more you struggle the deeper you get stuck....
  11. jrokh

    Texans at Chiefs Discussion

    I knew my post would jump start the Chiefs!!!
  12. jrokh

    Texans at Chiefs Discussion

    Who had Tenn vs Texans in the AFC Championship raise your hand
  13. jrokh

    Coaching Changes / Front Office Moves

    Sure, all you need to do first is be the architect of a movement that forces people to re-evaluate how they look at data in relation to sports and spawn a 1000 copy cat movements reflecting that. Should be easy for you....