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  1. jrokh

    Derrick Henry

    The only time Henry reached 15 td's in his career he had over 300 attempts. He isn't going to get close to that. Give me the under. Easily...
  2. jrokh

    UPDATE: Derek Carr headed to the Saints

    Willing to bet Carr doesn't do it in New Orleans or anywhere else...
  3. jrokh

    UPDATE: Derek Carr headed to the Saints

    One would think a QB who finished top ten all time in passing yards and TD's would hold some fantasy relevance. But keep digging that hole...
  4. jrokh

    UPDATE: Derek Carr headed to the Saints

    The Hall of Fame will call it a HOF career....
  5. jrokh

    Minnesota Vikings

    Has there been another time in NFL history where a team gave a large contract to a free agent QB and then a couple months later used a top 10 draft pick to get his replacement? Asking for a friend...
  6. jrokh

    Minnesota Vikings

    Then they shouldn't have given Cousins 100 million guaranteed. But they did because they think he will make them contenders. If that is the case the best defensive prospect in the draft or a Rome Odunze, or Fashanu or whoever will help them exponentially more than a guy holding a clipboard. HTH...
  7. jrokh

    Minnesota Vikings

    They gave Cousins 100 million guaranteed to win now. They would have a better chance of doing that if they invested the 8th overall pick on something else besides a guy who isn't going to play for at least 2 years. Bad move by them...
  8. jrokh

    UPDATE: Derek Carr headed to the Saints

    Will Rattler’s UFL stats count towards your Dynasty League?
  9. jrokh

    UPDATE: Derek Carr headed to the Saints

    It’s more likely he’ll be in the UFL in 3 years. Hopefully those stats count for your dynasty…
  10. jrokh

    Has anyone had their Dynasty Drafts yet?

    I would grab Bowers with one of those 5 picks.
  11. jrokh

    2024 NFL Draft Recap

    Kinda how they F’d up those four Super Bowls? How many do the Iggles have?
  12. jrokh

    Draft Grades For Your Team

    Who considered Joe Alt a Generational Talent?
  13. jrokh

    NFL Draft 2024 - Round 3 Discussion

    Don't know much about this guy, but at least he can do this...
  14. jrokh

    NFL Draft 2024 - Rounds 4-7 Discussion

    Really like Ray Davis RB Kentucky. Dude is like a Bowling Ball...
  15. jrokh

    NFL Draft 2024 - Round 1 Discussion

    I'm confident they will be in 12 personnel more than the made up 10% you quoted...