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  1. jrokh

    The Case for Chase

    Antonio Brown was the consensus #1 just a few years ago…
  2. As to question 1) no, they don’t have the money to absorb a big contract. As for 2) Waller is without a doubt the #1 option. As for the receivers, Hodgins is Draftable in 12 team + leagues. If you are looking for a lotto ticket Campbell would be the only one I’d roll the dice on. Slayton isn’t worth much…
  3. jrokh

    Axe Elf's 2023 Campaign

    For a 10 teamer, your RBs are Rancid. They are a walking time bomb…
  4. jrokh

    So assuming Cook isn’t a Viking next season…

    Vikings drafted Dewayne Mcbride late, but still a good prospect. Probably bring in another body, but Mattison/McBride could be their main rotation.
  5. jrokh

    Kenny Pickett, Brock Purdy, Trey Lance

    A B-level player with CMC, Kittle, Deebo, and Aiyuk to throw to is still better than Pickett…
  6. jrokh

    Kenny Pickett, Brock Purdy, Trey Lance

    The Gardner Minshew comparison is lazy. Purdy won 2 playoff games last year and played well. Minshew has never thrown a pass in the post-season. In Minshew's 2 years in Jax, where he actually played, his QBR was 44.6 and 44.0, respectively. Purdy's was 65.6. It's not even remotely close as a comparison. Lazy. As for it catching up to him in Philly, he attempted 4 passes before he got knocked out of the game. gimme a break... If you are talking Dynasty or maybe even keeper, then yeah, I could see Pickett being more valuable long term. Purdy could eventually fade. If he's healthy (still a legitimate question). He is easily the best option of the three. Shanahan's not stupid, despite the desperation of niners fans trying to justify the disastrous Trey Lance trade....
  7. jrokh

    Kenny Pickett, Brock Purdy, Trey Lance

    Purdy had a 65.6 Total QBR in his 8 starts. He didn't play enough to qualify, but if he did that would've been good for 5th, behind only Mahomes, Allen, Tua, and Hurts. If he's healthy it's his job, and his coach already said he should be good for training camp. Ya'll are tripping...
  8. jrokh

    Kenny Pickett, Brock Purdy, Trey Lance

    Rank em 1: Purdy. 2:Pickett 3: Lance. Lance is a very distant third. He will likely have to be traded to have much value…
  9. jrokh

    Where is Bijan Robinson drafted?

    No I didn’t believe it myself at first. But did you know Deuce has a 30 minute highlight video? I mean, nuts right?
  10. jrokh

    Where is Bijan Robinson drafted?

    I've been told from a very credible source that Deuce Vaughn is a generational talent. So clearly, he should be drafted ahead of Bijan. Maybe # 1 overall...
  11. jrokh

    NFL Draft 2023 - Round 4-7 Discussion

    I don’t play best ball or dynasty. So he’s as useless to me as every other teams 3rd string RB. Oh and fyi, every prospect has 30 minute highlight videos. You’re just the only jabroni who posts them. HTH
  12. jrokh

    NFL Draft 2023 - Round 4-7 Discussion

    The whole league didn’t want him so he had to be drafted by daddy…
  13. jrokh

    NFL Draft 2023 - Round 4-7 Discussion

    No you didn’t. You said this: 4th or fifth round by KC or you would be sad. Wrong as usual
  14. jrokh

    NFL Draft 2023 - Round 4-7 Discussion

    Good call on Vaughn, he was really sought after....