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  1. Drake has never had more than 170 carries in any Pro Season, and probably not in College either. He has never been a BELL-COW, at least since high school. He's a good player, but not top 15 good. Taking him in rd 1 would be dumb...
  2. jrokh

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    If he misses the first 6 games on the PUP list as being reported as a real possibility, he won't finish as a wr2 or wr 3. That Is the point of this thread. He broke his foot, it's a Jones fracture...
  3. jrokh

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    There is only one Judge I am concerned with and that is Joe Judge! Sorry couldn’t resist. You can go back to your talk of a lake of fire and the end of days what not...
  4. jrokh

    Moving out of the 5th spot in draft?

    Found this, might help. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/8/20/17758898/fantasy-football-draft-pick-value-chart
  5. jrokh

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    I am wary of Dak, but it's important to note that A) He has arguably the best receivers in the NFL to throw to and b) More importantly, last year was the first year with Kellen Moore as his OC. Garrett is gone, but Moore is still there. It has been discussed ad nauseum that Moore was the architect behind Dallas going from a Power running team featuring Zeke to a more modern spread passing offense. The result was 5000+ from Dak. Unless you believe the Cowboys Defense will be better than last year (I don't), I would expect Dak 2020 to be closer to 2019 than 2018...
  6. jrokh

    2020 Projections & Rankings

    Non-PPR leagues are boring and besides that they're Fascist! Happy father's day FFToday community and Staff!
  7. jrokh

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    Well now I kind of agree with you on Bourne since he is the value flyer you can get at the end of the draft. Aiyuk will be taken by someone before rd 10-12 are through. Which really was my point.
  8. jrokh

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    If Samuel is back before the season THAT would make a difference, but then Aiyuk could once again be had on the cheap. However, he is very unlikely to be back before the season and will most likely be on the PUP. I am not sure where you are getting your info from: As for Bourne and especially Taylor, Neither of those Jaggy WR's would change my assessment of the far superior Aiyuk.
  9. jrokh

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    Happy to help: Last year in my half ppr league Deebo Samuel had 8 games with 12 fantasy points or more. That is good value in a 12 team or more league. He was also a rookie in the exact situation you described. I would argue that Aiyuk would have been in an even better situation than Deebo was. Before the injury, Aiyuk was typically available at the end of mock drafts, right in the spot known as a 'flier'. Now, it is likely one will have to spend a much more valuable pick to guarantee his services on your team. As for 'multiple options ahead of him' who are you referring to? There is George Kittle, and...…??? That is what is known as a singular option ahead of him. HTH
  10. jrokh

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    Nuts, there goes getting Aiyuk on the cheap...
  11. I guess my question then is: Does the Commissioner and the NFL have the authority to just do away with the National Anthem before games? What is the point of allowing it if players are just going to kneel? Take it away and let's see how much attention is payed to them kneeling during the coin toss...
  12. All Balls Matter! Seriously though, my limited understanding is that blackballing developed from the political process in Ancient Greece of ostracizing someone. There is no doubt that many in 2020 USA consider it racist or at least prejudiced, I'm not sure if that is accurate.
  13. This is why I don't like the term 'blackballed'. I'm not exactly sure the meaning of it in the context of Kaep not getting a gig. The term Collusion is more helpful, as it's meaning is more objective. Did the 32 owners get together and uniformly decide that no one was going to sign him? We'll likely never know, but the burden of proof is on Colin and his lawyers to prove it, and the fact that he took a deal reportedly paying him less than 10 million (possibly split with eric reid) https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/03/21/colin-kaepernick-settlement-amount-withdraws-collusion-case-eric-reid, leads me to believe he didn't have anything close to meeting the burden of proof. As far as blackballing is concerned, if every NFL team, individually came to the same conclusion that signing a backup QB that might alienate a portion of their customer base isn't worth it, is that blackballing? I understand why some may view it as such, my opinion is that is just how businesses operate.
  14. I said if there was a legitimate way to stop bad people from doing bad things, I am all ears. I didn't ask for silly, unrealistic, and irrelevant suggestions. Sorry you tired, me feel bad, you upset....
  15. Your solution has as much practical application as me saying, the answer is to end racism...