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  1. jrokh

    Atlanta moving down?

    Nah, At least TB watches football and can string together coherent sentences...
  2. jrokh

    Atlanta moving down?

    Maybe you just have an Axe to grind (pun intended), because Ryan and the Falcons are division rivals of your beloved team, but if not, you clearly don't understand the game and how it is played...
  3. jrokh

    Atlanta moving down?

    So if say an NBA player dominates most of the game, puts up 50, but the defense collapses, and he misses his last few shots and his team loses, You would blame him for the loss?
  4. jrokh

    Atlanta moving down?

    Have to side Axe on this one. Atlanta 'D' gave up 546 yards. Ryan had a 12.34 YPA, a 144 passer rating and an 81 Total QBR. Those numbers are elite. Blaming Ryan for that loss is an exercise in futility...
  5. jrokh

    Atlanta moving down?

    Denver is the most likely trade partner because the cost is less prohibitive going from 9 to 4, but don't discount the Washington Wokesters or the Belicheck Revenge Tour making a play on draft day if that pick is still up for grabs...
  6. jrokh

    Random Observations - 2021

    Here's the thing this isn't just a draft rumor, it's coming from Schefter. Schefter wouldn't attach his name to that, unless he got specific info from a trusted source. So if this 'rumor' is subterfuge, why would the niners put it out there, to what end? No one can jump them to take their guy, no matter what they telegraph. But strange things do happen during silly season, and if you are feeling confident you can get decent odds betting on a different QB. At Bet MGM, currently the 3rd pick in the draft is Mac Jones- 300, Fields + 275, Lance + 425...
  7. jrokh

    Darnold traded to Panthers

    Some Mock Draft guys like Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network and the ESPN guys set their mock drafts based on what they are hearing and what they think the teams will do. Others like CBS Sports do their mock drafts based on who they would take if they were drafting. That's how you get such a disparity with a guy like Mac Jones. Daniel Jeremiah for example will say this isn't who I would take, but all the clues lead me to believe the 49ers are taking him. Adam Schefter just tweeted the same thing. The Media Scouts and Mock Draft Industrial Complex mostly has Jones as their QB5, so when they do a mock based on their own preferences Jones will be the 5th QB selected, with New England the logical landing spot.
  8. jrokh

    Darnold traded to Panthers

    Most Def. The 9ers outed the Jets pick when they traded to 3 and let it be known that the Jets wouldn't trade the second pick for anything. I think this signals that the Panthers aren't thrilled with either settling for the 5th QB off the board or the price they would have to pay to grab the 4th one. They may even trade down.
  9. earlier in the thread I said this about Hubbard That's where I am on him. He has some red flags, but a lot of talent and had a season of elite production. Plus, I don't trust those Canadians...
  10. I only play redraft so unlikely I will draft him, but if I’m not happy with my TE, I’d be happy to take a flier. If the NFL team that drafts him makes him a WR, I’ll be more interested. Enjoy Chubba Hubbard...
  11. He finished top 10 all time in yards and touchdowns. I would be more than satisfied with any pick I made to join that club. Pitts is a much more polished receiver than Vernon was coming out of college. Vernon was more Freakish, but Pitts can run a more complete route tree and has fantastic hands. He reminds me of Darren Waller and Plexico Buress. But hey don’t draft him, advantage your opponents....
  12. In redraft I would never draft a rookie TE high. In dynasty he would be my 4th rookie off the board. Is that high enough for you?
  13. Vernon Davis was a 2x pro bowler, Superbowl champion, and tied the NFL record for most Td's by a TE in 2009 with 13. He finished in the top 10-15 all time in several categories. Not a great example. Shockey was a 4x pro-bowler, won 2 superbowls, rookie of the year, and was first team all-pro in 2002. Another bad example. TJ Hockenson, in just his second year, finished as the TE4 in half ppr. Another poor example. What all 3 have in common is none of them were talked about being converted to WR. Pitts' is a superior pass catcher to all of them coming out of college. Now he would benefit from going to the right fit, and TE's traditionally don't produce much their rookie years, with Shockey as a rare exception. But in a few years, Pitts should be on a similar track as Darren Waller, at least...
  14. Ok so in may your league drafted Jason Sanders, yonghoe koo, and Rodrigo Blankenship, and they were all not on the wire? Very confusing what your point is...