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  1. jrokh

    Rams @ Packers Divisional Round Discussion

    I’m good at both things, as opposed to the gnome who is good at neither...
  2. jrokh

    Rams @ Packers Divisional Round Discussion

    Thank you jrokh! Your football acumen is truly unparalleled... I regret that I only wagered one unit. This was free money...
  3. jrokh

    Rams @ Packers Divisional Round Discussion

    No Cooper Kupp, missing their starting LG, their defense has to be better than very good. It hasn’t been a great unit, like others of the past. Pack covers the 6.5, probably win by double digits...
  4. jrokh

    Rams @ Packers Divisional Round Discussion

    Pack should win this one easily, Rams are a mediocre football team. 6.5 points is a gift...
  5. jrokh

    Ravens at Titans: Wildcard Weekend Discussion

    Lamar Jackson is the fastest QB, I have ever seen. Open space and he gone...
  6. jrokh

    Ravens at Titans: Wildcard Weekend Discussion

    AJ Brown got away with one there, but he is a beast...
  7. Too early to say. Would like to see if Kyler gets another weapon in the draft, same thing with Baltimore.
  8. jrokh

    Football Team at Eagles: SNF Discussion

    Depends what one is looking for, but this doesn’t look like a particularly good draft for defensive difference makers...
  9. KC is the only reason. Most people who watch College Football knew Taylor was the better talent...
  10. jrokh

    Derrick Henry for MVP

    It's the same old argument we see in all team sports every year: what does most valuable actually mean? The ancillary question is should there be a most outstanding player of the year, alongside the MVP award? Obviously the MVP favors the QB, almost in the same way it favors them in the Heisman. They are simply more valuable to winning than any other position. Rodgers Total QBR of 84.5 (or so) is the third highest ever, higher than Lamar Jackson last year's MVP and higher than Mahomes the winner the year before. Only Brady and Peyton's historic seasons were higher. The packers are the # 1 seed. There is no way analytically speaking, one can argue Henry is more responsible for winning to a greater degree than Rodgers. Again, 2000 yards is special, and from a fantasy perspective much more valuable, but from an NFL, real football perspective, Rodgers will win the MVP, rather easily...
  11. Well tripling down on stupidity instead of admitting being wrong is in lock step with the Buccaneers organization...
  12. jrokh

    Derrick Henry for MVP

    Maybe he should, but he won’t. Rodgers will win it easily regardless of whether he ‘should’...
  13. 241 yards rushing 2 Td's a new Colts single game rushing record. Since week 13 Taylor has been a top 5 fantasy back. Guess we can retire the Wisconsin RB Fallacy for all time...
  14. jrokh

    Washington says bye-bye to Dwayne Haskins

    Like you do with Wisconsin RBs? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...
  15. jrokh

    Week 17 Bench List

    Mason Rudolph in at QB for Steelers week 17.