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  1. jrokh

    Diggs or DJ Moore? Standard league

    Agree with Moore. Chris Harris is not something you want to mess with if you have another viable option.
  2. jrokh

    Pick 1- flex in full PPR

    Full ppr give me DEDE.
  3. jrokh

    Damien Williams MNF

    Jordan Howard not playing, Sanders competition is Boston Scott and Jay Ajayi? Fire em up... EDIT: D-Will was on the flight to Mexico, so feel free to use him, but sanders is still a decent choice.
  4. You didn't used to be so sensitive foamy. I didn't realize you became a snowflake. If this venue is too rough for your delicate sensibilities, surely there are some Fantasy Safe Spaces you can go...
  5. Is this Seafoam??? Where ya been buddy? What happened to Sderk? Is this your latest metamorphosis? You probably wouldn't be so angry if you would just be yourself...
  6. Speaking of not bright, I've been meaning to ask you. Are you by chance a fan of the overrated and disappointing football team in Chicago? You know the one that features a certain dreadful QB, who goes by mitchy?
  7. As I said before you're not very bright. I'll try and dumb it down for you next time so it makes sense for you...
  8. I recall the words of the great George Constanza: 'remember if YOU believe it, it's not a lie'...
  9. Your contributions to this bored and society in general are Invaluable.....
  10. Those who adopted Axe Elf's positions that Dalvin Cook would be injured and out for the season by weeks 4 or 5, and that L. McCoy would be a significant fantasy RB and the one to own in KC, would be in last place. Luckily for me and others, we just laugh at most of what you say....
  11. I am confident you could take the least successful moments of any NFL player and make them look bad in that myopic, narrow, and partisan manner in which you foolishly chose to make your irrelevant point. Congrats...
  12. jrokh

    Still Confused about QB's: Need Advice Please

    They all have their good points, but I'd roll with Carr at home against the bungles, I like his floor the best. GL
  13. You lost me, if you believe you have the answer to what ails the Cleveland Browns, perhaps there is a better venue than this one to highlight your obvious talents...
  14. Perhaps you should write Jimmy Haslem with your ideas of how to improve the team. I'd leave out the part of you owning Hunt on your fantasy team though...
  15. Running backs that average 5 yards a carry aren't "replaceable". Regardless, while I'm not a Browns fan, I live in Cleveland, and I'm telling you that is not how the Browns organization, and especially Coach kitchens looks at it. All season long, during this mostly terrible Browns season, the one thing they have praised the GM John Dorsey for was getting it right in regards to Nick Chubb. Now if someone wants to give up a high first rounder, of course they would listen.