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  1. jrokh

    Do Not Draft List

    Bingo. That is what is actually being reported as opposed to the made up stuff…
  2. jrokh

    Do Not Draft List

    I’ll be on the lookout for that. Perhaps we’ll also discover the Yeti, and his North American cousin the Sasquatch…
  3. jrokh

    Do Not Draft List

    Isn’t good enough for what? Doing calisthenics in gym shorts? All the coach said is he’s not going to rush him back out there. There isn’t a single source anywhere reporting a potential pup situation. All those NY reporters would’ve sniffed that out if that was the case. You are just making it up. He could have a set back and that would change the equation, but as of now nothing has changed and this was what was reported to be the likely scenario for a while now.
  4. Nice, I was being kind. Almost like he was asking around for whip-its at a phish show…
  5. jrokh

    Do Not Draft List

    There is no indication from anyone that he won't be there for week 1. If you draft early, yeah, It is more risky, but I wouldn't hesitate to draft him at pick 11 if 8 -10 other backs go earlier. I expect at worst he misses week 1, and I would bet he plays.
  6. Rodgers rockin the man bun. Looks more like he’s going camping…
  7. jrokh

    Five Guys

    He didn't like him last year and he was a league winner. He'll be wrong again this year, and you will reap the benefits...
  8. jrokh

    Five Guys

    Getting a top 10 RB in the second round is not rolling the dice. It’s closer to raking chips. Congrats…
  9. Still feels like and old-school game of chicken, but Vegas usually gets better and earlier information than everyone else…
  10. I am still skeptical he walks from all that skrilla, but nonetheless, here we are...
  11. jrokh

    Cam Akers..

    I think we have a new leader in the clubhouse for dumbest comment posted this pre-season…
  12. jrokh


    I use Fanduel which is half Ppr 1qb 2rb, 3wr Te/D/Flex format. I like it but Draft Kings is PPR and know many who love it. Mostly for their millionaire maker contest. My advice is start out playing low-entry fee tournaments, till you get the feel of the SalaryCap.
  13. Probably, but there goes your first bullet point. He will no longer be free..
  14. jrokh

    Michael Thomas expected to miss multiple weeks

    yikes, so we looking at Trequan and Marquez Calloway on the outside? I'm thinking Taysom Hill will play a major role for this team early on...
  15. jrokh

    Amari Cooper to PUP

    Just to clarify, All these NFL players, and there are a bunch of them (pats have 8 ), that are going on the list are on the Active/PUP list. It is different than the Reserve/PUP list players go on during the season. It is essentially meaningless…