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  1. WooleyBully

    Waiver Wire Surprise - WR Opportunity

    I’m shocked that any of these players were dropped and I’ll be even more shocked if 7 of your league mates don’t snatch up all 3 of these players before you. With that said, Kupp before Nacua for sure. I’d take Johnson over both Addison and Flowers.
  2. WooleyBully

    Trade Advice

    I was offered Mixon and JJ for Kamara. I don’t love Mixon’s playoff schedule and JJ’s production is in question with Dobbs at QB so my knee jerk reaction was to turn this offer down. At 2nd glance, Kamara seems to be trending down with Hill’s use and Dobbs made Hollywood relevant so he’ll probably do the same for JJ. Would you make this trade?
  3. WooleyBully

    WR Ranks

    Which WR’s would have to come off the board before you’d consider Kupp? His recent hammy setback is giving me AJ Green and Julio Jones flashbacks. Here’s my list of WR’s I’d draft before him in order of preference: JJ, Chase, Hill, St Brown, AJ Brown, Diggs, Wilson, Lamb, & Adams I may consider Kupp at WR10, but I doubt I’ll even feel comfortable with a 3rd round grade at this point.
  4. WooleyBully

    RB/RB Strategy

    I’m picking from the 8th spot in a 10 team 1/2 ppr league. I keep reading that it’s best this year to go hero RB or zero RB, but it seems as if everyone has now deployed that strategy. I’m regularly grabbing Bijan or Chubb in the first round and Chubb/Pollard in the 2nd. This seems like a much better start than Chubb/ Kupp, Adams, or Diggs. I’d feel differently if Kupp wasn’t having lingering issues with his hamstring. WR’s just seem so much deeper than RB’s this year. If you are drafting from a similar position, please share your approach.
  5. WooleyBully

    UPDATE: Doug Orth's Big Boards - 2023: PPR v2

    Has Kupp moved down on your rankings since news broke of a hamstring setback?
  6. It looks like he has a chance to play tomorrow night. What are your thoughts on his outlook ROS? He always seemed to have better rapport with Baker than OBJ does. My lineup has been decimated by injuries and bi weeks so I’m faced with needing to dump the likes of Hunt or Pollard just to field a full team. Would be nice to find a hidden gem. Will grab as many as 2 of the following: Landry, ARob, Ruggs, Mooney, or TY. This is a 10 team 0.5 PPR league. What are your thoughts on Landry or some of the other options mentioned?
  7. In case you didnt notice last night, Howard ran with the 1s last night and Brate with the 2s.
  8. Jones has been a suspect receiver so far and still needs to improve as a blocker. At this point, I don't see a workhorse role for him. I see more of a committee approach for the time being. He and Barber will be two main back. I'd lean towards Barber for the first half of the season, but Jones could definitely take over by end of season. Personally, I would not draft either for anything other than flex or RB4 at this point.
  9. I do believe the Bucs will be much improved, but more so because of their new and improved D line.
  10. Bucs Homer here. I’ve read that nobody has seen Mike Evans drop a pass yet and he has been connecting on deep routes. I’ve also been hearing that Chris Godwin is tearing it up daily and has a chance to overtake Desean at WR2. Desean has been playing out of slot quite a bit. OJ Howard has been uncoverable.
  11. WooleyBully

    How much Faab money who you spend on Peterson?

    I'd be cautious assuming Peterson will repeat what he did yesterday. Bucs came in underprepared and overlooked their opponent. That had to be one of the worst displays of defensive football I've seen in my lifetime. My gut tells me that Peterson will not come close to repeating what he did yesterday. This is coming from a Bucs homer that is really pissed off at his team right now so I may not be thinking clearly. The offensive line didn't all of a sudden get good overnight though. The Bucs just sucked!
  12. WooleyBully

    Amari Cooper is overrated.

    Nobody is starting him now unless forced to do so because of byes. He will have a great game at some point and everyone will plug him back into their line-ups hoping that was his breakthrough game. All will be disappointed as he slowly makes his way back to the bench. I had him last year and this is exactly why he was on my DND list this year. He is the 2nd best receiver on a team that is really struggling right now. Owners would save themselves headaches by just dropping him for another receiver who puts up consistently ok numbers. IMO, a guy like Amendola minus injuries is a better PPR option.
  13. WooleyBully

    Kelvin Benjamin

    Benjamin in flex over Perine, Mack, Crowell, or Amendola
  14. WooleyBully

    Do I make this trade? WHIR

    I like the trade for you. IMO Gordon is enough of an upgrade at RB to offset what you are losing at WR. Those bellow backs aren't easy to come by
  15. WooleyBully

    Perine or K. Benjamin in flex?

    Thanks for both of your responses