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  1. FrankDaTank2

    Ekeler for Diggs?

    Go back at him for something better. He wants Exkler so squeeze him
  2. FrankDaTank2

    Trade(Godwin) Possibility

    No way
  3. FrankDaTank2

    Do you trust Zeke

    Yes I trust him
  4. FrankDaTank2

    running into buzsaws

    Yes. Week 1 I get beat by top scorer while I am #2 scorer. Week #2 currently behind by 10 pts to top scorer. WHe has Saints kicker while I have Jacobs and Cooks tonight.
  5. FrankDaTank2

    Is Scott must start?

    I would go Scott
  6. FrankDaTank2

    Cooks or Fant at TE this week?

    This is killing me. I want to go Fant because he had more upside, but Cooks May be in a shootout with Brees???
  7. FrankDaTank2

    Godwin price check please

    I would hang on to Godwin. He clearly wants to make a trade. Ask for a offer you can not refuse.
  8. FrankDaTank2

    Cooks or Fant at TE this week?

    I drafted Cooks for early season insurance, hoping Fant will start to break out after a few weeks.
  9. FrankDaTank2

    Trade CEH?

    CEH has struck back and looking good!
  10. FrankDaTank2

    Trade CEH?

    Johnson looks good so far! Bet he’s not goong to trade him now.
  11. FrankDaTank2

    Trade CEH?

    Tough call. All are somewhat wild cards. CEH was on my do not draft list. Just have no idea what they will do with him or how much he will play. DJ with a new team, injury history, but has been the man in the past. Godwin should be a stud as he was last year. Hard to see Brady hurting his numbers. I lean towards doing the deal
  12. FrankDaTank2

    Newton or Allen week 1?

    Anyone think Allen will start to put up more passing yards?
  13. FrankDaTank2

    One Keeper.....AJ Brown or Singletary?

    No doubt you keep Brown
  14. FrankDaTank2

    Trade Proposal

    Keep Chark!
  15. FrankDaTank2

    Chark/JT for Zeke?

    Zeke is a sure thing. I would take it and run