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  1. DixieDevils

    32-Team IDP Dynasty

    You have any openings in this league.
  2. DixieDevils

    Hello Denver ? This is Chicago calling.

    Why is this so difficult? Well, let's see: -- Broncos want a 1st-round and 4th-round pick. Bears don't have that ammunition. -- OK, now price tag lowers because of suspension and you get less than that, OK, fine. Trade him. Now the franchise has caved in and given Brandon Marshall exactly what Jay Cutler got -- a trade out of town. If the Broncos do that, then every player to come through here will walk in and stomp a mudhole on Josh McDaniels and company. -- Now you say he'll walk free next year. Not exactly. Broncos can franchise him and someone will have to pay anyway or Denver would pay the one-year tender. Brandon Marshall should've done like Roddy White and stopped whining, stop complaining and just heldout until he got his money. He shouldn't have said a word and maybe, maybe, he would've got what he deserves. That's assuming he stays out of court and out of trouble. That's never a sure thing with him.
  3. DixieDevils

    Marshall requests trade

    In actuality, no, Brandon Marshall wouldn't be able to leave next year. Because the current CBA is about to run out, all fifth- and sixth-year players would be restricted free agents and he could be franchised by the club. Denver holds a lot of leverage here. That said, I bet he gets traded.
  4. DixieDevils

    Cutler is officially done in Denver

    Actually they have won a playoff game since Elway left. ONE, but there is one. Beat New England in 2005 divisional playoffs.
  5. DixieDevils

    A sad day in my league

    Sorry to hear that. I lost my mother to cancer last year and we lost a league-mate three years ago (not to cancer, though). We named a trophy after him and it was given to his family. We renamed the league with MOM being the league's initials.
  6. DixieDevils

    Brandon Marshall ARRESTED tonight

    Two things have come up since I read about this story earlier: 1) Broncos fans out here comparing Marshall to T.O. and the drama. Uh, correction, T.O. hasn't been arrested like this tool. That's not saying T.O. isn't a headache himself. He is. 2) No way Denver trades him. Why? Who is going to take him? Talented. Absolutely. But now the tool is facing another suspension from the NFL, and Lord knows how long this one will be. If it follows in the Tank Johnson/Chris Henry range, it will be eight games minimum. Who wants to take that on? I've already traded this fool in one league last year. Time to look at doing the same in another.
  7. DixieDevils

    Matt Cassel Traded To KC

    I was thinking the same thing. What if he was in the AFC West? Oh yeah, he is now. Now he has to see if he can do it without Randy Moss and Wes Welker but with Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez and whomever else they get.
  8. DixieDevils

    Matt Cassel Traded To KC

    Peter King is reporting that it is only a 2nd-round pick.
  9. DixieDevils

    Matt Cassel Traded To KC

    Rumor has it that the Patriots will get a Round 2 this year, Round 4 or 5 this year and Round 2 next year in the deal. Not confirmed, but I've seen reports that the No. 3 pick in this year's draft is not part of the package.
  10. DixieDevils

    dynasty value of these aging studs

    I had a guy offer me Portis and a glut of rookie draft picks, including a 1st and 2nd rounder in 2010 for Frank Gore, but I turned him down. I had just gotten Gore this offseason along with Michael Turner to shore up my pathetic backfield. If I felt better about Portis' future I'd done the deal, but I think Gore will give me an extra year or two longer than Portis. Plus I didn't need the picks anyway.
  11. DixieDevils

    Portis OR Gore

    Two things of note ... -- Portis outscored Gore in three of the last four years. Yes, I know Portis has more wear and tear on his legs. -- Second, I just got an offer that would've given me Portis and SEVEN (7) rookie draft picks for Gore. Those picks were a Round 2, 3, 4 and two 5s this year and a Round 1 and 3 next year. Crazy stuff. That said, I turned it down. This guy really wants to get rid of Portis.
  12. DixieDevils

    Portis OR Gore

    Starting from 2009 and going forward, who would you rather have Clinton Portis or Frank Gore. I've been offered a pretty significant trade in a dynasty league. I currently have Frank Gore and I've had Clinton Portis in the past. I've heard all about San Francisco going with a two-back setup, same thing in Washington. The concern for me is that Portis has three more years of wear and tear on him. But Gore doesn't seem to stay healthy for 16 games, either. The trade I've been offered also gives me a ton of rookie draft picks, including a 1st-rounder next year. So ... who do you like more for 2009 and the next few years and why?
  13. DixieDevils

    Early, early rookie draft look

    Doesn't matter now about Tim Tebow. He's staying at Florida. Take him off the board.
  14. DixieDevils

    Early, early rookie draft look

    With my year-round dynasty league allowing for trades and so forth (and the fact that I have 3 of the top 16 picks in this year's draft), I figured why not take a look at what we know (and speculate) right now. Here are the Top 5 picks as I see them right now: 1. RB Knowshon Moreno 2. RB Chris Wells 3. WR Michael Crabtree 4. RB LeSean McCoy 5. RB Shonn Greene -- Crabtree is the wildcard as to whether anybody goes for the best WR early in the draft, as I suspect will happen in my league. Other possible first-round picks as I see them right now include: WR Percy Harvin, QB Matthew Stafford, QB Sam Bradford, WR Jeremy Maclin (assuming he's coming out), QB Tim Tebow (if he comes out), RB Javon Ringer, WR Darrius Heyward-Bey and RB CJ Spiller Possible 2nd-rounders who could be high picks include: QB Marc Sanchez, TE Chase Coffman and TE Brandon Pettigrew Who else do you add to this list? Anybody up or down. I'm picking 5, 12 and 16, so I'm trying to gauge my chances as I rebuild my team a year after a championship (and stupid trades).
  15. DixieDevils

    Huge trade.. CJ3/Moss for LT2

    I'd have to agree. I'd stick tight, though I like Chris Johnson. But I also traded for, then traded away Randy Moss already this year. Stick it out with LT unless you need the WR help.