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  1. JT88-3013

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    ...because he stinks..AGAIN!
  2. JT88-3013

    The Official Week 6 FU Thread

    F Logan Thomas for your 1 pt leading me to tie my opponent. Tie = Loss!
  3. JT88-3013

    Higgins or N Collins?

    I have Nico in my lineup...I cant risk Higgins taking a shot and being out. the way my luck has been, Higgins will get fed
  4. JT88-3013

    Pick one QB

    probably Howell
  5. JT88-3013

    Higgins or N Collins?

    Higgins is a obviously a risk or Collins vs N.O. secondary (some M Lattimore)...its a must win week at this point.
  6. JT88-3013

    TNF Discussion: Broncos @ Chiefs - Wk6

    Steve Smith the NFL's version of Charles Barkley...tell it like it is
  7. First 4 picks: J Jefferson Waddle Higgins Burrow Didnt play Burrow because he has sucked and played J Love...lost by 2 pts
  8. JT88-3013

    Cinco de FU (Week 5)

    ...and FOCK J Love for Sh!tting the bed on MNF! Lost by 2 points after that pathetic display.
  9. JT88-3013

    Stroud or Love ?

    Well I'm 1-3 in my league and cant risk another dud from Burrow. At least Love has all of his skill players back this week and Im hoping Monday night will be a big game in the spotlight. I feel his floor is higher than Burrow. I do like Stroud a lot but a down game is coming. ATL dee is respectable and at home...just a gut feeling tho
  10. JT88-3013

    Stroud or Love ?

    Have to choose between Stroud or Love this week as I sit Burrow...thanks
  11. JT88-3013

    The Official Week 4 FU Thread

    Higgins has cracked rib...going to be out for a while.
  12. JT88-3013

    The Official Week 4 FU Thread

    F Burrow, Sanders, Mostert, Higgins, Waddle and a future F U to Waller which is essentially my entire lineup!
  13. JT88-3013

    Better side of this trade

    If you need a QB, do it
  14. JT88-3013

    RB conundrum

    Need 2 of these 4 in a ppr format...thanks for replying. Mostert at Buff Montgomery at GB (Thurs if healthy) Mattison at Carolina Sanders vs Minn