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  1. JT88-3013

    Waddle now on Covid list...

    Waddle is now listed as "out"
  2. JT88-3013

    Need WR opinions for this week

    I have to sit two of these four good WR's in a 1 pt ppr and 1 pt per 10 yards: Cooks at TENN Waddle at NYJ McLaurin at Carolina Toney at TBay Thanks in advance
  3. JT88-3013

    Help...need to sit a player.

    I need to sit one of these RB's in a 1 pt. PPR league... E Mitchell M Carter M Gaskin Leave link...will answer yours. Thanks
  4. Just looking for opinions on picking 10th in my redraft league...
  5. JT88-3013

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    windy and rainy in Cleveland
  6. JT88-3013

    Kenyan Drake

    You should be thanking the fantasy gods for that td run...cost me a win.
  7. JT88-3013

    Week 6 FU

    FOCK the Dallas defense for not being able to FOCKING tackle Drake on essentially the last play of the game! Are you kidding me??? That FOCKING td run cost me a win! P.O.S. !
  8. JT88-3013

    Am I crazy?

    its a tough call since Indy is so good vs RB's...I like Gibson this week too. I think he gets 20 touches. Im playing RoJo since Fournette is still not 100% and should get the ball a lot if TB can get out in front. I guess this is what makes FF so fun.
  9. JT88-3013

    Am I crazy?

    ...for sitting Mixon in a ppr and starting these 3 ahead of him? If so, who would you sit instead? A Gibson M Sanders Ro Jones
  10. JT88-3013

    seeking opinions

    Thx AxeElf
  11. JT88-3013

    Lost DAK/Trade Offer/ Help!!!

    Dalton has best talent around him, but Carr is playing well this year.
  12. JT88-3013

    Who to flex in ppr this week

  13. JT88-3013

    Flex help needed this week in 1/2 ppr

    Agree ... Freeman has highest floor
  14. JT88-3013

    seeking opinions

    PPR league ... need 2 RB's ...Mixon, Gibson, or R Jones need 1 WR...JuJu or McLaurin Thx