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  1. JT88-3013

    Help wanted

    kinda like Wentz in a must win for Philly
  2. JT88-3013

    WR help in ppr league

    fallen behind my opponent already this week...need to choose between OBJ and Lockett? thanks!
  3. JT88-3013

    Gronkowski returns to Practice

    I finally have Hernandez healthy and getting Brady love... Gronk!
  4. JT88-3013

    Post your semi-final lineup.

    Luck / Romo R Rice Spiller SJAX R Wayne Welker Hernandez NYJ Barth
  5. I was one of those borderline teams and Brown was the difference in my team making the playoffs. I did play him last week and was lucky to survive,but I did not play him last night. I figured those two weeks were gifts from the FF gods and I was not going to push my luck last night.
  6. JT88-3013

    Brown over DMC

    i'm playing SJAX over Brown...
  7. JT88-3013

    Brown Owners Rejoice

    i just pulled Brown for SJAX...Cincy has a lot to play for. Brown has more upside but I guess i'm a puss
  8. JT88-3013

    RB Need to pick 2 B. Brown ,S. Jackson , DMC

    I just replaced Brown with SJAX in my lineup...I would stay away from DMC.
  9. JT88-3013

    Struggling with Bryce Brown Decision

    i am struggling too...ive had him in and out of my lineup with SJAX. I know SJAX is probably the safer play, but Browns first two weeks leave me drooling...SJAX is currently in my lineup.
  10. JT88-3013

    Brown Owners Rejoice

    Last week has me nervous...I just took him out of my lineup for SJAX. I may need the safer play, but I loved what I saw 2 and 3 weeks ago
  11. JT88-3013

    Spiller or SJAX...ppr

    Can anyone share their thoughts on who thery would start?
  12. JT88-3013

    help with lineup

  13. JT88-3013

    RB help...leave yours

    I need to sit one RB and currently have SJax on my bench: R Rice CJ Spiller Bryce Brown SJax
  14. JT88-3013

    Luck or Romo?

    same boat...i'm starting Luck
  15. JT88-3013

    Week 12 FU Thread

    FU to Romo who has the consistency of a morning duece after Taco Bell!