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  1. JT88-3013

    RB debacle

    Looking for some input on filling 2 lineup spots for my ppr league. I need a win to make the playoffs. Do I risk playing Ken Walker if active? Thanks Choices: Ken Walker III Pierce Pacheco J Wilson
  2. JT88-3013

    Pierce or Pacheco?

    PPR format, but struggling w my flex...I figure both will get about 20 touches. CLE run dee stinks and will stack the box. KC better offense/more possessions, but Pacheco a non factor catching the ball. WHo is the better play? im current holding the last playoff spot... Thanks in advance.
  3. JT88-3013

    I need a flex this week in 1pt ppr ...

    well my opponent is off to a huge start this week w Henry and C Watson ...I think im swinging for the fences w Pacheco and a long run
  4. JT88-3013

    Who to flex in ppr

    ...what they said...
  5. JT88-3013

    Which 2 WR in .5 PPR

    I like Sutton and Toney myself...
  6. Need to fill my flex spot between Pacheco, DPJ, or P Campbell. I have Pacheco in there due to the matchup vs worst run dee and probable game script even tho he may not catch a pass...thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.
  7. JT88-3013

    Lightning in a bottle?

    yes ppr I kinda like Campbell w Ryan in there
  8. JT88-3013

    Lightning in a bottle?

    That's what i am looking for...im looking at dropping A Pierce and Wandale Robinson...need lightning in a bottle. C Watson, P Campbell, DP Jones, Nico Collins are out there ...how would you rank these FA's rest of season? Thx Sorry...ppr
  9. JT88-3013

    Week 10 FU

    FU Russell Wilson...you stink! 1 catch for your young stud TE even after losing J Jeudy ??? You dont know how to cook...find a new job!
  10. JT88-3013

    TNF Discussion: Falcons at Panthers - Wk8

    I benched Pitts and cut Koo...is there a worse starting QB than Mariotta ? imo...NOT! I would take PJ Walker over him everyday
  11. JT88-3013

    HELP...Herbert or Cousins this week ?

    i will probably start Herbert as I also have J Jefferson. If Cousins tanks, then JJ probably does too, so mitigating the risk.
  12. So I am in dire need of a win sitting at 3-6 and have to choose between these two QB's. Nothing worthy on the waiver wire and both have difficult matchups...who do I play? Herbert at SF Cousins at Buff
  13. JT88-3013

    Value the rest of season?

    Was looking for some opinions on who has more value the rest of season in ppr? I lost Bateman and both are free agents...thanks K Toney or M Gallup
  14. JT88-3013

    Will Dulcich’s uptick last?

    Russ sure made Jimmy Graham look pretty good...im starting him over Pitts this weekend.
  15. JT88-3013

    Mike Williams Down and Out