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  1. Just looking for opinions on picking 10th in my redraft league...
  2. JT88-3013

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    windy and rainy in Cleveland
  3. JT88-3013

    Kenyan Drake

    You should be thanking the fantasy gods for that td run...cost me a win.
  4. JT88-3013

    Week 6 FU

    FOCK the Dallas defense for not being able to FOCKING tackle Drake on essentially the last play of the game! Are you kidding me??? That FOCKING td run cost me a win! P.O.S. !
  5. JT88-3013

    Am I crazy?

    its a tough call since Indy is so good vs RB's...I like Gibson this week too. I think he gets 20 touches. Im playing RoJo since Fournette is still not 100% and should get the ball a lot if TB can get out in front. I guess this is what makes FF so fun.
  6. JT88-3013

    Am I crazy?

    ...for sitting Mixon in a ppr and starting these 3 ahead of him? If so, who would you sit instead? A Gibson M Sanders Ro Jones
  7. JT88-3013

    seeking opinions

    Thx AxeElf
  8. JT88-3013

    Lost DAK/Trade Offer/ Help!!!

    Dalton has best talent around him, but Carr is playing well this year.
  9. JT88-3013

    Who to flex in ppr this week

  10. JT88-3013

    Flex help needed this week in 1/2 ppr

    Agree ... Freeman has highest floor
  11. JT88-3013

    seeking opinions

    PPR league ... need 2 RB's ...Mixon, Gibson, or R Jones need 1 WR...JuJu or McLaurin Thx
  12. JT88-3013

    What WR to start tonight? PPR

    I guess it depends on what you need, Julio has potential to blow up, Watkins and Hardman not so much. Watkins is probably safest play. im in the same boat.
  13. JT88-3013

    Ridley or Sammy W?

    So I am waffling and could you some help...I have a 15 point lead in a ppr w M Cosby and Ridley tonight. Opponent has T Gurley...I could sub a healthy Watkins for Ridley...am I overthinking this?
  14. JT88-3013

    Help wanted

    kinda like Wentz in a must win for Philly
  15. JT88-3013

    WR help in ppr league

    fallen behind my opponent already this week...need to choose between OBJ and Lockett? thanks!