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  1. Kyslick

    setting up 3rd round reversal in draft buddy

    Thank you very much. Again.
  2. Trying to set up the draft buddy for a third round reversal draft but, it seems to require manually changing each pick for 20 rounds after the reversal round. Someone tell me the hack for this as I'm sure there has to be a way since it's Excel based. Thanks in advance!
  3. Kyslick

    Kentucky State Fantasy Football Championship

    Super-helpful. Thanks,
  4. I'm considering joining KSFFC after my 25 year league fell apart due to all the recent BS. Anyway, I'm looking for any lessons learned from experience in this BIG tournament. I'm planning to enter the main event. I've always drafted live with friends. An online auction with a 90 second timer makes me anxious that I'll get rushed and blunder. The live options are with strangers at the Caesar's casino and I've never drafted live with strangers; also not sure if the same 90 second rule applies live. I"m very experienced and know FF pretty well, but I can't find any info on the specifics and others' experiences. Thanks in advance. Happy to rate a team or something as a thank you. Haven't been on the forum in a while. Lets play some football!
  5. Still need one. I think it kicks us out at 7:15 if not full. Thx
  6. League for my 12 yr old son. Need 5 to fill. Search for "Kentucky cowboy PPR league". This link may work too: http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=1986071&inviteKey=afde0 Help me fill it please. Thanks fellow fftoday'ers
  7. Davis family feud PPR FFL is the name Please join our for fun league. My son is 12 and I'm trying to break him in. Need 7 owners. Online draft Sunday afternoon at 4 with auto pick option.. So far it's me and 4 of his friends. We need a full league or I guess it will cancel the league.
  8. I just updated my projections and cheat sheets, and I'm concerned as forte shows as #5 overall and #2 among all rbs. I looked at his profile on your website and you mention all the obvious concerns so I'm wondering what I've done wrong or what I've not done on my draft buddy. If Forte is at #5 overall, I'm a little concerned by the projections. The adp rankings have things more correct, so maybe you guys see forte continuing recent years production, but his profile doesn't indicate such. Thanks for any info. I just want to be sure my draft buddy is ready to go or if he has shown up for the draft drunk. Thanks guys!
  9. Kyslick

    Survivor contest

    Why can't I figure out how to make/change my survivor picks? Maybe because I'm drunk, but it sure doesn't seem obvious. I have Washington picked for week 2 and need to abort or at least review. I can't figure out how to change picks.
  10. Kyslick

    ESPN DOWN?..

    I guess bob sanders was right, my bad life choices must have clouded my judgement. Thanks bobbie33, or maybe you got through first and had it corrected by customer service while my dumb ass was still on hold. Lol.
  11. Kyslick

    ESPN DOWN?..

    Their ph# keeps popping up when I try to access it, so I thought I would see what reheeb in New Delhi had to say about the situation. Thanks for the life lesson though genius.
  12. Kyslick

    ESPN DOWN?..

    Surprisingly, you end up on hold when calling their trouble number too. They should partner with directv to form.....wesuck.com. At least directv got nbc back in time for the game tonight. Customer dis-service is the order of the day. I'm on hold with ESPN, just to give em some sh*t, and it sounds like a helicopter running out of gas. Customers are powerless in today's technological service environment. Too many BS scapegoats for companies not having their sh*t together.
  13. Kyslick

    ESPN DOWN?..

    10:17 PM opening night & ESPN server not reachable. Gotta love it. If my FF day had gone better I would be less pissed, but this is brutal from "the worldwide leader in sports". Guess that's what we get for going to a free provider. Sukkin it, IMHO.