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  1. Boston Three Party

    Trade Brady?!

    I know, blasphemy being a Bostonian. 12 Team PPR, my lineup is as follows - Brady D. Johnson Jr. James White Brandin Cooks Larry Fitzgerald Kelce Wendell Smallwood Bucs D Oakland K Bench M. Ryan T. Riddick (garbage) J. Charles (trash) R. Matthews (average) C. Clay (Out/Bye) S. Shepard (Trash) J. Brissett Would you move Brady for a #1 RB or package for a RB/WR? Thanks. I'm 3-2 (should be 4-1) but I'm out of Auction $ and have 5 moves remaining on the season. FYI.
  2. Boston Three Party

    Mccoy hurt?

    Must be his HERP flaring up
  3. Boston Three Party

    Snead and Diggs

    Diggs ROS. Thank GOD I picked him up!
  4. Boston Three Party

    UPDATED: Dion Lewis - Out

    Not expected to play but will test him one more time before final gamecall. (Per Shefty) I don't see him going today for some reason. As a Pats homer expect lots of James White. I'm expecting a big game out of Amendola with Revis on Edelman and a ton of Blount too. Not sure how effective or how many snaps LaFell will play if any.
  5. Boston Three Party

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    F me for drafting Brees thinking he would just chuck it everywhere this season. They/he are putrid. Big FU to me for starting Lockett 2 weeks in a row where he makes no catches and is only valuable in return leagues.
  6. Boston Three Party

    Todd Gurley

    Started Gurley and Gordon over...wait for it....Blount and Sproles.
  7. Boston Three Party

    Choose your team's 1st round draft pick

    New England Patriots - Trade up & draft Mike Evans. (Yeeaaahh, right) I have no idea who they should take in the 1st though. Alot of good DE's in the 2nd-4th. I like Dee Ford. CJ Mosely too. I can see them again trading down after signing veteran Will Smith though. Every year same story. And Will Smith gives us like 6 games I bet.
  8. Boston Three Party

    Trade Opinion AJ Green or Gronkowski?

    Gronk. Watch the haters burn. He's back.
  9. Boston Three Party

    Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Rodgers you puzzy ass FOCK. I hope you get mrsa in the locker room.
  10. Boston Three Party

    Mike Brown Lovefest

    This train is on a bye week but it's ROLLING. This guy is gonna flex to death your Williams, Jones, etc. in PPR. Actually I'm FOS but when you lose Wayne and Blackmon as your #2's then who cares. Where was Sidney Rice that year? Waivers. Miles Austin what - 09? Waivers. Peyton Hillis in Dever? Waivers? CHARLES that year? Waivers. Always a waiver stud! Highly doubtful though. Last year there was no waiver stud IMO. Not that I can remember after drinking all night at least.
  11. Boston Three Party

    Mike Brown Lovefest

    Fixt. BROWNIE!
  12. Boston Three Party

    Mike Brown Lovefest

    Fock my life. Yes MIKE BROWN. Anddd I'm sober.
  13. Boston Three Party

    Mike Brown Lovefest

    Who is riding the BROWN TRAIN. Fantasy gold. Just give me the title. PPR Non PPR were about to embark on a magical journey into the season saving every week blowup. Who's with me! CHOO CHOO PS were focked.
  14. Boston Three Party

    Bengals @ Dolphins TNF Thread

    Lol tnf games blow moose cawk
  15. Boston Three Party

    Worst trade you have made this year?

    Ohhhh no Patssox. Homerism kills you. LOL