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  1. blackhawks

    Kalen Ballage Time

    Not familiar with this situation but how are the dolphins looking at ballage for the future? Who is the front runner for next year? Just wondering if he is keeper material?
  2. blackhawks

    TY Hilton: No practice for him Friday

    Hilton owner here.....keeping fingers crossed he plays......BUT if he does not, gotta believe Ebron gets a huge bump. Who else gets a bump? I see Inman is back and Pascal had a decent game last wk vs HOU..Who will benefit more IF TY sits today?
  3. blackhawks

    Ware missed practice again today with the hammy

    Im also debating whether to start Williams...if I do I would be starting him over Carson...I like the way Carson has been playing lately but sneaky Pete scares me...he can totally take Carson out of the equation and go a different direction for no reason at all
  4. blackhawks

    KC WRs

    With Sammy Watkins looking like he may miss playing this week,who is the next man up? Any KC homers with any insight on who may be taking the targets meant for Sammy,or will those targets get split between Hill,Kelce and Hunt? If there is a WR on there roster who steps up I would think in that offense he would be a definite add...no?
  5. blackhawks

    Standings tie breakers

    Great debate guys...great points made by all...But,the more I read and reread this thread,the more Im leaning towards agreeing with Phil and BB. I dont think total points should be the end all as some are suggesting. Why should the better team be punished for a potentially bad luck week? For instance,say one week his top player gets hurt in the midst of a game and gets you zero points when he couldve potentially got you,lets say,30? What if at the end this same team loses out of a playoff spot by those 30 points? How is that a true measurement of how good a team is? Just seems like a lot of what ifs and luck with total points.....again, great debate. I may reread this and come back thinking the other way...but for now Im liking the way Phil and BB are explaining things.. Good stuff
  6. blackhawks

    Standings tie breakers

    How do leagues handle tie breakers in case of divisional ties? 2 way tie? 3 or more ties? My thought is 1-overall record 2-division record 3-hth 4-overall points We have a scenario where we could potentially have a 3 or 4 way tie for division winner and second place...only top 2 in each division move on to playoffs. Thoughts??
  7. blackhawks

    LeSean McCoy droppable?

    I wanted to revisit this thread to see if opinions have changed on shady..after his wk 10 "breakout" of 26/113/2 vs the jets? I know he has JAX this week but then has a stretch of MIA,NYJ,DET,NE...Favorable? He is sitting on our WW and am thinking of dropping Collins for him as a stash(I feel My patience with Collins is at its end). Was wk 10 a sign of hope or was that a fluke?
  8. blackhawks

    Dez Bryant Torn Achilles

  9. blackhawks

    Kirk or Ross ROS

    Well.....looks as though i just lost dez so back to square 1...hurting at WR..... so who is the better pickup and would you start either one over TY hilton this week? Kirk? Ross? .5 ppr plus yardage Thanks
  10. blackhawks

    Dez Bryant - Signs with New Orleans

    I agree he is not/will not be the player he once was but I grabbed him anyway to stash..I think hes at least worth the chance. I have to believe the saints did there due diligence and saw some value there. I dont think they would bring him in, try him out and if didnt see anything there,sign him anyway....do you? Dont t know the ins and outs of the try out/meetings but, was Brees involved? If he put in his .02 you would think he liked what he saw. Hopefull anyway...Im in need of WR help and need something for the stretch run
  11. blackhawks

    League Issue

    Agree with all,the responses...should NOT be allowed to make that move if he’s already told you he is not returning... How do you explain/justify to the new owner coming in that you allowed said owner to trade away his #1 pick? I don’t know anyone that would be ok with that.. good luck finding a replacement owner if you let that go thru.
  12. blackhawks

    Dez Bryant - Signs with New Orleans

    Well...just pulled the trigger and picked up Dez. Was carrying two TEs so I got rid of one to grab him and stash..hopefully in a few weeks when he gets comfortable with Brees and their system he will be solid for the playoff push
  13. I know he was due to work out for the saints yesterday...what are the possibilities he actually signs with them? Any saints homers have any insights on whats going on there? Lets say he does....does he have value there? I dont think it will hurt Thomas much but smith on the other hand may be affected. Reports Ive seen say he has kept himself in shape and ready but not playing at all this yr,how is he in football game shape? Worth a flier,just in case?
  14. blackhawks

    Rank these TE’s ROS

    Sorry for the double post