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  1. blackhawks

    Silly QB question

    Brees or Prescott? who has the highest floor. I’m sure I can’t go wrong with either one. The only thing that concerns me is Dallas running the ball a lot more today. thoughts?
  2. blackhawks

    WR3: J Reynolds or C Samuels (.5ppr)

    Tough...I know what you mean about doubling up. Go Reynolds
  3. blackhawks

    Pick 1 rb

    Carson or Damien williams 1/2 pt ppr
  4. blackhawks

    UPDATE: Matthew Stafford - Out for Week 10

    Lol....McCoy as healthy scratch just muddied the waters for me even more...now I may actually avoid both Moore and golladay and start Williams. Days like this really make me question why I put myself through this “fantasy” stuff for now I still have golladay in
  5. blackhawks

    Pick 2

    Thx for the reply’s.....McCoy as healthy scratch really clears things up....clear as mud
  6. blackhawks

    Pick 2

    J.Samuels vs. LAR Damien Williams vs. TEN Dj Moore vs. GB golladay vs. CHI can pick up pascal if Its a better option than any of the listed.....would drop Moore. thanks 1/2 pt ppr
  7. blackhawks

    UPDATE: Matthew Stafford - Out for Week 10

    don’t know anything about driskell...is this a major downgrade for all skill positions? had golladay in the lineup...now? dj Moore or May have to go pickup pascal.
  8. blackhawks

    Stafford out

    Oops just saw other thread...posted at the same time. carry on
  9. blackhawks

    Stafford out

    https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1193530309138145281?s=21 downgrade all skill positions??
  10. blackhawks

    Fire up scary terry

    Haven’t seen anyone mention richardson. Other than the MNF game, I haven’t watched any Washington games. He came out of that game with a decent line 8-83-1 if Mclaurin is limited...who benefits? Quinn Or Richardson??
  11. blackhawks

    Advice needed

    thanks for the replies.. to answer the last couple questions we start 2 Rbs ,2 WRs and a flex which can be a RB,WR or TE...I decided to keep the 3 RBs listed and with the 3rd pick am still debating with who to grab at 3....The fact that Cam is hurt right now, Does that sway any opinions on who to grab at 3?...Am leaning towards a WR right now but like I said earlier,How do you pass up on McCaffery if he's staring you in the face?? Draft in a couple days..cant wait till its over...really hurting my brain dwelling over this
  12. blackhawks

    Advice needed

    Yes...here is my thought process on why he may be available: team with 1st pick has 3 RBs that he is keeping. He is a BIG time GB fan so he mentioned(jokingly?) that he would take Rodgers 1st..QBs go early in this league...not sure I believe him because he had Hopkins last yr but because of our rules he can not keep him(he was a top 2 draft pick last yr)...so he may be throwing smoke and grab Hopkins 1st.....2nd team picking would most likely grab Barkley....leaving McCaffery 3rd...or if he was serious also leave Hopkins..... Adams is not available as he is someone else’s keeper, but I’m leaning towards your thinking.....but hard to pass on McCaffery when he’s staring you in the eye👁....don’t ya think?
  13. blackhawks

    At the 5 pick

    connor is the safer pick for sure...
  14. blackhawks

    One Keeper in .5 PPR League

    have to go with the consensus here....Adams
  15. blackhawks

    Advice needed

    Ok so here is the situation: keeper league where we can keep 3 players. Each yr a drafted player moves up 2 spots and you can not keep a player drafted in the top 2 rounds .FA's, if kept are inserted as a 10th rnd. Currently the choices with best value are as follows w/ the round they would fall in, in parenthesis. I will have the 3rd pick in a 10 team league. RB-Conner PITT(13)* RB-Carson SEA(7)* RB-Williams KC(10)* WR-Pettis SF(10) I also have Mixon but he would be my 1st rnd pick as he was my 3rd rnd last year. I really like Mixon but not at the 3 spot...From the chatter im hearing I most likely will have a choice of Mcaffery, Leveon Zeke, gurley, as the top choices at the RB position. OR if I go WR, D. Hopkins, A. Brown, j. jones. * these are the players I have penciled in for my keepers.....so with the 3rd pick, do I grab another RB(McCafferrey) or go with a WR(Hopkins)…. PROBABLY over thinking this, as I usually do but wanted to get some feedback. 1/2 pt PPR,6 Pt /TD and yardage bonuses is our scoring.... THANKS