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  1. blackhawks

    Bye week QB fill in.

    Thanks, Watson is also available….a little risky but would he be a better option then what’s listed?
  2. blackhawks

    Bye week QB fill in.

    Who will have the better day? Need a bye week fill in for this week. Leaning towards either Mayfield or Minshew. standard scoring….Tds=6pts thoughts? M. Jones (NE) B. Mayfield(TB) G. Minshew(Ind) D. Jones(NYG) T. Heinicke(Atl) thanks!
  3. blackhawks

    TNF Discussion: Cowboys at Titans - Wk17

    I am thinking of starting Zeke instead of devonta smith but am hesitant because I’m afraid he will be pulled for most of the 2nd half if Dallas does in fact dominate. 20pts would be outstanding but can he get there with potentially just a half of work?
  4. blackhawks

    TNF Discussion: Cowboys at Titans - Wk17

    Is Zeke a must start now? What about the rest of the Dallas playmakers? I heard some analysts on the radio saying Tennessee is basically giving this game away and looking towards next week’s matchup with JAX which they’ll need to win for their playoff lives…If Dallas goes up early and has a handle on this game will McCarthy start pulling starters earlier than normal?
  5. blackhawks

    TE revolving door

    First off: Happy Holidays to everyone. I Need a TE for this week.Top FAs available Taysom Hill Juwan Johnson Noah Fant weather sounds like it’s gonna be an issue in Cleveland whereas Seattle will likely be chasing KC but Fant is questionable with a knee. I thought of also throwing Chigoziem Okonkwo into the mix but with Tannehill out he seems less attractive. Any help will be greatly appreciated. standard 1ppr tds=6
  6. blackhawks

    Deshawn Watson

    This is what’s kinda baffling to me and his current ranking. He is ranked higher than guys like Tua,Dak, Lawrence or garrapalo. I would consider these guys more viable options.
  7. blackhawks

    Deshawn Watson

    So who is rolling with Watson today and who are you starting him over? Looks like the consensus has him ranked pretty high(top 10)considering it’s his first live action in a long time. Sounding like it’s gonna be a very toxic environment for him in Houston as well…I’m not sold on his ranking for today. Too many questions.
  8. blackhawks

    Slayton or Campbell WDIS

    Slayton vs Dallas or Campbell vs Pittsburgh? or can pickup Burks vs Cin. .5 ppr TDs=6
  9. blackhawks

    Trades in a keeper league

    again guys...trade is done. just looking for input for next year. To answer your question though...this team is tied with another team in first place...although i sit in second, to your point, i will not make the playoffs. And of course the other owner who is currently tied and in first didn't even respond to the trade which is another conversation all together...which goes to my point of owners in this league not actively involved. I have no idea what that guy thinks about any of this. He still has not chimed in. You would think that he would be as upset as i originally was. For another point, the division winner gets a huge payout for wining the division. So this not just a "fun" league. So yea, i would love to catch him. Since you brought up collusion...how does one determine that? From the outside looking in, do YOU think its collusion? Owners aren't gonna come out and say, look at us we're colluding together Again thanks all for the responses. If anything it makes for a good conversation and if i can help make this league better for the long run, I'm all in.
  10. blackhawks

    Trades in a keeper league

    In a nutshell keepers are allowed for players not drafted in the first 2 rounds. Each keeper moves up 2 spots each year kept. For instance: if you draft a player in round 4 and you decide to keep him, next year he is your 2nd round pick…admittedly the owner who got pollard will have him for quite a few years while the owner who got Jefferson will have him for one more year. You are able to keep a max of 3 keepers. Like I mentioned before, this is a relatively new keeper league so we didn’t have to many rules in place. Like I also mentioned, the league activity is really low so no one really paid too much attention until now that this scenario popped up, which is why the commish is scrambling to figure out what to do moving forward. Which is why I came on here to get other’s opinions. I’m just trying to help the guy out. Hopefully, I’m not coming off as whiny on here. What’s done is done and I’m gonna live with the decision. Just trying to get feedback. thanks again for the replies.
  11. blackhawks

    Trades in a keeper league

    Agreed, what’s done is done. Admittedly I am annoyed about the whole situation and will live with the decision. Not sure I will, but if I do catch him,it’ll be that much sweeter. My main reason for the original post was to see how others handle keeper league situations. We obviously are going to talk about this in the off-season so I’m just trying to get some feedback on league rules you all use. Maybe we can try to see how others handle things in they’re keeper leagues so we can get some ideas. thanks for the replies so far. Hopefully more chime in here with there ideas/suggestions.
  12. blackhawks

    Trades in a keeper league

    Agreed, tough scenario. So that begs the question? Should the commissioner have absolute powers when it comes to league issues? Our commish does not have a dog in the fight so he is definitely unbiased. The league was gonna fold a few years ago when we lost a couple owners except that this owner gave up his team and became full time commish so that the league wouldn’t. Is that a more fair way of handling league issues or is a league vote? What’s the point of having a commissioner if he has no powers?
  13. blackhawks

    Trades in a keeper league

    So a trade went down in one of my leagues that in my opinion, and I’m sure most peoples opinion, was an unfair and un equal trade. One team is obviously out of it and traded J. Jefferson for Pollard straight up. They’re argument is that the owner getting Pollard who they believe will be the outright starter next year and will have him for a keeper for numerous years. On the surface this an obviously uneven trade. Does a keeper league squash the unevenness of the trade? In a keeper league, should owners be allowed to “tank” and look to the future? Curious what others not in the league have to say about this scenario and how you handle this in your keeper leagues. What rules do you have in place to keep the playing field as even as possible? I was talking to the commissioner and he is gonna have to come up with a whole new set of rules moving forward as we have never experienced this scenario before. There typically is no action this league, which aggravates me, because most of the owners don’t engage. Trades are a very rare occurrence. Disclaimer: the owner who got Jefferson is in first place in our division and I’m a close second chasing him. So I’m certainly biased against. He was gonna be hard to catch as it was, now it’s nearly impossible
  14. blackhawks

    Fools gold or legit

    Taysom Hill and Geno Smith. Can they sustain this productivity or will they come back down to earth. Which one has a better chance of keeping up with this pace of production. I know it’s unrealistic to think Hill will have another week like this past weekend but are we finally seeing what he can do if used properly? Will the eventual return of Winston completely zap Hill? Geno has been playing out of his mind and no one saw this coming.. I think, considering his weapons, he can continue this production. are they for real or fools gold??
  15. blackhawks

    Rank these TEs for today

    Schultz Conklin Dissly freiemuth need to pick one for today to replace Pitts. These are the top FAs available. .5 ppr plus yardage TDs-6pts thanks