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  1. FSW Mephisto

    Roger Clemens...

    Meaning what, exactly?
  2. FSW Mephisto

    Lost all respect for Madden on that Ward face mask

    Michaels did say that Ward "got his hand caught in the facemask" and "got away with one there."
  3. FSW Mephisto


    I don't want to hear about the Jags falling apart. This season was bad enough with horrifyingly inept officiating, but to see an important playoff game destroyed by the type of bullsh!t that was that pass interference call on the Jaguars when Hines Ward grabbed the defenders facemask and dragged him 5-yards into the endzone was downright criminal. That referee should be fired. An atrocious, game-changing call that was patently obvious to everyone and should have been to SOMEONE on that focking field is completely unacceptable.
  4. First off... no one here can truly say they "know" that Wilfork didn't intend to poke the eye. However, anyone who doesn't believe that extending your finger and making a point of going at the eyes is an absolute intent to poke someone in the eye - is a complete jackass. There are a thousand ways to "taunt" - the focking maniac was trying to poke his eye(s).
  5. FSW Mephisto

    Kevin Curtis Fumble Recovery TD

    Shall we all dance together again this week?
  6. FSW Mephisto

    WaMu Calling in it's loans....

    I had an early mortgage with WaMu and I recall it being one of the worst loan experiences of my life. They were, far and away - the worst.
  7. FSW Mephisto

    I Got Kicked Out Of My League After Winning..

    Take the money and consider yourself lucky to be out of that clusterfuck.
  8. FSW Mephisto

    The Simpsons Movie sucked

    The best line in the whole movie was you're all morons for paying money to see something that you can see for free on TV. It offered nothing more than what you would see on television. It wasn't anything special... and if you paid money in the theatre for it - I feel bad for you. Watched it on video last night to "screen" it for the youngsters.
  9. FSW Mephisto

    Curtis TD issue

    Yes, it could very well be. I'd put the onus on the other owners to put up an earlier instance. If you correct the scoring system - it'll show up automatically. Bottom line - the way owners hawk their lineups - if a situation occurred earlier in the season where one of their players didn't get credit for a touchdown - you would have heard about it then. This didn't become an issue just because it's the FF post-season. You get jobbed out of points for any reason at any point in the season - you're crying to the Commissioner.
  10. FSW Mephisto

    Curtis TD issue

    The bolded area is why you have no point. It is completely irrelevant as was your initial argument which was, essentially two positions shouldn't get credit for one TD. When I pointed out that we all give QBs and WRs (or RBs) credit for TD pass plays, suddenly - you argued it was okay to give two positions credit for one score and made some grade-school excuse as to why it was different. See above, retard. Because in neither scenario - QB & WR and DST & Individual - has any position not involved in the scoring play been credited with a score. Why you insist on using the "someone one the field" argument to bolster your non-existent position escapes me. Retard. Your league obviously has double-scoring because it awards touchdowns to both QBs and the recipient of the pass on passing touchdowns. You don't even know your own league. It's not hard to bore someone who can't keep his arguments straight.
  11. FSW Mephisto

    Curtis TD issue

    There you go like all others before you. Argument 1: You can't give two people credit for one TD. When I blow that one out of the water, you go with the "two people contributed to the TD" - essentially arguing against your own first point. You did it even when I told you that's what you were going to do. In the MJD example, two positions contributed to the TD... the individual and the DST. As for your tripe about giving credit to the other players on the field... it's worthless. Like I said... get over it. You don't have to like my methodology, but don't argue against giving 2 positions credit for 1 TD, and then scuttle your own argument in the following post, retard.
  12. FSW Mephisto

    Curtis TD issue

    Yes. Like I said, I've had this debate before and you'll end up looking like a retard for it. When an FF QB throws a touchdown pass to an FF WR, how many TDs are credit? Here's a hint: 2. It's the same thing. Let me save you the work of your argument: But the QB gets the PASSING TD, the WR gets the RECEIVING TD - their two different things!!! No, they're not. You award two people a TD when one TD is scored. When MJD returns a kick for a TD, two people are awarded a TD - MJD and the DST. Get over it.
  13. FSW Mephisto

    What is Right?

    If you want to exploit the inconsistency in how it is scored by the stats service, be a dickweed and do that. If Curtis recovers the fumble on the 1 and runs it in, he gets a 1-yard rushing touchdown. A fair-minded man who isn't a sore loser would look at it as a 0-yard rushing touchdown. Any league that doesn't prioritize individuals getting credit for TDs in any capacity - sucks.
  14. FSW Mephisto

    Curtis TD issue

    There is a HUGE difference between "changing the rules" and "FIXING A FOCKING MISTAKE" you idiot. I've already explained this several times. Unless there is an understanding within the league that individuals can sometimes NOT get credit for a TD, then you fix the oversight. In most leagues I am familiar with - individuals scoring a TD are a priority. The ONLY exception I've seen (and one with which I disagree) is when a position player returns kicks. There are some leagues out there that refuse to give the individual a TD along with the associated DST - and only give it to the DST. That's about it.