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  1. e-factor

    Super Bowl LVIII: Chiefs vs. 49ers

    I like your style I can't bet on my team either because I don't want to think about them winning AND covering the spread (assuming they're the favorite). And no Seahawks on my FF roster just speaks for itself. Rooting for one of them to do well is just gross. Even seeing them on my roster would make me ill. I will draft them if they are good value, but with the sole intent to trade them as soon as possible.
  2. e-factor

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2023: First Four Rounds

    Tyrek a full round ahead of Diggs jumps out at me I actually like Diggs a bit better going into 2023. Great QB throwing him the ball and Tua's future is a bit up in the air with the concussions. Miles Sanders at the top of round 3 is a huge reach
  3. Both are fantastic, but I can see Jefferson getting Kupp like target share this year with the new offense in Minny. He's my #1 recevier
  4. e-factor

    Baker Mayfield headed to Carolina

    Agree, which makes him a massive upgrade over Darnold and the current version of Cam 2 of the CBS guys moved Moore up to 6 and 10 overall in WR, PPR rankings. 6 is high but 10-12 seems about right assuming Baker is right
  5. The Murray talk is just contract negotiating. He's fine as far as continuing his NFL career. When Hopkins is back, that's going to be a potent group of WRs, along with Ertz. I would take Murray after the big 3 go off the board, but I generally wait until about QB 8. so I won't get him in redraft unless he falls to where he is an incredible value.
  6. e-factor

    First Mock - Late RB Value

    Listen to the Elf, trophy on the shelf We are definitey on the same page on your early picks. Have been doing a lot of the FBG drafts and watching Elliott fall into the mid and late 4th is a wonderful thing, unless you are drafting in the early slots and he just misses getting back to you in the 4th. I took him at 3.2 in one, knowing it was a bad ADP move, but knew he wouldn't make it back. Part of the reason I love the 8-12 slots. I can wait until the 4th to grab him. Ertz and Woods are great picks there. Word is Woods looks ahead of schedule.
  7. e-factor

    The San Fran Offense

    Well, obviously Shanahan and Lynch care since they gave up a lot of draft capital when they had Jimmy locked up for two more years. Are you saying that having a QB who can utilize the whole field isn't a big deal? The plan was to sit Lance in 2021, so yeah, he hasn't done much. However, great bomb to Aiyuk against Houston. Small sample size but more of this to come. Jimmy did lead 2 different deep playoff runs, which shows how good the rest of the roster is. Defense was amazing and they had the super bowl win ALMOST wrapped up until Jimmy choked the game away in the 4th quarter. They had a 10 point lead to start the 4th quarter against the Rams in the NFC championship game before his collapse. His inability to use the sidelines and deep middle limits the play calls and makes it easier for the defense to defend the part of the field they are effective in. Pretty simple really. Jimmy Garoppolo went 3 for 9 for 30 yards and INT in 4th quarter against the Rams in the NFC championship game. In 6 playoff starts Garoppolo has a 28.0 passer rating in the 4th, ranking last among 69 QBs w/ 30+ 4th quarter passes in playoffs since 1991 Jimmy Garoppolo had 2.8 rating in 4th quarter of super bowl against the Chiefs. The only player w/ lower rating in 4th quarter of playoff loss since 2000 season (min 5 attempts) was Vince Young at 0.0 (1 for 5, 6 yards INT) vs in 4th quarter vs Chargers 1/6/08
  8. e-factor

    Dynasty Trade

    I loved Gibson going into last year, but not so much now. He had some good games last year when his volume was high, but with McKissic back and drafting Robinson and touting him as the goalline back, I am worried about him in 2022. He may still be an RB2, but I see him as a lower one vs a higher one. Love Diggs too, but Jefferson will be elite for a long time.
  9. e-factor

    The San Fran Offense

    Then you won't need to worry about him because you won't get him there unless it's an 8 team league. Late 2nd ADP in high stakes leagues at this point.
  10. e-factor

    The San Fran Offense

    As a Niner fan, I have the opposite take. Lance can make throws Jimmy can't which is why they drafted him with Jimmy still under contract for two years. Deebo averaged 18 yards per catch with an ADOT of 8.3 in 2021. 10.4 after catch. In 2020 his ADOT was 2.3 with 12.2 after the catch. 2.3. Most of the top receivers are in the 12-14 yard range for ADOT. 8.3 is TE range. Those are not throws that are going to be hard to duplicate for Lance. Also, as a fan who watched every play during the season, those short throws weren't exactly in stride either. If they had been, add another 300 or so yards to Deebo's total I like Jimmy and all but he isn't a good QB. Take him out of the Shanahan system and he's a bottom 5 QB, which is why nobody is trading for him. Last thing on Deebo. He will run less this year, but not like he's not going to get any carries. He will still get 3-4 quality carries a game and a decent amount in the red zone. All NFL players like to get the ball in close. Just won't see the RB type runs up the middle that he was getting when he was getting the 8 carry a game loads. Will still get 250/3 as a runner. Plus more targets. If you can get him after the mid 2nd in redraft, he will give you good value. In the 3rd, he's a bargain.
  11. e-factor

    Tips to tell you where to do your research

    I listen to a lot of FF podcasts while I work out or walk the dog. A lot of good debate and when I hear something contrary to my opinion of a player that makes sense, I give it more thought. Don't always move that player up, but good information to look at and reevalute. For example, one of the CBS guys was talking about how Tim Patrick created more separation in the end zone last year than Courtland Sutton, but the QB play was so bad that ZERO throws to him in the end zone were actually catchable. Obviously better QB play this year, so I'll take a look at Patrick and he may move up a couple rounds for me.
  12. e-factor

    The San Fran Offense

    He didn't start getting a lot of carries until week 10, which is when his receiving numbers dropped off. Only had 2 good receiveing games in the last 7 when he started playing more RB, so I think that narrative is off base looking forward to 2022. He won't score 8 rushing TDs again, but will probably get at least 3 even in a reduced role as a ball carrier. Will get a couple jet sweeps a game and some gadget plays. He will make that up in receptions and receiving yardage. Currently going late round 2, which I think is good value as I expect him to be a top 5-7 receiver this year. Excited as a SF fan to see him play with a QB who has the arm strength to let him run a full route tree.
  13. e-factor

    Dynasty Trade

    No brainer IMO for dynasty. Taylor, Jefferson and Chase are the top three dynasty assets currently. Losing Gibson is worth the upgrade from Diggs to Jefferson in dynasty.
  14. e-factor

    The San Fran Offense

    Lance has the ability to make throws Jimmy can't. Defenses could flood the middle of the field because Jimmy didn't use the sidelines or the deep middle. I feel way better drafting both Deebo and Aiyuk this year, especailly Aiyuk. Deebo put up big numbers because of his incredible running ability after the catch, but now will get more downfield plays as well. SF gave up all that draft capital while Jimmy still had 2 years left on his contract for a reason. While a solid QB, Jimmy limited the offense because he can't make certain throws. Lance can.
  15. e-factor

    Preseason Week 2 Observations

    Yeah, that first catch was highlight reel material. Had a chance for a long TD and just misjudged it a bit. Kid was impressive. Wilson looked great against the Viking starters. May have to draft him in my redraft leagues coming up despite my dislike of the team. Fant injury looked brutal. Just got rolled up by Britt who was hustling over to help out.