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  1. e-factor

    Preseason Week 2 Observations

    Yeah, that first catch was highlight reel material. Had a chance for a long TD and just misjudged it a bit. Kid was impressive. Wilson looked great against the Viking starters. May have to draft him in my redraft leagues coming up despite my dislike of the team. Fant injury looked brutal. Just got rolled up by Britt who was hustling over to help out.
  2. e-factor

    Fantasy Flashback

    Only 2 years as a fantasy god, but Larry Johnson was a man in 2005 and 2006 for the Chiefs. Over 1700 yards rushing both years and 37 rushing TDs (20 and 17). Add in another 750 receiving yards and another 3 TDs in the passing game. Probably on quite a few FF championships teams those years.
  3. e-factor

    Week 11 FU thread

    A real life football FU to Krapersuck. You suck!
  4. e-factor

    Week 11 FU thread

    Amen brother
  5. Watching both the Pats game and Seattle. They score almost simultaneously both extra points missed. Amazing.
  6. e-factor

    Week 11 FU thread

    My weekly FU to Andy Dalton for ignoring Eifert again. AJ goes out early and Eifert gets 6 targets while stone hands Lafell gets 9. Smart. Dipshiot!
  7. e-factor

    Week 11 FU thread

    FU Andrew Luck. They stop playing after getting up 21-0. Finish someone off for a change. 2 points in the 2nd half.
  8. Well yeah, once the Giants got the first down, but had they not tackled Jennings before he got to end zone on the last run before the kneel downs, they would have had a chance. Sure, maybe Jennings was smart enough to go down by himself before he scored, but maybe he gets caught up in moment and makes the house call, a little glory on MNF. If so, Cinci had almost two minutes left. Obviously, letting him score was not in their thought process but it should have been.
  9. e-factor

    Week 10 F U thread

    This topic aside, I have nothing against Dalton or Cincinnati but I don't ever see them taking the next step with him. They have so much offensive talent but don't maximize it. They lose a lot of close games they should win going away. Last night a perfect example. Not adding on when they have opportunities. Had a chance to get into field goal range before the half and instead run the ball on 1st down, then take their time before completing a couple passes to put the ball at midfield and end up with a Hail Mary instead of having 30 seconds or so left to run a few more plays. Gruden pointed out the obvious but guess it was lost on Cinci staff.
  10. Yeah, I was pretty amazed that with over 60 players and coaches, that nobody thought of that. I did sitting at home, so it should have been obvious to paid professionals.
  11. e-factor

    Week 10 F U thread

    Another FU to Dalton. Picked trying to hit the BU T down the seam. Might want to try that with your #1 there buddy.
  12. e-factor

    Week 10 F U thread

    FU Dalton. 71 pass to Eifort and then put him on ignore. Focking asswipe
  13. e-factor

    * FU Thread -- Week 9 *

    Where to start FU Dez. 1 friggin catch? 1? Just 1? No more? FU Luck and Hilton. Stack? Stack of dog crap FU Pitta. Had the choice to pick up you or Witten to fill in on Eiferts bye. F me I guess. 3 points. Thanks asswipe FU Booker. You run like a girl. That was Oakland, not the 85 Bears FU Riddick. 1 catch? ! FU Viking D. WTF? FU Gano. Can you make a field goal over 35 years? Didn't think so. That take's care of one league.
  14. Took Michael Floyd over Marvin at 4.12 in a 14 teamer. Yeah, kind of regret that one. Really liked Marvin and should have grabbed him there. Crowell is the other. Foolishly passed because I thought he would make it back on the turn.