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  1. I have him in a keeper league where we keep 4. TD only for scoring. I have to keep him and try and get Chubb to cover the early part of the season. If he were 4 years older?? I think I would let him go.
  2. Dr Hook

    Derrick Henry train 2019

    Keep him in a dynasty or try and cash him in at a high value? Obviously it depends on the offer but unless I am blown away I will keep him. Love the o line upgrade and who knows what will happen the 1st two games this year.
  3. Dr Hook

    Anyone targeting Cleveland Browns?

    Targeting??? The police.
  4. Dr Hook

    Fair trade, or nah?

    The minute someone veto's a trade I make in a dynasty league I would be done with that league. Simple. We all do not value the same thing in the same way as others. Sooner or later a so called bad trade will work out in the favor of the person getting the bad end of the deal. Let it alone.
  5. Dr Hook

    What are you offering/getting from the Rodgers owner?

    in a TD only and keeping 4 each year I traded away Rodgers and A Brown for Wentz and misc. WR. Seems like a lot but A Brown didn't score until yesterday and QB is huge in this league.
  6. Dr Hook

    The "I sat JaxD" humiliation thread

    Sat them in 2 leagues only to have the wife play them in a TD only league. She is 5 and 0 I am not.
  7. Dr Hook

    New or old posters here

    May 5 2002 and love this site. I do not agree with all the rankings etc. but use this site all the time for information. I will be here as long as it continues to be FREE!!!
  8. Dr Hook

    Week 1 FU Thread. 2016 edition.

    I would like to apologize for my previous FU to the Detroit Lions.
  9. Dr Hook

    Week 1 FU Thread. 2016 edition.

    FU K Allen and FU Detroit Lions.
  10. Auction league where money counts all year long for things and we just had a guy pay $15 (5% of cap) on a kicker.
  11. Dr Hook

    Does anyone win with RB's anymore?

    How do you all feel about RB's in a TD only league? It is a 3 player keeper league. I have Gurley, D Johnson, misc WR and the 1st pick. I can't let EE go can I?
  12. Dr Hook

    Any thoughts on week 17 players?

    Good Chance Gurley is sitting. Ouch
  13. Dr Hook

    Any thoughts on week 17 players?

    Any guesses on Doug Martin? He scares the crap out of me. Where would you rank him for RB this week?
  14. Dr Hook

    Any thoughts on week 17 players?

    Thanks Indy, awesome stuff. I am putting in 7 line ups this week. I can put in one per day. (They love to get you into the casino) Every player you listed except D Johnson is in a lineup or will be. D Johnson is not on the available list so I can't play him otherwise I would. Thoughts on D Martin, and D Freeman? To spread the love around in the 7 line up's I need to diversify, how do you feel about? Cooks, B Marsh or A Robinson, Any others? Thanks to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR
  15. Dr Hook

    Any thoughts on week 17 players?

    In the beginning there were over 7000, now we are basically down to 3 people going for 1st 2nd and 3rd, 4th place is 58 points behind so there is a chance but with the average score of 125 they would have to have a huge week and 3rd (me) would have to be really bad. I am in 3rd and 4 points behind 2nd. If I can overtake 2nd it would be an extra $5,000, Any and all help would be appreciated