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  1. krizay

    F.U. week 7

    To me! Picked up ARI defense this week. Forgot to put them in my lineup
  2. Turns out we still need 1 more owner
  3. Me and a few others are in the process of starting a new 32 team dynasty league on fantrax. The league is setup exactly like the NFL as far as teams/conferences and divisions. Pretty standard offensive scoring but also 10 IDP positions. We are wanting to make this a money league. $5 an owner but must pay for 1st 3 seasons to start. $100 payout ever year to winner with $60 going to second place. We currently have 25 owners so we are looking for 1 more. The draft will be a slow online draft that is scheduled to start June 15th. If you are looking for a low buy in money league or a chance to run your team the way an NFL GM would (minus the salary crap) this is the league to join. The bonus is meeting 31 new fantasy owners. If interest reply here or shoot me an email krizay@yahoo.com Tim
  4. krizay

    Week 13 FU thread

    FU to Aaron Rodgers stat chasing ass. Give the damn ball to Jones inside the 5
  5. krizay

    Week 6 FU

    FU to Aaron Rodgers! If im dumb enough to start an opposing defense against you that's on me. But when you're shredding your own defense FU
  6. krizay

    Laviska Shenault

    Debating between him or Gage over Gallup
  7. krizay

    Laviska Shenault

    So far so good
  8. QB Gardner Minshew RB Jerrick McKinnon (PPR leagues) WR Russell Gage TE Tyler Higbee
  9. krizay

    Laviska Shenault

    I believe so as well
  10. krizay

    collusion by commissioner?

    Yes that was a fair trade. IF IT WASN'T A COLLUDING TRADE! The trade itself does not matter 1 iota. Integrity is what's important here. Clearly the commish does not like "Murph" So the real question is... Was this an isolated incident towards Murph because Murph done something "TO THE LEAGUE" that prompted the commish to do this? Did Murph knock on his door and punch him in the face in front of his wife and kids? If it were me, I likely would be out of the league next year. If the commish can throw integrity out of the window for a dislike for a guy then i wouldn't want any part of his league. Not only did he give a player a way just to help the guy he hates get beat but he pushes his own trade through in 2 hours. (atleast we are led to believe he pushed his own trade through in 2 hours. Could it have been another commish?) I mean he set the rules on how trades are to be handled... There are only 2 outcomes that could be made for the commish defense from my perspecive. 1. as i said the Murph guy wronged the league cheating himself in the past and commish is trying to make it right. (in his own stupid way) 2. The commish and the owner with no Rb have a good history together (whether friends or past trades and want to keep the lines open) and he was going to drop Ivory anyway so why not offer him to your buddy who may need a RB. To which i don't have a problem with this especially considering what 2 players were involved. The commishes team name to me rules out #2. Which all but tells me i would not be in his league next year.
  11. Down to 2 JAX and ARI edited: owner switched from ARI to jets