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  1. Buttmonkey

    Week 9 FU

    FU Washington Football Team coaching staff. You draft a WR and convert him to RB, then don't utilize his best skill set (catching the ball). Instead, you have freaking JD McKissic catching 9 balls.
  2. Buttmonkey

    You make the call I made a Trade it’s Pending /

    I am not even in this league and I am in a tizzy
  3. Buttmonkey


    This is sound, logical advice.
  4. Buttmonkey

    FU Week 7

    Fock you Gurley - going against Gurley and Hockenson in two leagues - that little mistake gave my opponents 14 points (and I had Altanta kicker in one league as well - lost out on the 3 points - 17 point swing)
  5. Buttmonkey

    James Robinson - sell high?

    I was a knucklehead and sold "high" on Robinson back in week 3 - I traded Crowder and Robinson for Robert Woods (pull PPR) - yes, I am a idiot
  6. Nothing wrong with the trade - maybe you're gaga over one of the players involved and that is why you think it is off balance
  7. I would not put any credence in the sites that suggested AJ was the direct handcuff.
  8. Buttmonkey

    Week 5 FU

    Lol at the fools that over-react mid-way through the 1st qtr
  9. Buttmonkey

    Week 5 FU

    So if Fuller doesn't catch 4 balls for 80 yards in first 5 minutes of the game, you over-react?
  10. Buttmonkey

    The FF Gods were with me!

    Cool story bro
  11. Buttmonkey

    Collusion Watch....?

    Nothing wrong with the trade - geez, you just don't want to see a team get better
  12. Another positive test today, which means the clock starts over and the earliest Tennessee could get back to it's facility is Saturday. With Buffalo playing a Thursday Night game the following week - can't see it moving to Monday or Tuesday; Tennessee has already used it's bye so a cluster f is coming probably.
  13. Buttmonkey

    Mostert FTW!

    Predict McKinnon shines resulting if full RBBC rest of season when Mostert returns
  14. Buttmonkey

    Top 50 Rookies

    So, still saying you were right about Hines? What is your spin on this now after week 2?
  15. Buttmonkey

    UPDATE: McCaffrey Ankle Injury - Out Multiple Weeks

    To all the McCaffrey owners - this is my fault. I had Mike Davis on my bench and decided to pick up Tre'quan and figured "What the heck, CMAC never gets hurt" - oopps