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  1. skinny43

    start 2 of 4 RBs

    Im going with Yeldon and Abdullah... I was on the fence between Abdullah or Woodhead, but Im Im going with AAs upside over Woodhead's matchup. thx for the help guys
  2. skinny43

    Which team is better? half ppr 10 man

    I dont understand what youre getting and what your giving in this trade.... please clarify
  3. skinny43

    huge trade offer just came in....please help

    Lacy/Miller > Hill/Stewart
  4. skinny43

    huge trade offer just came in....please help

    I would accept that trade.......
  5. skinny43

    start 2 of 4 RBs

    I need to pick 2 of these 4 RBs for my RB2 and flex... which 2 do I go with? standard ppr scoring Danny Woodhead Ameer Abdullah TJ Yeldon Shane Vereen
  6. skinny43

    is having 2 flex positions too many (pros & cons)

    its a half point per reception scoring... Im in a few leagues... so Im used to lots of different formats (this is the only 10 teamer Im in.. the other three are 12 teamers) I enjoy the challenge of mining the waiver wire to find a Andre Holmes, or Brian Hartline to plug in for a bye week and hope to strike gold with a favorable matchup.... but Im not really down with having to rely on guys like them every week to fill a second flex slot
  7. skinny43

    is having 2 flex positions too many (pros & cons)

    would you be in a 2 flex league again? and at what point do you tip the balance or ratio of viable starters and ruin your league?
  8. skinny43

    is having 2 flex positions too many (pros & cons)

    Ive been in 2 QB leagues... and hated it.... in addition, noone in this league wants any part of a 2 QB league
  9. skinny43

    is having 2 flex positions too many (pros & cons)

    I know... this league already starts 3WRs and a flex... and they want to add another flex... they justify it by saying 'theres one less bench spot, so the WW talent pool isnt any different/thinner. I think its going to be a disaster... but Im having difficulty making the case to the league as to why.
  10. skinny43

    is having 2 flex positions too many (pros & cons)

    the league has been together for 15 years now and all members are experienced FFers
  11. some members of my 10 team keeper league want to add a second flex position... Im trying to sort thru whether this is a good idea and need some unbiased help from the FFToday boards... our current roster is as follows: 18 roster spots... we currently start a QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 flex, 1 TE, 1D 1 K.... with 8 bench slots... 1 keeper two members have suggested the following change: 18 roster spots... 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 flex, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K.... with 7 bench slots... 1 keeper I am reluctant to go along with adding a second flex... with week 9 having 6 teams on a bye, and having to start a combination of 7 rb/wrs every week... it would seem that there arent enough players to make this viable... 7 players x 10 teams, makes 70 players needed to start every week... (plus the roughly 60+ additional players on teams bench) are there enough players to even go around without thinning out the talent pool to obscurity? my gut tells me this is a bad idea, but Im having a hard time making the case against it in my league... what are your thoughts? please help
  12. skinny43

    Williams looks way better than Brown

    mularky is the problem. his gagetry will ruin Ronnie like he ruined Willis last year... beware.
  13. skinny43

    Talk me out of R. Brown with #4

    four words: Mike Mularky, Offensive Coordinator.
  14. skinny43

    Partnering up at the draft

    wrong again... Id get way more leverage stepping into the punch than you ever could.
  15. skinny43

    Partnering up at the draft

    Im still not sure what or how you think you'll 'control the draft' by going rb/wr... most every mock Ive seen has the 11 & 12 spots going rb/wr... oh and... word.