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  1. SteveMy

    Flex Options?

    I'd go Jacobs. Despite his inury problems he's the only one who's proven he can be productive.
  2. SteveMy

    Is Reggie Bush overrated ?

    This next year is going to define Bush as a player. I think he's suffering from not being able to survive on talent alone like many players can in college. If he works to develop as a true RB by gaining some size and following blocking he can be true RB. My guess is he won't. He seems to enjoy the fact that ESPN proclaimed him a "can't miss" before he even stepped on the field. I'm sure he didn't mind every so called expert tearing the Texans apart for passing him over for Mario Williams. I think if he's lucky he can become an Eric Matcalf type player in the league. He's a small guy but is a bit of a long strider for his frame and his best talent is as a receiver. The Saints either decide if Deuce is healthy and use Bush as a slash type player or they invest another draft pick in another RB. He was overrated before he even stepped on an NFL field.
  3. SteveMy


    I think Petrino is suffering the same thing most of the big name NCAA coaches who go the NFL. They try to use "their system" despite the fact the system is not NFL ready. The most disturbing thing about a coach like Petrino is his lack of recognition that his players don't fit the system. Norwood is a home run hitter on a team with none but his coach is more "comfortable" with an old reliable like Dunn. For me my view of coaches changed when Bill Parcells was in New England and had always been talked about as a D first run the ball control the clock coach. Instead of staying with what worked for him previously he embraced the fact he had a QB, Drew Bledoe, at the time who had the talent to throw the ball 40 times a game.
  4. SteveMy

    Carson Palmer Sucks

    The issues with the Bengals offense are more then Just Palmer related. They did have O-line issues going into the year, lingering injuries with Levi Jones, new center and Willie Anderson has been banged up. Not to mention that Rudi Johnson appears to be on a serious decline. To me the most glaring issue is the coaching. Marvin Lewis has been living off of one playoff season since '05. A coach known as a great D-coordinator has yet to put together a solid D for the Bengals. There offense is one of the more talented in the league but unbelievable predictable and easy to game plan against. I think in '05 when the Bengals were scoring a ton on points was due to a soft schedule and they were surprising teams with their offensive talent. Now, the league has seen their vanilla offense and if they have the personnel can easily defend it. Palmer has to take some blame as the QB but I think we'll see a much more productive team with a new coaching staff in place to add some creativity to the game plan.
  5. SteveMy

    Mid NFL Season Point

    My biggest issue with the concept is the scoring system is more influential then the on-field performances. The scoring is incredibly weighted towards QBs. The RB position is almost worthless in comparison. I'd be happy if some tweaks were made to the FAB and then the scoring elements were set by each individual league. Dan is very right about the product not being truly ready for release. I would find it really hard to believe that long term this is going to be a successful online game. I'd be back in for next year if some major changes were implemented and the changes were clearly laid out.
  6. SteveMy

    Week 3 Smack!

    The scoring continues to be ridiculous. Here an example from my game. I've got Palmer who throws 3TDs and scores 35 points. Destroyers has Manning who throws for 0TDs and still scores 28 points. Completions are totally over valued in this format. On another weird score I've got the Vikings O-line who some how produce a negative score. Right, that sounds right.
  7. Another really good example of have this system has gone to extremes. I built my team around a passing attack but that can be easily nullified by a team using the right D scheme. Now owners who built a team around the run are also penalized. This fatigue through the year concept is awful. The better backs, like LT, always do even better in the second half. It also funny how it perceives that the only position in football that gets fatigued are RBs.
  8. SteveMy

    Week 2 Smack!

    The above is from Dan Sez in the scoring fluxored thread. I feel the same. Gate's you may want to step away from the edge. I'm really not concerned with the W-L. The overall experience is not what it should be. The bottom line should be do one team's players outperform the other team's. That is not the case in this system. If I'm on the edge, it's because I'm trying to see the stain you left when you jumped off. You're the one threatening to quit and then pissing and moaning six ways from Sunday about the scoring system. If you're not happy with Gameday, I get that. Nothing's perfect. I guess you know what to do next year, then. I can understand frustration to an extent, but I take exception with the sour grapes attitude and the untrue/illogical statements that you are making: 1) You are outscoring everyone you are playing, but the scoring system is beating you. Wrong. Combining offense, defense and ST-for week 1-YOU GOT OUTSCORED 2) You are unhappy about Daunte Culpepper's scoring and you think it was unfair that he should get 3 points. Compared to traditional scoring, your QB (Palmer) scored the same in Gameday while mine (Culpepper) scored 5 less in Gameday. Gameday is supposed to go beyond traditional FFL and give owners a chance to be a coach AND a GM as well. These factors bring in some of the strategic scoring elements that you seem to be having a problem with. You say it should just be about whether one team's players outperform anothers (which yours didn't the first week contrary to what you are saying.) That is traditional FFL, and if that's what you prefer, then god bless you. But you got into Gameday having the same chance to read and understand the same rules that we all did. Could the User's Manual be better - no doubt-but again we are all playing with the same manual. Enough said about this as far as I'm concerned. Go on complaining about the injustice of the scoring system if you want, but most people are probably just going to see for the whining that it is. Peace, out.... Gates Gates I'm really not using our specific game as the pinnacle example. What I am saying is this game seems to been based on a moving target goal. I think they've missed the mark on what GDR was trying to accomplish. I too hope they get the problems fixed, but there is a very real argument to be made that this format was not ready for prime time.
  9. SteveMy

    scoring seems fuxored

    Amen brother.
  10. SteveMy

    Week 2 Smack!

    The above is from Dan Sez in the scoring fluxored thread. I feel the same. Gate's you may want to step away from the edge. I'm really not concerned with the W-L. The overall experience is not what it should be. The bottom line should be do one team's players outperform the other team's. That is not the case in this system.
  11. SteveMy

    Week 2 Smack!

    To clarify, this is clearly frustration on my part. I'm going to continue to be active. On to the scoring, it's crazy. I mentioned very early in another post that GDR is far too complicated to only have a user guide as a template. This product will never catch on with this degree of complexity. The blitz was awesome. The basic structure works really well. The GM rating was a little too powerful during the blitz. Now, the GM rating is worthless during the season. The fact a player on the field can commit 6 turnovers and that still results in a positive score is ridiculous. On the other hand the defensive strategy scoring has incredible outcome on games. The whole premise of GDR was to use on real-time performance in games.In my opinion it's turning out to be more of a sim type game.
  12. SteveMy

    Week 2 Smack!

    I'm out! This is driving me crazy. How the hell do I keep loosing? My team continues to outscore the opposing team and the absolutley bizzare scoring system cost me the win. I'd be fine if the teams I'm playing would be beating me but I'm loosing to the scoring system.
  13. SteveMy

    scoring seems fuxored

    Talk about crazy scoring. C-Pep throws 5 ints and fumbles and still scores 8 points.
  14. SteveMy

    Can't Find My Kicker

    So, I finally get a kicker and I can't get him on to my depth chart page? Any ideas.
  15. SteveMy

    Anybody else worried about...

    Another problem is that a lot of players aren't in the database.