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  1. truebigdog

    Championship DST!?!

    Just dropped Denver for Dallas
  2. truebigdog

    Barkley vs Kamara in a 1 pt ppr

    I'm in the same spot and even though I'm a KC fan, I'm probably going Barkley...I'm really hoping one of the big four or AB fall...problem I'm having is it's a 14 team league, so I still don't want to go WR
  3. truebigdog

    Zach Ertz out today

    Burton or Vernon Davis???
  4. truebigdog

    Leonard Fournette is Out!

  5. truebigdog

    Adrian Peterson traded to AZ

    I don't have any choice but to take a flyer on him as my RB's are hot garbage. Murray, Crowell, Abdullah, Mack, Lacey, D'Onta Foreman, and Chris Johnson.......Reckon I'll try and dump CJ0K for him.
  6. My biggest "reach" target is Hunt. Just traded the #13/37 and 84 for 21/28/76 in order to get in front of another KC fan at #29....#28 may be too early to take him, but I highly doubt he would have gotten back to #36
  7. Mason is listed as the starter, but Gurley is owned in almost all leagues? I can get either in a trade right now, but don't know which to target.
  8. truebigdog

    1st pick in 1pt PPR is bell the guy now

    I'm taking Charles over Bell, but Bell would be the #2 IMHO
  9. truebigdog

    the OFFICIAL i'm starting Toby thread

    Me too, didn't really have a choice with bye week issues
  10. truebigdog

    ESPN Fantasy League Help

    You can edit the schedule under the LM Tools tab
  11. truebigdog

    Anyone able to run DB on LibreOffice?

    E-mail sent. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  12. I downloaded it not even thinking about not having Windows (I switched to Linux after Microsoft quit supporting XP) since I've not had any issues with any other spreadsheet I had attempted. I can't do anything without getting syntax errors. Any ideas how to get it to work or am I just SOL? Thank You
  13. truebigdog

    Your teams record this year? (prediction)

    KC Chiefs vs Tennessee 1-0 @ Denver 1-1 @ Miami 1-2 New England 1-3 @ San Francisco 1-4 Bye (may find a way to play the bye close....call it a tie) @ San Diego 1-5 St Louis 2-5 NY Jets 3-5 @ Buffalo 3-6 Seattle 3-7 @ Oakland 3-8 Denver 3-9 (flexed out of Sunday Night, and rightfully so) @ Arizona 3-10 Oakland 4-10 @ Pittsburgh 4-11 San Diego 4-12 4-12 and a picking #3 in the 2015 draft and I don't renew my season tickets
  14. truebigdog

    Trade offers that go ignored?

    I have one on the board right now that another guy proposed, but as I deem it a ridiculous offer I'm ignoring it rather than bother responding. If it were worth responding to I would have minutes after it was proposed.....maybe the other owner doesn't view your trade offers as equitable for both teams. FWIW, it's Pead and Amendola for P. Thomas and Nelson
  15. truebigdog

    Daryl Richardson tough enough to trust?

    Pead is inactive....I'm starting Richardson