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  1. we're FULL! we got 72 owners for the contest; 6 leagues of 12. if you want to be added to the waitlist for 2017 let me know.
  2. i need 4 more owners! 8 owners are already paid in full and we need 4 more to finalize the 12 team subleague 6. you must pay before aug 22nd and slow auction starts monday aug 24th.
  3. i need 4 owners to put on standby in expansion subleague 7. if 18 people pay by Monday Aug 16th, i will keep it open for another week to try and fill subleague 7 which would then need 4 or more new owners in it.
  4. right now i have 17 owners unpaid in subleague 6. the first 12 people that "signed up" that pay will secure their spot in subleague 6. if we get 7 more owners and all the remaining/left behind owners pay, we can fill and auction subleague 7.
  5. i need 4 owners to help fill subleague 6! we start aug 17th; pay before aug 16th. please join!
  6. need 11 more owners to fill out subleague 6. you won't have this chance until 2017 since it's a 2 year contest
  7. auctions start aug 17th. 5 subleagues filled, and waiting list for subleague 6. whoever pays first/soonest gets guaranteed a spot in the contest with the 10 pending spots in subleague 5.
  8. 5th subleague filled! need 11 more to fill 6th subleague!
  9. 6 owners needed now to fill the 5th subleague of 12 teams
  10. the 4th subleague is filled! i have 3 owners in the 5th league waitlist and need 9 more people to fill that 5th subleague please!
  11. need 1 more to fill the 4th league! auctions start aug 10th and 17th