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  1. Shox

    Waiting this thing out....

    Let's go. Are going to do this????
  2. Shox

    Waiting this thing out....

    Let's get this league going. Time to draft!!!!!!
  3. Shox

    FVMDL contacts list

    updated email. rboss@bossandcompany.com
  4. He will be on the trade block within days.
  5. Shox

    Trading Block

    Trade Block: McNabb Cassel McFadden Rashad Jennings Thomas Jones Buckhalter Westbrook Chester Taylor Eddie Royal Brandon Gibson
  6. Shox

    No excuse to start a player in IR

    You never know what is going to happen. I was 1-5 and I thought I was pretty much out of the playoffs. I kept starting the best lineup and went 6-1 down the stretch and end up in the playoffs.
  7. Shox

    Who is coming back?

    I thought it was a dynasty league???? I will be back either way.
  8. Shox

    Singman 2 trades made

    This is a very risky deal for me, but I need the RB help. TO looks like he is starting to play to his age. He will still have an occassional stud game, but I think he will have his share of 5-8 point games as well.
  9. Shox

    I need to make a trade

    I'm always open, but I don't have much RB depth so I might not be a very good trade partner.
  10. Shox

    Lendale is a better fantasy Rb than CJ

    Apples to oranges comparision. Of course any 7th rounder who puts up solid numbers is going be great value, ever superior value compared to a 1st round guy who puts up numbers as expected. CJ is still a 1st round pick and White is a 6-7 rounder.
  11. If I counted the list corrected 45 WR have recorded 14 or more TD in a season. 14 is a lot, but not exactly unheard of if it's be done 45 times.
  12. and you certainly can, but I will take Bowe for the reasons I stated. The Chiefs offense will be better than last year so Bowe will get his redzone opportunities. 14 is a good number of TDs for a WR, but it's not a ridiculous number. Bowe will get more TDs than Colston and I think it will approach 14, thats my opinion.
  13. I think Bowe by slim margin. Bowe has several things which should help him continue to move up the WR pecking order. 1. Much better QB play than the past two years. No matter what your opinion of Cassel he is a much more accurate passer than Thyigpen. 2. New pass oriented coach. 3. No Tony Gonzales means he will be the #1 primary target and especially in the red zone. His TD total should easily double from last years 7. 4. He appears to be maturing and his work ethic has improved this offseason. A more hardline headcoach won't hurt either. 5. And maybe the most important....the Chiefs will continue to play from behind a lot so throwing the rock will be an absolute must. You add all of this up and put it with Bowe amazing talent, he is a beast after the catch, and his numbers should improve again in his third season. Contrast Colston. A very good wr in a great offense, but they have so many weapons. Coming off a serious injury (and the fact he has a little bit of an injury bug) I just don't see him putting up the numbers like he did in 2007. Close but a small step backwards......75/1000/8 seem about right.
  14. Shox

    Trade: Sparky & Shox

    Shox get 1.8 and Sparkky's 2010 2nd Sparkky gets Mark Bradley, Kyle Orton and Shox 2010 2nd. Probably a little better deal for Sparkky. Bradley could be a very solid WR and Orton is an underated QB. But both were pretty far down my depth chart and I'm getting a guy I really like in Percy Harvin. I think he could be this years Eddie Royal, especially if Favre has anything left in the tank.
  15. Shox

    Trade Block

    Anybody need interested in a QB I would trade McNabb or Alex Smith....acutally would trade any of my QBs, but I doubt anybody would pay the price to get Brady. Let me know....I'm interested in picks as well as the right players.