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  1. GentleDragon

    creating league profile

    I can see the test league you created, it looks like I was able to change a couple of QB stats. I am wondering though we use negative points for INT's that doesn't show up when I enter it. OK so I logged out and back in now some of the changes have shown up. Still missing the IDP settings, QB, RB, WR and TE are all correct.
  2. GentleDragon

    creating league profile

    I am trying to create a league profile and I do all the customizing hit the submit button but it doesn't show up. I have refreshed the page after to see if it is a browser refresh issue but it still doesn't show up. I have also tried 2 different browsers, Chrome and microsoft edge both do the same thing. AM I doing something wrong, I had an old league that I deleted and that seemed to work.
  3. GentleDragon

    Anyone care to take an early stab

    Here are the first 2 rounds of a mock that I took part in 1.01 Peterson, Adrian RB MIN 1.02 Tomlinson, LaDainian RB SDC 1.03 Jackson, Steven RB STL 1.04 Addai, Joseph RB IND 1.05 Westbrook, Brian RB PHI 1.06 Brady, Tom QB NEP 1.07 Gore, Frank RB SFO 1.08 Barber, Marion III RB DAL 1.09 Moss, Randy WR NEP 1.10 Johnson, Larry RB KCC 2.01 Lynch, Marshawn RB BUF 2.02 Portis, Clinton RB WAS 2.03 Grant, Ryan RB GBP 2.04 McGahee, Willis RB BAL 2.05 Maroney, Laurence RB NEP 2.06 Parker, Willie RB PIT 2.07 Jones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC 2.08 Owens, Terrell WR DAL 2.09 Manning, Peyton QB IND 2.10 Bush, Reggie RB
  4. GentleDragon

    NFL Inactives

  5. GentleDragon

    *** Clash's Geek League ***

    Thanks for the invite and my email is gentledragon1166@yahoo.ca
  6. GentleDragon

    *** I would like to Start a Free 12 Team Geek League

    Hey Clash I would be interested in getting in this league if there is still room.
  7. GentleDragon

    Run-time error 1004 Draft Buddy + Office 2007

    I am using Excel 2007 and not having any problems using Compiler or Buddy. I am using XP SP2 with Office 2007 enterprise edition.
  8. GentleDragon

    2-point conversion

    I think T-Bird has this close to being the right way to set up your field goals. You can actually change the distance though. So for your field goal scoring as T-Bird pointed out score FG as 1 pt. Then move over the the distance box and start your low range at 20-29=1pt, 30-39=2pt, 40-49=3pt then just use 50-99=4pt As for 2pt conversions I don't believe there has never been that option in the compiler, for the amount of 2pt converts they are pretty much a non factor in league scoring.
  9. GentleDragon

    Do you use Excel 2000 and Internet Explorer 7?

    I am currently using IE 6 and Firefox for browsers, for some reason I cannot get the forums to work in IE6 so I use Firefox. I have recently started using the new MS Office 2007, so I don't know how that will effect this years football compiler and buddy.
  10. GentleDragon

    WR help

    Need to start 3 out of 4. Chambers, Burress, Walker and Horn Currently have Chambers, Burress and Walker starting but am thinking of benching Walker in favour of Horn. All input welcome. Thanks in advance
  11. GentleDragon

    Holt OUT ! Need help at flex

    I have seen this report on another board as well.
  12. GentleDragon

    Drop Down List REQUEST

    Frink for your question about setting up so it will be easier to use draft buddy during the draft. What I do is basically split my screen in two, on the left hand side I set up the draft buddy so all I see is the area I am going to enter the information on the Draft input tab. On the right side I set it up with the draft room. It works really good with the yahoo system don't know about other sites but that is how I do it.
  13. GentleDragon


    I answered my own question it just had to look through every post on the board to find it. here it is: Using the first 3 letters of the team in CAPS is the way to go. ex. PIT Take a look at the player list on the right and you can see the coding for each player.
  14. GentleDragon


    I used draft buddy for the first time tonight and it was awesome, the only thing I had a problem with is the team defenses wouldn't be recognized and removed from the cheatsheet. I tried putting in the full team name Chicago Bears didn't work, C Bears no go, Bears nope, Chicago nope. Point is how does the team DEF have to be entered in the draft buddy.