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  1. I have Larry Johnson, Clinton Portis , and Steve Slaton remaining if I trade Forte. Additionally my WRs are S. Smith (CAR), Eddie Royal, and S. Moss. I don't like CHI offense, don't trust Orton, I also hate to see McKie vulturing TDs from Forte. Forte will face many weeks of 8 in the box, who can even name the Chicago WRs. So what do ya think, would you trade Forte to get A. Boldin?
  2. fflan513

    Commish Question

    I think Madd's league rule is fine EXCEPT I don't like the idea of making "additional rules" once the season starts; let's have some foresight and live by the rules with which we begin the season; identify changes that need to be made and implement "new" rules after the season ends. The bye situation really should have been addressed before the game was played and the owner encouraged to put in a competitive lineup ; I believe commissioners need to monitor their leagues for potential problems. Finally though can you imagine the NFL making up "new" rules during the middle of the season? Teams would be outraged!
  3. fflan513

    Commish Question

    You must let the game result stand or it would be grossly unfair to the winning team as well as jeopardize the integrity of the league; it would be the commissioner's (GOD-LIKE) judgment of whether an owners effort to win was adequate. A reversal would open a nasty can of worms. I (as commissioner) put in place a couple rules in our league a few years back to deal with just such a situation because we really do want every owner to field his most competitive team every week. INTEGRITY OF THE LEAGUE a. The commissioner and/or owners of the XXXXXXXX league have the power to question any conduct or behavior deemed to be unethical, unsportsman-like(violating accepted standards or rules), or detrimental to the competitive nature and balance of the league. The commissioner shall investigate any such behavior brought into question; corrective action or restraint deemed necessary shall be put before the team owners for a vote. THE DEATH PENALTY This is a rule that has been incorporated to encourage and protect the competitive and equitable nature of our league. 1. Any team owner that plays a “bye-week” player will be forgiven the first time. 2. Any team owner that plays a “bye-week” player a second time and in a different week than the first time shall be fined $10.00 per “bye-week” player played. The fine MUST be paid before the owner can compete in another game. If the fine is not paid prior to the beginning of the next game the team will be confiscated and the **league shall run the team until the completion of the season (the team is ineligible for post-season play). 3. Any team owner that plays a “bye-week” player a third time and in a different week than the first and second time shall be deemed a rogue owner and ousted from the league thereby forfeiting any and all entry fees/transaction fees or other monies paid to the league; THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. ** The commissioner will submit a lineup each week for any confiscated team by playing the players necessary to complete a legal lineup with each position being filled by the player with the most fantasy points to date.
  4. fflan513

    Santonio Holmes?

    Server must have been stuck or something while I was hitting "submit"; my mistake...please forgive me :wacko
  5. fflan513

    Santonio Holmes?

    Are the Steelers resting S. Holmes hamstring?? No stats...hmmm
  6. fflan513

    Santonio Holmes?

    Are the Steelers resting S. Holmes hamstring?? No stats...hmmm
  7. fflan513

    Santonio Holmes?

    Are the Steelers resting S. Holmes hamstring?? No stats...hmmm
  8. fflan513

    Santonio Holmes?

    Are the Steelers resting S. Holmes hamstring?? No stats...hmmm
  9. fflan513

    Chad Johnson ?

    Chad Johnson coming off neck injury, Jamal Lewis going against the Steelers, Aaron Moorehead starting in place of M. Harrison (A. Gonzalez is out and D. Clark is very questionable) Who should I start?????
  10. fflan513

    12 team playoffs - 8 qualify? Or 6 - 1st & 2nd get byes?

    I agree; letting "too many" teams into the playoffs lessens the value of the regular season record. I'm commissioner of a 12 team league (head-head)with three divisions (4 teams each of course), each division winner advances to the playoffs and a wild card (team with the best record that doesn't win a division). The 4 team playoff format has worked well for us for 8 years now. Additionally, we have a consolation bowl for the 8 teams that do no make the playoffs.
  11. Team "A" receives Jason Witten Team "b" receives Chad Johnson note: Team "A" already has M. Harrison, J. Galloway, T J Hous.. and DJ Hackett (figuring C. Henry will dilute Chad and Housh stats a little) Who wins this deal???
  12. fflan513

    Willis McGahee update anyone?

    Yeah, I agree; I picked M. Smith up also just in case he starts plus wanted to keep him from the competition.
  13. fflan513

    Willis McGahee update anyone?

    Any updates on McGahee's condition, how severe was the concussion; will he be able to play this week? What ya got guys?
  14. fflan513

    Where is Lamont Jordan?

    Anybody know what's going on with Jordan?
  15. Jessie Chatman or Lamont Jordan WSIS?