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  1. Daltnator

    RB assistance Jacobs/Montgomery

    Any thought?
  2. Daltnator

    Hunter or Engram in ppr?

    I still would go Henry even against a top D. Dude is heavily involved. Especially if Allen is out of limited.
  3. PPR, normal scoring with 2 point bonus at 100 yds rush Both backs have ok matchups, neither particularly juicy. Both backs have some negative issue. Jacobs with the shoulder concern and Montgomery coming off his worst game and hasn't been all that great to begin with. I have to start one. Jacobs has been getting it done for the most part. I just picked up Montgomery of off WW because owner rage dropped him(first time FF player). Does Montgomery get fed all day to make up for 2 carries last week, leading to a better day? Does Jacobs take a hit to that shoulder early and exit after earning 1 or 2 fantasy points? To be honest, the shoulder Injury scares me. I generally have rotten luck and these injury concerns mostly screw me so, I'm gun shy. Do I go with Montgomery and hope the Bears correct the carry count issue or ride with Jacobs since he's expected to play(probably receiving a shot for his shoulder!) Who would you start if you were faced with this decision?!?!
  4. Daltnator

    RB/WR Help!! Odd man out

    Thanks y'all!! Eases the mind a little to see others opinions on a start/sit conundrum!! Thanks a million!! Anyone else!!
  5. Daltnator

    RB/WR Help!! Odd man out

    10 team PPR Normal scoring with 3 point bonus at 100 yards rush/rec. Big time dilemma!! We can start 3 and 1(either way) or 2 and 2 RB/WR MY 5 to choose from are: Dalvin Cook- No Brainer- started and enjoyed!! Nick Chubb Chris Carson Kenny G Tyler Lockett Who sits? Both the WR have great matchups!! I'm dying over here!! If I start all the RBs, I gotta sit a WR and if I start both WRs, one of the RBs gotta sit! BUT WHOOOOOOOOOOOO? DANG IT!!!!!!!! Fantasy Foosball is a Stoopid game!!! Help! Who would you start if it were YOUR team?!?!?!?
  6. Daltnator

    Kenny G or Lockett

    Thanks! Anyone else????
  7. Daltnator

    Pick 1 QB for Terrible Streaming Week

    Yeppers. Stafford
  8. Daltnator

    Which RB?

  9. Daltnator

    Murray or d Johnson

    I'm starting DJ. He usually comes through.
  10. Daltnator

    Flex help

    Montgomery gets the volume at least.
  11. Daltnator

    Kenny G or Lockett

    PPR, 3 PT BONUS @100 YDS REC I think the weather in Seattle today may damper a huge game from Lockett. Minnesota is always tough opponent too, but Stafford is feeding Golladay lately!! What are some others opinions? I'm Also starting Carson, if that makes a Difference to any strategy!! Help!!! Who would you start if it were your team????!?!
  12. Daltnator

    Gallup trade offer

    I love Gallup this year and think he's gonna end up being a star WR. Really want him. The Gallup owner was one waiver spot ahead and got him before I did. Was thinking of offering him Golden Tate and John Brown for Gallup. What do y'all think of that offer? I currently have Woods, Evans, Tate and John Brown as my WRs. He has Gallup, Allen Robinson, Hollywood Brown and Sterling Shepard. PPR league starting 2 WRs and a flex Thoughts?
  13. Daltnator

    Flex Help_Lockett/Carson

    Thoughts or opinions anyone?
  14. Daltnator

    Flex Help_Lockett/Carson

    PPR, 3 PT BONUS @100 YDS RUSH/REC It's a great matchup for both Carson and Lockett. I really can't figure out who's gonna a better day. Is it more likely the Hawks will get a decent lead and just pound the ball giving Carson a better opportunity or will that torchab!e Cards Defense let Lockett run wild, giving him the better day???!? Help!!! Who would you start if it were your team????!?!
  15. Daltnator

    QB Help--Dak/Lamar

    Does the crappy weather forecast in KC change anything for anyone??