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  1. Daltnator

    Flex help for title

    PPR James Cook or Achane? Ive scored 55 already with Laporta, Amon Ra and Cleveland DST, opponent has had no one play yet. Help!!
  2. Daltnator

    Flex help-Mike Evans/Rhemondre

    Thanks dude! A response with logic and no snark or sarcasm! Almost make one miss Axelf!!!.................almost. Lol!!
  3. Daltnator


    I would go Trevor Lawrence and Jacobs! I like to use PFFs OL/DL matchup chart and its a pretty good tool for deciding between some options. It shows that running on the Chargers is easier than running on the Rams! Plus Bosa is out I think!
  4. Daltnator

    Flex help-Mike Evans/Rhemondre

    Who would you start at flex? Dallas D is tough, but you can run on them! Mike evans is hot right now, but NO and Lattimore has his number and he rarely does well against them! Im torn! Help!!!!! Standard scoring PPR with 3 point bonus @ 100 Yd rush/rec
  5. Daltnator

    Flex help-DJ Moore/Dotson

    PPR standard scoring with 3 point bonus at 100 yds rec DJ Moore is a hellava talent, but Dotson should be the number 1 against a terrible Cardinals defense. I'm torn! What would you do if it were your team? Thanks!
  6. Daltnator

    Waller for trade?

    I would do that.
  7. PPR. 3 point bonus @100 yds rush/receiving Who ya like out of Zeke, Robert Woods or Rhamondre Stevenson? Thanks y'all!!
  8. Daltnator

    Flex help-Juju/Henderson

    PPR We start QB, RB, WR, (2)RB/WR, TE, D, K Normal scoring with 3 point bonus @ 300 yds passing, 100 yds rushing/rec I lost Dak last week so, I picked up Matt Ryan this week to stream and stack with Pittman, swinging for fences already! Lol! The rest of my line up is looking like this: Ryan, Zeke, Pittman,B. Cooks, M. Andrew's, Miami, Prater So, for my last flex spot the best choice is going to be between Juju and Darryl Henderson, as the rest of my team is as follows: Juju, Henderson, Akers, Dameon Pierce, Rhamandre Stevenson, Kadarious Toney, and Robert Woods The KC game should be a high scoring affair and and Juju IS catching passes from Mahomes, but I HATE having players on Thursday night games, because if they have a bad night, I feel,like I'm screwed! Lol! Henderson has a nice matchup, but its not supposed to be as many points scored and IF they give Akers more of a run and he gets a hot hand going, then Hendersons role gets reduced. Fantasy Foosball is the Devils Game!!! Who would you start?
  9. Daltnator

    RB assistance. PPR

    Sony Michelle or Devante Freeman? With Henderson probably out, he gets a full workload, Freeman usually gets the lions share as well. Who would YOU start if it were your team? Thanks for any help!!
  10. Daltnator

    Hows bout Waddle or Bateman?

    PPR league with 3 point bonus @ 100 yds rec Who would you start between Waddle or Bateman? Waddle is the number 1 , with Parker and Fuller out, and going up against a much weaker team and Defense, but I don’t know how high is ceiling is without the Fins needing to pass all that much after halftime, figuring they’re gonna be up a few TDs. Bateman also has a good match up with the Chicago D giving up quite a bit to WRs and with Brown out, Bateman is probably gonna be Lamars favorite target! I’m a little worried that Bateman hasn’t had a showing yet of complete dominance, though he’s getting a great target share and been solid with it! Again, help me decide! Who would you start if it were YOUR team? Thanks y’all!!!
  11. Daltnator

    Pittman or Bateman?

    Who would you start in a PPR? Pittman has been doing it longer and we kinda know his production level, but hes going up against a stellar defense. Bateman should see an uptick in targets with Brown out, but we only have like a 3 or 4 game sample size. Who would you start if it were YOUR team?!? Help me decide!!
  12. Daltnator

    With All of the Injuries… Can I Try This Again?

    If that were my team, that’s exactly who I would start! I rage traded away Gibson. Should have kept him for depth, but you gotta be willing to miss the great game he might have in order to finally SEE a great game outta him. With Kamara out, Ingram is obviously the right play and with Mitchell missing, starting Wilson is also the correct play! Good call with the WRs. Allen is a target monster and M Brown is Lamars guy and having a great year. Who knows how it will work out, but IMO, those are all the right decisions(or at least the ones with the highest percentage chance of working out!) and at least it wasn’t trying to decide between 2 or 3 options that are very similarly ranked or have very similar outcomes. And hey, any time A lineup decision doesn’t have you teetering back and forth, tearing your hair out, its a great day!! Lol!
  13. Daltnator

    Strategy question leading to lineup question

    Thanks yall!! I didnt think there was a real need to try a jam a player in there, but thought I would check to see how other managers might feel to see if viewing the subject from someone elses POV might help. Thanks again!
  14. Daltnator

    Strategy question leading to lineup question

    Thanks man! Overthinking does seem to be a problem of mine! Lol! Anyone else have a thought or two?!?!
  15. Ok. How much emphasis/importance do y’all place on having the QB of your opponents top wide receiver or vice versa(having the top wide receiver of your opponent’s QB)? Do you care at all? It seems to me somewhat advantageous. Your opponent would only get 2 points advantage for his WRs TD because your QB gets 4 of those points and of course its the opposite when you have the WR. But it is advantageous enough to try and jam a WR into your lineup because that QB? Here’s my situation: My opponent has Wentz, I have Pittman. My 2 WRs and FLEX I have slated are Keenan, CeeDee and Diontae Johnson. I think those are the best options outta the 4. Does anyone see any strategy I’m missing to start Pittman over any of those 3? Thanks y’all!