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  1. rilett

    TNF Discussion: Seahawks at Cowboys - Wk13

    Seattle and Dallas being the 2 most penalized teams in the NFL I think it’s safe to say there will be more.
  2. rilett

    MNF Discussion: Eagles at Chiefs - Wk11

    I wouldn’t start any QB over Hurst. Nice problem to have if Stroud is your backup.
  3. rilett

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    I think he will get 8 to 10 Carrie’s a game and 90% of all the receiver work.
  4. rilett

    TNF Discussion: Jaguars at Saints - Wk7

    They are throwing to everyone except Ridley. Agnew has 4 receptions for the love of Christ.
  5. rilett

    Just got an ESPN alert: Eagles and Julio?!?

    This would not expect him to have any real value.
  6. rilett

    SNF Discussion: Giants at Bills

    I agree, can’t believe it was that close with the Giants O-Line in shambles. I would be worried about Buffalo and Kansas City. Buffalo’s whole offense is Diggs and KC’s is Travis Kelce. Both teams don’t run the ball well and give up on it too soon. Look how KC looked without Kelce for 1 game. Miami has several more weapons and can run the ball.
  7. rilett

    SNF Discussion: Giants at Bills

    They tried that at the end of the first half
  8. rilett

    SNF Discussion: Cowboys at 49ers

    The cowboys are fortunate to have Dan Quinn or this would be even uglier.
  9. rilett

    Cinco de FU (Week 5)

    Man I feel your pain. I quit doing that and have never looked back. Once I set my line up I won’t change it unless an injury occurs or there is a weather issue. Used to do that very thing change it at the last minute and it never worked out well.
  10. rilett

    Amon-Ra St. Brown Iffy for Week 5

    Yea, I see a lot of running in this game, Montgomery and Gibbs
  11. rilett

    TNF Discussion: Lions @ Packers Wk 4

    Man watching Aaron Jones run just emphasizes how bad Dillon is.
  12. rilett

    Handcuff or take a flier?

    It doesn’t look like Henry is washed up to me. Henry is more talented then Spears, the offensive line and the offense in general hasn’t done him any favors. Not sure why everyone assumes Spears would be more productive in the same situation. This is Sermon’s 3rd team and he barely has been able to get off the practice squad on any of them. I wouldn’t waste a roster spot for him. Since your thin at WR I would try for Marvin Mimms, Josh Downs, Quinten Johnston, Tank Dell or Adam Thielen receivers like that if any are available.
  13. If you could pull that off I would do it. Can’t imagine anybody making that deal though. Henry and Etienne are pretty even to me but, Waddle has a lot more value than London. London is in a run first system and Waddle is in one if not the best passing offenses in the league.
  14. rilett

    Week 3 Injuries

    It was fun while it lasted always is with big Mike
  15. rilett

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    Was wondering the same thing