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  1. rilett

    Raheem Mostert to IR

    Just because they have a chance to play in the NFL doesn’t mean they are still not kids and their is no information that says drugs or alcohol are involved. Their is obviously a story here that the 49ers would rather keep in house.
  2. rilett

    Raheem Mostert to IR

    Rumor has it that Sermon and Aiyuk both missed curfew and was the reason for their usuage or lack of usage.
  3. rilett

    Scott Hanson- Red Zone Channel

    You can get it on a streaming platform and don’t have to change to direct tv. I got it thru my Roku
  4. rilett

    Zack Moss, Trey Sermon Inactive

    Well Mostert is already out of the game with a knee injury that will make it easier for you
  5. rilett

    Zack Moss, Trey Sermon Inactive

    No way you drop him. If he is 3rd on the depth chart those RB’s need to play special teams. Anyone who drafted Sermon and Willams knew they might not pay off right out of the gate. It’s only a matter of time before Sermon climbs the depth chart and we all know Mostert’s injury issues
  6. rilett

    Share What Opening Day Means to You

    AxeElf is god
  7. rilett

    NFL Network Redzone

    Here is what I know, the red zone is not going to be the same red zone as NFL sunday ticket red zone it is an original program from the NFL network. Your only going to be able to recieve it if you have comcast. None of the other cable companys have picked it up as of yet. If you don't have comcast you won't be able to get the program. Even if you have NFL network through other cable company's or through direct tv or dish network etc. you won't recieve the red zone it is a comcast exclusive. I think that is what I understand .