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  1. rilett

    Top 5 Fantasy Football QBs for 2024

    1. Allen 2. Burrow 3. Mahomes 4. Hurts 5. Herbert
  2. rilett

    Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs for 2024

    1. McCaffrey 2. Hall 3. Gibbs 4. Robinson 5. Taylor
  3. rilett

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    1. Jefferson 2. Chase 3. St. Brown 4. Hill 5. Lamb
  4. rilett

    Playoff game on peacock

    I’m sure most taverns will be showing the game and Casinos as well.
  5. rilett

    Players Sitting for Week 18

    I recommend playing Cooks
  6. rilett

    Players Sitting for Week 18

    Anytime, good luck
  7. rilett

    Players Sitting for Week 18

    RB Pierre Thomas - Cleveland (if Ford and Hunt sit) RB Jordon Mason - 49ers ( don’t think they play CMC or Mitchell) RB Ronny Rivers - (Rams) might see what they have RB Zamir White - (Raiders) WR Wan’dale - Robinson - (NY Giants) WR Greg Dortch) - (Arizona) WR Demario Douglas - (patriots) WR Branden Cooks - (Dallas) TE Johnny Mundt - (Minnesota) QB Tyroid Taylor - (NY Giants) QB Geno Smith - (Seattle)
  8. rilett

    Lessons learned from 2023

    There is always an over reaction to what happened the previous year. QB Is down this year, injuries have been a big part of that and the top QB’s have not put up the numbers we are used to seeing. Next year they are going to be a great value as they will be drafted lower than they should be in some cases much lower. I try to take advantage of the overreaction that comes every year if possible.
  9. rilett

    Ja'Marr Chase Shoulder Injury

    He sure seems to get hurt a lot for such a young player
  10. rilett

    TNF Discussion: Seahawks at Cowboys - Wk13

    Seattle and Dallas being the 2 most penalized teams in the NFL I think it’s safe to say there will be more.
  11. rilett

    MNF Discussion: Eagles at Chiefs - Wk11

    I wouldn’t start any QB over Hurst. Nice problem to have if Stroud is your backup.
  12. rilett

    Dan Campbell Loves Him Some Jahmyr Gibbs

    I think he will get 8 to 10 Carrie’s a game and 90% of all the receiver work.
  13. rilett

    TNF Discussion: Jaguars at Saints - Wk7

    They are throwing to everyone except Ridley. Agnew has 4 receptions for the love of Christ.
  14. rilett

    Just got an ESPN alert: Eagles and Julio?!?

    This would not expect him to have any real value.