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  1. Lizard


    Taylor is going to be a stud RB, Thomas I doubt will do what he has in the past when he gets back, plus Brees is loosing it.
  2. Lizard


    I am actually trying to trade for Taylor using Thomas as I have plenty of WR depth
  3. Lizard


    Would you trade J Taylor for M Thomas & either M Davis, C Akers or D Henderson? Standard scoring: pick one of the RB
  4. Lizard

    RB week # 2

    Standard Scoring: Pick 1 J.K Dobbins @ HOU M. Brown @ PHI
  5. Lizard

    Lost Thomas! Pick 3 WR for week #2

    Anyone else?
  6. Standard Scoring John Brown @MIA Tyler Lockett vs NE Terry McLaurin @ARI Robby Andersson @TB Darius Slayton @CHI
  7. Standard scoring Pick 1 Jonnu Smith TEN @ DEN Jack Doyle IND @ JAC Blake Jarwin DAL @ LAR (Prescott is my QB)
  8. Lizard

    Drop Ronald Jones for Derrel WIlliams?

    Darrel Williams, sorry typo
  9. Lizard

    Drop Ronald Jones for Derrel WIlliams?

    Even if this is my RB 4? I love Williams upside more then Jones
  10. Standard scoring. Should I drop RB Ronald Jones TB for RB Derrel Williams KC?
  11. Lizard

    Championship WR (Pick 2)

    Non PPR A. Robinson vs KC M. Gallup @ PHI B. Perriman vs HOU T. McLaurin vs NYG D. Slayton @ WASH T. Boyd @ MIA A. Miller vs KC W. Fuller @ TB
  12. Lizard

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    I'm debating over Slayton & Gallop
  13. Lizard

    WR Help Week 15

    Non PPR
  14. Lizard

    WR Help Week 15

    Start 2 A. Robinson @ Green Bay M. Gallup vs LAR D. Slayton vs MIA D. Samuel vs ATL
  15. Lizard

    Tate Today?

    See thats the thing he is still nursing the ankle, that why I think Tate could go off