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  1. I decided to change my keeper this year from A. Gibson to J. Hurts. In this league your allowed to keep one player off your roster from the previous season with a few exceptions: 1. Your keeper can't be picked in the first 3 rounds. 2. You can't have the same keeper for more than 3 years in a row. So last year I drafted J. Hurts in the 10th round so I got to keep him in the 8th round this year. Had I kept A. Gibson, I could of gotten him in the 12th round this year, but I still decided to dump him because they drafted B. Robinson and I think he will eventually be the primary goal line back with Gibson/Mckissic being used between the twenties. Starting roster must consist of: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WRT, TE, DEF, KI 1.05 D. Henry 2.06 A. Kamara 3.05 J.Conner 4.06 D.Waller 5.05 A.St.Brown 6.06 B.Cooks 7.05 T.Pollard 8.06 J.Hurts 9.05 C.Godwin 10.06 M.Gordon 11.05 K.Toney 12.06 R.Woods 13.05 N.Folk 14.06 G.Pickens 15.05 Tenn DEF
  2. Lions_slappy

    Update Requested....

    Any chance you can make an unscheduled update to Draft Buddy by noon on 8/30?? I've got a big draft that evening and want to be prepared. Thanks in advance!
  3. Lions_slappy

    George Pickens stock is rising?

    If you watched that Lions/Steelers game you saw Trubisky's trust in throwing to Pickens. He was targeted five times and at least one of those was in the endzone. At this point you can drop Claypool as #2 WR and elevate Pickens, this guy is going to be a beast.
  4. Lions_slappy

    Rate my Team: 10 team, PPR, keeper league

    After the Lions/Steelers game it's looking like G.Pickens is going to be the steal of the draft!! Claypool was non-existent while Pickens was targeted five times and caught three for 35yds. I think Pickens is the number two man in Pittsburgh!!
  5. Lions_slappy

    Who would you pick

    with the 4th pick, in a 14 team league with the following players available: A.Ekeler D.Henry J.Jefferson N.Harris
  6. Lions_slappy

    2 Keeper League, have 1 need another fro 3..

    Definitely Brady, I don't trust Penney with K.Walker III looming to take over.
  7. Lions_slappy

    7th pick

    I've got the seventh pick in tonights draft, 14 team PPR league, and I'm taking Barkley. If he stays healthy the guy will be a stud and a top 10 RB.
  8. Lions_slappy

    Zeke for Gurley trade?

    14 team league My RB's are: D.Cook, M.Sanders, T.Gurley, B.Scott and A.Mattison (last two are handcuffs which are absolutely necessary in deep 14 team leagues) WR's: R.Woods, D.Parker, T.Patrick, N.Harry and D.Amendola QB's: A.Rodgers, C.Wentz
  9. Lions_slappy

    Rbs to start .5 ppr league

    Dalton should return for Dallas which should help prevent an 8-man box against Zeke, and lets face it, the Steel Curtain has to bust sometime. The Steelers are due for a loss, no way do they go undefeated. A.Jones will play, so your good.
  10. Lions_slappy

    Matt Stafford to the Covid list

    I hate to admit it, but if he plays or not it really won't matter. D.Cook is gonna have a field day against my Leo's.
  11. i'm all for making your community a better place to live; just keep the political bs out of the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. These guys are pro's, they'll have no problem performing at a high level. I think they should take the noise completely out of the game during the pandemic just to make it equal for all teams.
  13. Lions_slappy

    Who is you favorite breakout player this year?

    Calvin Ridley, if you didn't draft this guy your going to kick yourself in the azz. I predict Julio will start to regress this season, or surprise get another foot injury, and Ridley is gonna take off.
  14. Lions_slappy

    Rate my Draft - 14 team ppr

    Draft requirements: QB, RB, RB, WR, W/T, W/T, W/R/T, KI, DEF plus 6 BN players (7) D. Cook (22) M. Sanders (35) T. Gurley (50) R.Woods (63) D.Parker (78) J.Edelman (91) C.Wentz (106) C.Kirk (119) A.Rodgers (134) D.Johnson (147) D.Jackson (162) Phil DEF (175) G.Tate (190) C.Herndon (203) S.Gostkowski
  15. Lions_slappy

    ?? for Austin Hooper TE

    Who should I trade for Hooper in a 10 team PPR league? My team: WR: D. Adams, T.Lockett. K.Golladay, C.Sutton, D.Amendola RB: N.Chubb, C.Carson, A.Ekeler, M.Sanders TE: C.Herndon, TJ Hockenson QB: D.Brees, J.Allen Sutton for Hooper was already declined. Plus they have both Hooper and Ertz on the same roster. I need to get one of those TE's before the trade deadline. Should i offer Sutton for Ertz or Adams for Hooper?
  16. Lions_slappy

    Rate my Team

    14 team PPR QB - D.Prescott, A.Dalton RB - D.Williams, D.Freeman, D.Montgomery, J.Richard, D.Harris WR/TE - D.Hopkins, T.Y.Hilton, M.Jones, A.J.Green, D.Pettis, T.J.Hockinson DST - PHI KI - D.Bailey
  17. Lions_slappy

    Royce Freeman for Doug Baldwin

    I have Royce Freeman in a 0.5 PPR 10 team league and I'm considering to trade him for D. Baldwin. My RB's are: E. Elliott C. McCaffrey R. Burkhead M. Mack My WR's are: Tyreek Hill Demaryius Thomas Golden Tate Randall Cobb.
  18. Lions_slappy

    Royce Freeman for Doug Baldwin

    I'm sticking with the trade. Assuming Baldwin's knee is OK, he's going to be huge this year. Lets face it, Seattle's defense is a shadow of it's former self and they are going to be coming from behind in a lot of games which means more targets for Wilson's favorite receiver. With Graham and Richardson now gone those targets to Baldwin will surely increase.
  19. Lions_slappy

    Royce Freeman for Doug Baldwin

    Unfortunately I already pulled the trigger an the other owner accepted. Now, the deal is up for league voting for the next two days. How do I pull back this deal in Yahoo?
  20. Lions_slappy

    Help me with first pick!

    Neither, take Johson
  21. Lions_slappy

    Team QB's

    My league uses a team QB. I have 2010 Excel and when I try to copy the your team QB formulas it only copies the values and not the formulas. What am I doing wrong? When I try to use a special paste option it does'nt give me the option to copy formulas only.
  22. Lions_slappy

    Team QB's

    I don't have both versions of Excel on my computer. I've done this before on previous versions with no problem, but this is the first time with Excel 2010. I keep getting this error message: The range you are pasting contains formulas that cannot be pasted into this instance of Excel; however, the formulas will be pasted as values. This may result from pasting formulas from Protected View, anoter instance of Excel or from another application. Did you try to reproduce this using Excel 2010?
  23. Lions_slappy

    Multiple leagues

    I downloaded the 7/21 update and I want to add more than one league; it's not as obvious as in past years. Thanks for the help!
  24. Lions_slappy

    14 team leauge

    I've been playing in a 14 team league for 15 years, and this year we have finally made a rule change to allow first dibbs on free agent aquisitions to lower ranked teams first. I think that is definetly the way to run to make it fair and more competitive.
  25. Lions_slappy

    League variable settings

    I'm in a 14 team league, and I need to know how to set the league variables in cheatcheat compiler. In our league we play the following roster each week: 2 - QB (must play for the same team, starter and backup) 2 - RB 1 - WR 1 - W/T (flex) 1 - W/R (flex) 1- KI 1 - DE In addition, we are allowed to keep a total of nine players on the bench. We can only have two QB's from different teams, and we must keep their back-ups on the roster.