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  1. Ron Silversmoke

    WR help

    Got to go with the healthy WR.
  2. Ron Silversmoke

    RB HELP- Standard league

    Monsert vs Rams OR Gurley vs 49ers
  3. Ron Silversmoke

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    McLaurin if the wind is that bad. I’d wait until the last minute.
  4. Ron Silversmoke

    Which QB Wins in the Semi’s

    That’s a tough one. I’d go Fitzpatrick and close my eyes
  5. Ron Silversmoke

    Flex Appeal: Montgomery, Singletary, AJ Brown

    AJ has the hot Qb against a weak D.
  6. Ron Silversmoke

    Last minute OJ vs HH?

    Henry. He’s been more consistent all year. Gotta go with what got you here
  7. Ron Silversmoke

    Standard League Help

    Need to start two WR AND A flex. These are my options: Tyler Locket AJ Brown Deebo Samuel Dede Westbrook Miles Sanders Raheem Monsert Devin Singletary
  8. Ron Silversmoke

    A.J. Green expected to miss time with foot injury

    Ive been offered LOCKET for AJ. Should I bite ? Im fighting for one of the last playoffs spots. The other owner is looking to stash for playoffs
  9. Ron Silversmoke

    It's that time of year... Kyle Rudolph

    I hear what everyone is saying, but would it be worth to take a chance on Randolph if you drafted Zach Miller?
  10. Ron Silversmoke

    TOUGH decision must pick 2 or these rbs

    You drafted Zeke #1, therefore you start him unless he proves he's a bust. DeAngelo Williams will get all the workhorse and get goal line work. Ware with split time with West. Just like he did last year.
  11. Ron Silversmoke

    6th Pick?

    Peterson All day. With your 1st pick, you want to take proven studs. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=457435&do=findComment&comment=5753573
  12. Ron Silversmoke

    Jordan Mathews dropped

    My bench consists of D. Murray, Lockett, Tyrod Taylor, Henry, Sheperd, and Ryan Mathews.
  13. Ron Silversmoke

    TE Help

    I would drop Brate for either Walford or McDonald. McDonald will get volume check downs in that up tempo offense. Walford won't get as many looks, but he will be one of Carr's favorite end zone targets. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=457435&do=findComment&comment=5753573
  14. Ron Silversmoke

    Forsett cut

    Forsett will get the first crack at carries. But I think Dixon eventually takes the job mid season http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=457419&do=findComment&comment=5753492
  15. Ron Silversmoke

    Jordan Mathews dropped

    In my 10 team Non PPR. Nobody has claimed him off waivers either. Has he fallen that far since the qb trade? I want to pick him up but can't decide if I should for Sheppard or Henry.