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  1. Kelvarr

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    15.5 pts from Cousins. .5 ppc, 6 TD, 1/25 yds
  2. Per the topic? Is there any further news on Conner? Is Samuels worth burning waiver on?
  3. Kelvarr

    Quick! Mayfield or Goff?

    Per subject. wsis: Mayfield or Goff?
  4. Kelvarr

    Packers at Patriots: In-Game Discussion

    I hope Brady throws about 4+ picks...
  5. Kelvarr

    WR Kupp

    Is he inactive today? Need to know quickly...
  6. Kelvarr

    Barkley Trade Assistance

    Heck no. Especially not for Rodgers who could be sat down if his knee is not better in a couple of weeks. Luck yes, but you need a better RB paired with him. See mine
  7. Kelvarr

    Which qb and who to flex?

    Rivers all day. Bears game could be a clock control game. See mine
  8. Kelvarr

    Bench Mahomes this week ?

    I don't think you bench Mahomes against any team right now. In my league he has only scored under 40 once all season. See mine
  9. Kelvarr

    Goff or Cousins?

    I know they are predicted with similar numbers, but who would you roll with? I think the NO/LA game will be a shootout, but I just can't get over the fact that the Lions Defense just completely fails to show up sometimes. 6/TD 0.5/completion 3/50+yd play
  10. Kelvarr

    Raiders at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Is Breida going for sure? I need to start him or Shady.
  11. Kelvarr

    LeSean McCoy droppable?

    He got me 21 points last night...6 of which were in carries (0.5 PPC)
  12. Kelvarr

    Golden Tate traded to PHI

    Great. Now half of the receivers on my fantasy team have been traded to a new team, and another (Kupp) is injured. Basically zero production for a couple weeks.
  13. Kelvarr

    Patriots at Bills: In-Game Discussion

    Cannot stand Booger McFarland "in the booth"
  14. Kelvarr

    LeSean McCoy droppable?

    I decided that spending the waiver claim wasn't worth it, and held on to him. Being in concussion protocol though, he is on the bench. The only weird rule we have is that we can only roster 6 RB.