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  1. 12 Team PPR league on Yahoo (redraft) LIVE DRAFT FRIDAY @ 7:45pm PST 16 player roster QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR/TE flex, TE, D/ST, K blind bidding waivers 1st place - $280 2nd place - $135 3rd place - $65 link to join - http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/register/tos?league_id=455861&password=gimmetherock
  2. crazy championship week that started thursday and finally end tonight it has caused sleepless nights
  3. thanks to an improbable 16 pt advantage pierre gave me over turner tonight...i am up 40 pts heading to tmrw...BUT he has Vick. last time I played this team, Vick had 55 (vs redskins) what do you need to win (or lose)
  4. junk

    Crazy trade--help me and I will help you

    whats your record? i would prob do it depending on keeper rules. finley is SICK so if it doesnt cost you a draft pick or anything i would do it simply because you have QBs are you keeping all the qbs next season http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=376422
  5. junk

    Trade Help

    no no no
  6. junk

    Trade help

    yes i think you do it. CJ could really explode with moss drawing the defense deep. i think MJD is a mid to low tier rb1 at this pt. just not getting the TDs this year. i would pull the trigger esp since calvin has a tough draw in week 15 vs aqib talib http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=376422
  7. junk

    Need Trade Help - DEADLINE TODAY

    not sure if the deadline is gone but i would be weary about doing this. it depends how valuable the 4th rd pick is to you... turner has a bad history against good Ds and he has a hit or miss schedule coming up. i would look at that for yourself and use that to make the decision... http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=376422
  8. junk

    Trade help!

    dont do it. torrain has some good matchups coming up esp in teh playoffs. sjax doesnt. i think in ppr, marshall is more valuable. that being said, maybe loook elsewhere to pick up a guy like ronnie brown or another rb2 type http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=376422
  9. junk

    Michael Bush for Addai

    what do you think about trading mike bush for addai. i dont have a stable rb2 at this pt which addai could be if he gets healthy. mike bush though could be a rb1 if mcfadden ever got hurt league details: .5 ppr, 2rb, 2wr, 1 flex my current rbs/wrs rb - MJD, Tomlinson, Bush, Ricky Williams wr - Calvin, TO, Moss, Vjax leave a link and I will help you too
  10. junk

    Trade Possiblities

    i would agree in targeting CJ, Gore or possibly MJD over JC. I just think hes too unpredictable. Mccoy has been for real and I would put him with the others. Dont necessarily offer Austin right away. Maybe offer Mike williams and then upgrade to Ausin if needed... good luck http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=375743
  11. junk

    Trade Help

    what is the sitation forthe season. whats your record? EDIT-- ideally you could use some of your RB depth to upgrade at WR. Turner is good though, but hes not the most consistent. i think as far as keepers, you have to consider Rice as a keeper also. i think you see him step up the rest of the year and i think mcgahee is a FA next season tough call, but i would look at other options first heres mine, http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=375743
  12. junk

    Traded Gonzo for Moss

    yeah i think its a good move also. as a 2nd flex, moss should be an advantage. if he were like a wr2, prob not... if you have a chacne http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=375743
  13. junk

    Trade help

    yeah i would prob do it for the same reasons i dont know the pats d schedule but check it on this site and perhaps trade them over the giants
  14. junk

    DWill or Forte?

    hmmmm i would prob take it but it depends on your team and league makeup