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  1. southernsteeler

    Who Benched CJ this week?

    Maybe, but you need to keep in mind that they are actually 10th in the league in giving up RB yardage and that game in particular had Rusty Smith at QB which allowed the Texans D to focus even more on the run. I give CJ a pass on that one.
  2. southernsteeler

    Who Benched CJ this week?

    Not sure why people keep thinking Houston is soft against the run? Yes, start all QB's, WR's and TE's against them, but they are actually pretty good against the run and have been for awhile now.
  3. southernsteeler

    all position projections

    I was checking out this weeks projections and I get the QB projections for each position :RB shows QB, WR shows QB etc. Just an FYI
  4. southernsteeler

    Kyle Orton is a D Bag

    Orton has greatly covered up for my gamble on drafting Favre.
  5. southernsteeler

    Mike williamds tb scoring dispute. what the hell?

    Dang thats a lot of catches, pretty bad yards per catch average though.
  6. southernsteeler

    Now that Gore is on IR for the season...

    What makes you say they had been using Dixon a good bit? Up until the game against Zona, Dixon had 10 touches (all runs), Wesbrook had 10 touches (5 runs, 5 receptions). Seems pretty equal to me, but when the opportunity came to play without Gore, Westbrook had 23 touches (all runs) to Dixon's 15 (14 runs). The simple fact is, when Gore is healthy he is a hog on touches, neither back got much before that so its pretty difficult to judge on 10 touches through 10 games.
  7. southernsteeler

    8 Year Old Jets Fan Tackled at Browns game.

    A reminder of why I moved a way from Ohio. If you go to a game at an opponents team, yes you should expect to get some vocal taunting. However, if they are adults they should not taunt 8 year old kids and physical threats/actions should not be an expected occurrence at a football game.......especially involving an EIGHT year old. I've been to a Browns game and wore my Steelers gear, I got some verbal ribbing but if the team/city is going to accept my money for my ticket then I should be able to attend that game without fear of physical violence. That is just stupid.
  8. southernsteeler

    Hines ward

    He smiles, because he enjoys what he does. Its nice to see, especially when the guys get paid to play a game. And most people who think he is dirty, just wish he played on their team.
  9. southernsteeler

    Hines ward

    How so, because its nice to see someone actually enjoy getting paid to play a game? My mom and grandma both love him, because he smiles as he is playing. He doesn't act like it is a job. Not sure how that is gay.
  10. southernsteeler

    Hines ward

    He is one of the best people in the NFL. He doesn't think he is owed anything, works his ass off, doesn't take plays off and actually cares and does things for others. He actually enjoys playing a game and generally does it with a smile on his face. Imagine that, he smiles. The NFL, could use more Hines wards in the league.
  11. Really? Don't most leagues have rules against things like this?
  12. southernsteeler

    Does anyone else think Kevin Smith's

    I have him in 3 leagues.....so I really really really really hope so.
  13. southernsteeler

    Breaking your own GM rules...

    I'm on board and can agree with what your saying. I'm not sure Breaston and PT are enough to me though. Breaston has been good, but he is still the 3rd WR option on a team and PT is now part of a 3 headed RB situation that we are unsure of how it will work. Have up put CJ on the block to receive offers and this is what you got, or is this something that has come out of the blue?
  14. southernsteeler

    Just did a very risky trade

    What are your league settings?
  15. southernsteeler

    Is this trade fair?

    It all depends on their personal views of those players. I know of some people that were telling everyone, after Miami's last game, to run out and get Ginn now because Henne was going to help him become the WR he can be. I also know a lot of people who don't trust the NO situation and think P. Thomas's value has really taken a shot with the 3 headed RB monster that has morphed into existence in NO. So if the last place team is a down guy on P. Thomas and an up guy on Ginn, then that trade would make sense to him.