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  1. fandandy

    Indecent assault on a child.

    Officer, I guess I don't understand the whole decent/indecent assault thing. Where is the line? The butth0le. Ah, ok. That makes sense.
  2. Yeah, but, Who's the Massa? wouldn't have gone over too well in today's political climate.
  3. fandandy

    **** Official NHL Playoffs thread*****

    Where do you work at? What do you do?
  4. This. I see it in the store all the time. Fat breeds fat and it's not just genetics, it's what these fat fockers consume on a daily basis that makes them so disgustingly fat. There are people so fat that in order to look thinner they will shave their head but even their bald head is fat. Like fat with rolls. How the fock does that even happen?
  5. fandandy

    Rally to support Chicago riots & Looters

    Seriously? Do you think that all of these protests have been organic? Of course, this is all funded and organized. We are witnessing firsthand what as a nation we have orchestrated countless times across the globe. The chitlins have come home to roost.
  6. If there were I would bet it would overlap with the homicide map and the counties which vote democrat. Things that make you go hmmm.
  7. fandandy

    Big Ten now cancels football season...

    This just in, due to fears over the Covid virus, all bubbles will be closed to visitors until further notice.
  8. The worst thing to ever happen to black people was the Democrats.
  9. fandandy

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Race locks at 4:40
  10. fandandy

    GC Fantasy Nascar

  11. fandandy

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Ah, ok. Thanks.
  12. fandandy

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    What race is this on NBSCN? They have wipers and it's NASCAR on a road course?
  13. fandandy

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Racing in the rain?
  14. fandandy

    Well this blows

    That's one big paper route. Also, good luck. I was thinking about you yesterday and almost started a thread asking how you were doing. I'm sorry to read this.