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  1. This has to become an annual event and will be the lone Geek Club contest where the winner never claims his prize.
  2. fandandy

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    What percent of the Chinese have been vaccinated? Do you have any idea?
  3. fandandy

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    Have you had both shots?
  4. Remember when Trump was President and the media/reporters were complaining about how his comments were going to get one of them killed? Never happened btw. Conversely though, blacks are often killed based on their disrespect for and unwillingness to cooperate with law enforcement which is a direct result of a mistrust they have towards the police that is amplified by the Democrats and MSM on a daily basis When will they be held responsible?
  5. fandandy

    We all Knew it, but now CNN is Saying it Out-loud

    In their own minds, they are all heroes. Every aspect of our government on both sides of the supposed aisle along with the MSM, Big Tech, were all in collusion to oust Trump and were willing to do whatever it took to succeed. They are all the enemies of the people, up to and including the federal government.
  6. fandandy

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    You are friends with Shotsup? Do you happen to know where he works at or what he does?
  7. fandandy

    What do you do with green potato chips?

    The green ones make me horny.
  8. You'd know if you weren't too lazy to learn Japanese.
  9. If Peenie and my kid ever pull this crap I'd whoop they ass. This right here is how you get kicked out of North Dakota.
  10. fandandy

    Minny at it again. Black man shot at traffic stop

    I don't wanna hijack your idea cuz I think you might be on to something but if there was a way to add pictures of naked women that would be even betterer.
  11. fandandy

    Minny at it again. Black man shot at traffic stop

    I so hope that Chauvin gets acquitted. I want to see this sh!t burn. The rage from all angles will be priceless. :praying:
  12. fandandy

    Anyone ever own one of these?

    Stupid. I just found this: While some states don’t have specific shipping restrictions on self-defense spray, they do have overarching laws regarding canister size and content. These regulations also apply to online orders within the state. Here are some of the current state restrictions on self-defense spray: · Arkansas: Canisters cannot exceed 5 ounces. · California: Canisters cannot exceed 2.5 ounces. · Florida: Canisters cannot exceed 2 ounces. · Hawaii: Canisters cannot exceed ½-ounce. · Michigan: Canisters cannot exceed 1.2 ounces. They also cannot have a strength higher than 18% OC or 1.4% major capsaicinoids (MC). · New Jersey: Canisters cannot exceed ¾-ounce. · North Carolina: Human-formula canisters cannot exceed 5 ounces. (No restrictions on animal sprays.) · Washington, DC: All pepper spray items must be registered at the local police station as soon as they are received · Wisconsin: Canisters must have a safety feature and cannot exceed 2 ounces or have an OC concentration higher than 10%. Sprays must be pepper-only with no tear gas or UV dyes. The pepper spray also cannot be disguised as a common item such as a lipstick case or pen. Some states also have laws regarding who can carry pepper spray and thus order it. In several states, for example, convicted felons cannot possess pepper spray. Others require a concealed weapon license. Some cities and municipalities may also have their own regulations, and state laws can change from time to time. Whenever you’re in doubt, contact your local law enforcement agency to verify the pepper spray shipping and possession laws in the area.
  13. fandandy

    Anyone ever own one of these?

    Will this ship to where you guys live? It looks like it won't ship to Michigan. Bear Spray