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  1. fandandy

    If you’re looking for a new tv....

    Just smash it with a hammer and throw it in a roll-off and cover it with batteries and cans of paint.
  2. fandandy

    If you’re looking for a new tv....

    It hasn't crapped out, it's just crappy. The first day I had it as I attempted to hook up a soundbar through the optical cable the part that latched it to the tv broke, the sound minus a soundbar is awful, the built-in fire tv sucks, when streaming Hulu it gets this weird green screen during commercials, it has like seizures intermittently and shuts itself off and restarts. It's a piece of sh!t. You get what you pay for.
  3. fandandy

    If you’re looking for a new tv....

    Don't buy an Insignia. I bought one last year on sale cheap and it's garbage. The only off-brand I think I would buy now is maybe a TCL.
  4. I hope somebody paints a Hitler mustache on it.
  5. fandandy

    This is just gross......

    If Obama had a son, ...with a bucket, ...full of hot diarrhea.
  6. fandandy

    Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon

    I recently spent $80 for the year for Frndly TV so I could have the Hallmark channel. I luvs me some Christmas movies.
  7. fandandy

    This is just gross......

    What's worse than having diarrhea poured on your head? Having hot diarrhea poured on your head.
  8. Yet we can't call them colored people. WTF? Make up your mind.
  9. We all know that they'll win. In time if it hasn't started already Menards and Home Depot etc will be advertising sales on their pre-lit holiday trees.
  10. Of course, they do. Have they demanded that a Menorah now be referred to as holiday candles?
  11. fandandy

    Feel free to piss anywhere you want

    Talk about a bad hair day.
  12. fandandy

    Feel free to piss anywhere you want

    Homeless man pours bucket of hot diarrhea on woman https://www.wthr.com/article/homeless-man-pours-bucket-hot-diarrhea-woman LOS ANGELES (WTHR) — Homeless attacks in southern California are on the rise, and the most recent may be one of the worst of all. NBC LA reports a homeless man attacked a woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, pulling her from her car and pouring a bucket of feces on her head. Heidi Van Tassel said she was having a nice evening out with her friends when the attack happened. She said a homeless man sprinted across the street before the attack. "It was diarrhea," Van Tassel said. "Hot liquid. I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes. Paramedics who came to treat me said there was so much of it on me, that it looked like the man was saving it up for a month." Medics took the woman to the hospital, where she was tested for infectious diseases. She will have to be retested every three months. Data from the Los Angeles Police Department shows the number of arrests of homeless people are on the rise since 2017. The number of homeless people arrested for violent crime has also increased. Surveillance footage from nearby businesses caught the attack, and police body cameras captured the aftermath, but neither have been released. Van Tassel said the LAPD said they'd investigate the incident, but she they have not yet been in touch with her for more details. Additionally, she has not been in contact with a victims' advocate, despite the department telling her they would call. "It's so traumatic. The PTSD that I'm dealing with is beyond anything that I've ever felt," Van Tassel said. "He doesn't need jail time," Van Tassel said. "He needs mental health care." NBC LA reports Blessings was previously in a mental health facility for two months, but was released in August.
  13. fandandy

    Feel free to piss anywhere you want

    I think there should be a government-sponsored alternative to living on the street, which I think should be illegal. I propose tent cities in a warmer climate state. Bus the homeless there where they are clothed and fed and potentially trained to find employment. No drugs or alcohol. You should not be allowed simply because you might have a mental illness to live in a box in the park and sh!t on the sidewalk imo. Maybe take a few hundred billion from the trillions we spend meddling in the ME and spend it here on things like this.
  14. fandandy


    A little known fact, Prague is the origin of two English words, Ragu and P.E. badumbum tsssss
  15. fandandy

    Sling Blade is on Netflix

    I've never seen it.