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  1. There are some bright mother fockers in here.
  2. See, Mike. This is what I have been trying to tell you. We could make you a killing. Me alone. YOU would be buying Twitter.
  3. I want a tank top that says My Other Pants Are Jorts.
  4. fandandy

    This time of year

    Thank you, kind sir.
  5. fandandy

    This time of year

    I am trying to think of who this was now. He is like 4ft tall. He literally needs to stand on a step-stool to exit his apartment. Who is it though?
  6. You need to be willing to give Birkenstocks time. It takes time. They are the only shoe that I have owned in my life that I have ever considered sending off to get resoled.
  7. Say what you will. Birkenstocks are awesome. Mucks are good too. Have fun in your tight ass sweaty ass stinky ass Nikies. I will pass. Thank you very much.
  8. I think it was the Mucks. I am telling you right now. They were so awesome and convenient throughout winter and the wet weather. Easy slip-on and off, but the pair I bought were more designed for gardening I think. The soles are rounded towards the edge and I think it has gradually affected my one knee. It was an almost instantaneous relief, within two days, once I put on the Birkenstocks.
  9. Either way, my knee don't hurt. Fock ya'll.
  10. I've never done this as I don't get out much but I can imagine these are not good to run in and were I to ever hear, Look at that kweer wearing clogs. Let's get him. At that point I may take them off and carry them in my fanny pack as I scream RAPE!!!!!
  11. If you wear the right pants they almost don't look like clogs. The trick is wearing the correct pants and praying that it is not windy.
  12. I'm like a dancing monkey now, or banana. wokawokawoka
  13. Consistently for the past few weeks. Not like a sharp piercing pain, but a pain in the same spot. All winter I have been wearing these. I put on these a couple of days ago. My knee stopped hurting. Say what you will, haters. Birkenstock's are the shiznit.
  14. fandandy

    Any Plumbers here?

    I'll give that to you but if you scroll up... Really?
  15. fandandy

    Any Plumbers here?

    You should have worked for a plumber...