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  1. fandandy

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    We also get to learn about you sh!tting stink water.
  2. fandandy

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    Or Jews.
  3. fandandy

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    You guys have an unhealthy obsession with that site. FGDS - FootballGheys Derangement Syndrome
  4. fandandy

    Butt water

  5. fandandy

    Declaring war on Canada?

    I could see this as a scroll at the beginning of a post-apocalyptic B-movie. Most laughed off Duterte's words but they're not laughing now. Well, some are, at The Geek Club, but those guys are idiots...
  6. fandandy

    NBA playoff ratings down big...

    Who is that blonde sideline reporter? She gets on my nerves.
  7. fandandy

    Butt water

    No, I wouldn't think so. You might just have a bug. Rholio didn't have any butt water threads, did he?
  8. fandandy

    Butt water

    What do you eat that causes this?
  9. Would be funny if someone re-opens the cafe and names it Slut Burger. Make the all-female staff dress like whores.
  10. Really? I loved that. When we were done I would always in my funny p#nis voice say Mr. Tuggs is a murderer!!
  11. I don't think they could have stayed in business if they were giving away free handies.
  12. fandandy

    Texas to Execute John William King 2day.

    Twenty years later. Our system is so broken, and that's Texas. You'd think they'd be one of the quicker states.
  13. Moments later the fires were put out as the crowd was distracted by a soccer ball.
  14. fandandy

    Dress code for parents

    When my daughter was in the first grade she went to a charter school with no bussing. Dropping her off or picking her up I would often come across this meaty little Asian chick who wore half shirts and daisy dukes. I was glad that the school didn't have a parental dress code. fandandy likey
  15. fandandy

    Woman killed by industrial meat grinder...

    In lieu of flowers the family requests bags of charcoal for the cremation.