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  1. fandandy

    Kanye likes Hitler

    You clowns think you are so damn smart. You get an entire country to follow you into war with the rest of the world. Piss off. You idiots can't even get three likes in a given day.
  2. fandandy

    Kanye likes Hitler

    Hitler? Cuz he was focking AMAZING. Before there was M I C K E Y M O U S E There was Heil Hitler!!!
  3. YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. And then we will go meddle again in the South China Sea acting as if we belong there and those who don't pay attention when the time comes and it looks like war will support it because they are really focking stoopid.
  5. And God loves us the mostest.
  6. And three days later China will unveil one which cost 1/10 as much and we will still all RAH RAH that America is the AWESOMEIST!!!!!
  7. fandandy

    Who do you like that posts here?

    I like you. I think everyone else likes you. Maybe you are just paranoid do to your meth addiction? You are the one that nobody likes who cooks the meth, right?
  8. fandandy

    Cold weather coat recommendation

    This wouldn't be for you but I just bought it for my daughter. I had it shipped to her in college and she just showed me over Thanksgiving break. I was impressed with the quality and she says it is extremely warm. Hers is fatigue green. https://www.rei.com/product/157230/rei-co-op-norseland-insulated-parka-womens I researched a bit and found these were highly rated. I am sure they make a similar men's coat.
  9. fandandy

    Where is your mind at currently?

    I keep mine in the house. Her parents named her Sandy.
  10. fandandy

    Kanye likes Hitler

    Who here doesn't like Hitler? Should never have invaded Russia though. Hooge mistake.
  11. fandandy

    Who do you like that posts here?

    It doesn't make you bad, it just means that you suck.
  12. fandandy

    Who do you like that posts here?

    You guys are always on the lookout for back in the day genuinely hoping that it is possible to experience that all again and that the people you all seem to miss are never a version of yourselves. Maybe you all collectively suck. And the cool people all left because you guys all suck and they have never come back because you guys all suck. Have you ever considered that thought?
  13. fandandy

    Who do you like that posts here?

    Anyone interesting was run off by the likes of this doosh and the likes of Old Maid etc etc. And here we are. SO Entertain me. Do something you boring ass monkeys. Or... STFU
  14. fandandy

    Who do you like that posts here?

    This, folks, is what we are left with.
  15. fandandy

    Who do you like that posts here?

    And here you are. This is our entertainment tonight. Thanks. I will give you the floor.