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  1. fandandy

    I’m not trying to be a drama queen...

    Agreed, so this new guy is stirring the pot. That's not a bad thing. It's at least not as boring lately.
  2. fandandy

    I’m not trying to be a drama queen...

    You guys have been whining about the good old days of this bored for as long as I can remember and complaining how bad it sucks now for just as long. And GF was banned, correct? Newbie was banned. Now you guys want this guy banned. No wonder you all think this place is so lame, cause every focking interesting poster gets banned by you cry babies.
  3. Who's the 4th? Naomi, Peenie, Old Maid...
  4. I'll take 'Things you won't see b1tches crying about in Yemen' for $500, Alex...
  5. fandandy

    Radical idea for Notre Dame

    I couldn't give two sh1ts if it's rebuilt or not. I am curious though during it's construction how many people were genuinely starving as the "church" poured money into this focking monstrosity.
  6. Prolly pissed that they got a job now.
  7. That sounds like a tongue twister. How many illegal immigrants could a sanctuary city hold If a sanctuary city could hold illegal immigrants? As many illegal immigrants as a sanctuary city could hold If a sanctuary city could hold illegal immigrants.
  8. fandandy

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Kids aren't allowed to play with matches.
  9. fandandy

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Did he tell him to Sthop it, silly!! ?
  10. fandandy

    Notre Dame on Fire

    There for nine hundred years, no problemo. Mooslims move in and a year later it's in flames. Nice job, goat fockers.
  11. fandandy

    Notre Dame on Fire

    The timing is suspect too. Holy Week.
  12. Oh I agree but your state doesn't even have the death penalty. Lock him up for what, 10 years tops at the cost of 30 grand a year in a prison that is prolly by the day looking more and more like focking Guantanimo.
  13. Or just throw him off a balcony. An eye for an eye. But make it quick, not in 15 years.
  14. fandandy

    Kids will be kids I guess.

    She's cuffed from throwing feces so I'm assuming the bag is because she was spitting?