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  1. fandandy


    I wonder how much money the good ole US of A wasted paving roads in focking Afghanistan. What a waste.
  2. fandandy

    LOL, just got a 4 month TO from FBG

    It's like you guys are sniffing their soiled panties and masturbating. You are so infatuated with that place. Were Mike to enforce a rule around here I wish it would be that no one can post one singular word about that place.
  3. fandandy

    Network You're Watching Tues?

  4. fandandy

    Teacher killed in France.......

    Angela Merkel should be hung. I hate that focking c#nt.
  5. fandandy

    Teacher killed in France.......

    It's not an invasion when their elected officials are the ones holding the door open and helping to carry their bags. It's the globalists agenda to bastardize any and all caucasian countries.
  6. fandandy

    members total reputation

    A little known fact, if you click on the won the day date in your profile you can print a certificate. It's actually quite nice, especially if you use parchment paper.
  7. fandandy

    members total reputation

    October 22nd
  8. fandandy

    Zeta Is Fun

    They should name them after curse words. And the top story tonight, Hurricane Fock is now officially category five...
  9. fandandy

    Teacher killed in France.......

    Ya know, a good start would be if your last name is Omar, pack your sh1t. GTFO.
  10. fandandy

    Teacher killed in France.......

    Biden/Harris won't be much better. They will prolly put Ilhan Omar in charge of immigration.
  11. fandandy

    LOL, just got a 4 month TO from FBG

    I recently ordered a FFToday shirt. Upon delivery, it was just a plain white Hanes t-shirt. Apparently, Mike deleted the logo as he deletes everything else around here.
  12. fandandy

    LOL, just got a 4 month TO from FBG

    What exactly did you buy there?
  13. fandandy

    Teacher killed in France.......

    You are seeing firsthand what a bad idea it is to bastardize your nation under the auspice of integration. One in eight French citizens is now a Muslim. WTF? Whose bright idea was this? That same idiocy could happen here with the thinking of many of the dopes on this board who think they are so damn smart.
  14. fandandy

    Teacher killed in France.......

    Three more killed in Nice, France. One beheaded. Notre Dame Basilica. Allahu Akhbar. Globalists and melting pot loyalists can go fock themselves including this commie pope.
  15. fandandy

    Zeta Is Fun

    Bunny is about as easy to follow as Wiff.