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  1. Echo52

    A. Johnson Down

    I still hope for the best as well.. just speculation. Seen it far too many times, and I've torn my PCL as well, so I know how walking goes. Who knows what the deal is with all the injuries. I'm sure most of us thought the lockout/rule changes would affect players.. I wonder how many more big name players go down. Seems like all the cutting/shifting/fast paced movements are starting to catch up with players. Who knows? All the best to Andre Johnson!
  2. Echo52

    A. Johnson Down

    Definitely popped something... geez that was such sh!tty luck. Looks like a MCL or PCL. Back of the leg. As with most ligament tears, you can still walk fine, just feels a bit weird. I expect he'll miss the rest of the season...
  3. Echo52

    Let's Get this Focking Draft Moving

    I guess a slow a$$ draft is what you get when we do the email-pick style..
  4. Echo52

    WTF is this?

    Posted 23 August 2011 - 10:22 PM ---- Signed section - include this line ---- Results sent via email and displayed via web. Summary: draft positions -------------------------------------------------- Roll One Generating 14 rolls of d100, 14 per line Comment: Higher the number, earlier you pick Dice: Defaulting to 14 rolls per line. 88 57 78 13 3 93 52 43 27 83 10 24 57 8 Message sent to these addresses: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.net ---- Signed section - include this line ---- Signature: bfc6a518e8a622a520206afbe4a2b5b1 To verify: http://www.pbegames.com/verify/ --- Dice rolls by: http://www.pbegames.com/roller/ Roller version 1.4 Human contact: moderator@pbegames.com ... Draft pick results were posted on the 23rd. I guess this random roller isn't so random?
  5. Echo52

    Let's Get this Focking Draft Moving

    Breakfast Club's suggestion to simply check twice a day, we'll be going. Also, if you want, use a pre-draft.
  6. Echo52

    NYC to shut down public trans!

    In the Northeast.... I'm not worried.. It's some nice rain, a breeze, and awesome cloud coverage.
  7. Hey TBBOM, never heard from him. Want to double check?
  8. Tim - I don't foresee any problems. You'll have plenty of time to get in and make your picks. We still have a couple weeks till kickoff so we don't need to rush this through in a day or two.
  9. Draft has started everyone! Let's try and keep these picks moving along quickly. If possible, set a pre-pick list too.
  10. You're on there Bill. "Bill E." Wedged between super troopers and the warriors
  11. Echo52

    Spots still available in new Dynasty league

    Calling Chronic Husker and Bill E. for check in! We're ready to kick off!
  12. THanks for pointing out the test message alert!
  13. Echo52

    Spots still available in new Dynasty league

    Well that's a whole other side of the story! Quite interesting! Sounds like the lad really just wanted to get in on a pretty sick new dynasty start up. He's probably embarrassed and has left for good now?? But from the sounds of it, he seems like a Class A owner, the type we need more of in leagues. Shame it had to go about like that, but as you said Volt- He may some killer moves, position the team for great things and opportunities. Whoever you are, mystery lurker... we might need a backup. Don't be ashamed! I commend you for taking Jamaal Charles and trading up. You've got the right idea this year! Would have been superbowl bound ***EDIT - Mystery poster - if you want in the new league, which we need one or two bodies.. feel free to PM myself or Volt in privacy. I'm completely unbiased, and would love an active, knowledgeable owner. We can put that BS aside.
  14. Echo52

    Spots still available in new Dynasty league

    Well speak of the devil.. looks like some doosho did the same thing in our league and took Kanill spot. Thankfully I got it figured out this quickly. Whoever it is - not cool, and we will find you- or karma will
  15. Think this was a product of stolen password. Once you login, change your password immediately. had issues with this in another league Good to hear from ya, now get in here and let's get drafting, you've got an early pick