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  1. JBT

    Chiefs/Indy stat correction?

    Thanks. Would have lost by 0.1 if they had taken it away.
  2. So in the Chiefs game, Demarcus Robinson got a 5 yard reception on 1st down, but was flagged for a 15 yard offensive face mask penalty (a spot foul). On the next play, the Chiefs had 1st and 20. ESPN and NFL.com both credited Robinson with the 5 yard reception and the CBS league gave him the points. Since it was a redo of 1st down do the yards not count or since it was a spot foul does he get the credit? Is a stat correction coming?
  3. JBT

    Thoughts on my team

    QB: E. Manning, Cutler RB: Charles, Stewart, Foster, Duke Johnson, Polk, Denard Robinson WR: Jeffery, Hopkins, V. Jackson, Garcon, Hankerson D: Buffalo K: Hauschka 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, K, D 14 team league Any input? Thanks.
  4. Not collusion, but strategically manipulating his team to improve his chances at winning the championship. I wouldn't do this personally, but I wouldn't vote to veto it either.
  5. Right after they break the huddle and as they're getting set on the line. It's for a split second you see him gesture at the sidelines.
  6. You obviously know this is the wrong board...then why go ahead and post the question here anyway?
  7. JBT

    Garrett Graham: 2013's Jacob Tamme 2010

    Thoughts on him vs. Olsen? Cam's not getting it done and the coaching staff has their head in the sand.
  8. JBT

    Bradshaw vs Trich

    Bummer. Good luck recovering AB and now it's time for TRich to show everyone what he's really made of.
  9. JBT

    Bradshaw vs Trich

    I'd guess 75/25 Richardson/Brown.
  10. JBT

    Bradshaw vs Trich

    I absolutely understand the implications. And I agree he will be given every opportunity...after this year. But I don't agree that just because they gave up a first round draft pick for him, they're going to abandon a RB that's got more experience and is being more productive. I don't in the least expect them to give the majority of the snaps to Bradshaw unless Richardson gets hurt, but I don't see them phasing Bradshaw out in favor of Richardson just to give Richardson the "opportunity". If Bradshaw continues to produce more than Richardson you can bet they're going to find a way to keep him in the mix. And why not? You've got him a one year, you can run him until his legs fall off and save some tread on the tires of your future work horse. Makes sense to me. If Richardson starts to tear it up while Bradshaw's hurt with this injury it's a whole different story then.
  11. JBT

    Bradshaw vs Trich

    You really need to drop the first round argument. It's been beaten like a dead horse. Scouts are never wrong? What's Ryan Leaf up to these days? You could say Richardson is the better back and you'd be wrong too. It's one opinion vs. another. What's so crazy about saying Bradshaw would outproduce TRich? He's shown thus far he's quite capable. As for why Bradshaw wasn't getting much interest in free agency? I attribute that more to teams not wanting to deal with health issues than their judgement of his character.
  12. JBT

    Bradshaw vs Trich

    When he was with the Giants, I thought he used to routinely take a day off from practice because of his foot problems and be ready to go on Sunday. I forgot about that hit though so if it's the neck, it looks like it's serious.
  13. JBT

    Survivor Week 4 picks

    I think this will be a bit of a let down game for the Browns. Everyone had them pegged to lose with Richardson being traded and I think they used that as motivation not to mention Gordon coming back. I think the Bengals will be much better prepared.
  14. JBT

    Bradshaw vs Trich

    I think Ahmad Bradshaw usually takes Wednesdays off.
  15. JBT

    Survivor Week 4 picks

    Heavy favorites are Denver, Indy and No. I'm leaning towards Indy @ Jax this week. Any thoughts?