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  1. rexnervous

    World Cup Soccer

    I was living in Brazil during that cup. Hopped on a bus full of singing fans to the main street of Sao Paolo. Plenty of drums etc. (although I will say that while the Cup overall was great, the final game between Italy-Brazil totally sucked. But when Baggio missed the PK, who the hell cared? Craziness ensued.) Was living in Switzerland the year before, during the qualifiers, when the Swiss beat Italy. Was crazy there too. Love the World Cup. And until you've gone to a heated rivalry soccer match in a foreign country, you'll be hard-pressed to fully understand the energy. The songs, the flags, the...uh, violence. Had a Brazilian girlfriend who once told me how boring going to American sports were. She was like "what's with the 'doo doo do dooo do doo...Go!' chants? That's all you hear." And while I love NFL and NCAA March Madness, she was right. At this point, only Globo (Brazil) and BBC (England) are showing all matches online. You need to have a Brazil- or England-based ISP to watch. I would kill for ESPN/ABC doing the same for the US. Mainly because my boss is a soccer freak, and I could freely watch all games during working hours (hell, he's starting to make sure meetings don't occur doing particular games). Anyone know how to get Brazil/England proxies?
  2. rexnervous

    I need La La La La, I need Oooh La La La La!

    Poor old Granddad I laughed at all his words I thought he was a bitter man He spoke of women's ways They trap you, then they use you Before you even know For love is blind and you're far too kind Don't ever let it show I wish that I knew what I know now When I was younger. I wish that I knew what I know now When I was stronger.
  3. rexnervous

    Is this photoshopped?

    Yes. You can clearly see that the colors of their unis were swapped.
  4. rexnervous

    I'm done with Dan Brown books

    The problem with Dan Brown is the blurb on the back of the book is way, way better than the book itself. I'll give Brown credit - he can come up with an interesting idea and you go "hmmm, sounds intriguing". But he's a focking atrocious writer. Just abysmal. Despite the terrible characterization, the unsound plotting, the banal descriptions, almost worse is he employs "artificial stupidity" - the writing wherein characters who should clearly know about a particular topic don't have a clue, merely so another character can explain it (i.e., so Brown can make sure the readers understand it). He thinks his readers are stupid. I tried both Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons - couldn't finish either. Couldn't pay me to read another Dan Brown book. A couple of other suggestions if you find "historical" stuff interesting - two Spanish authors. Arturo Perez-Reverte: The Flanders Panel, Club Dumas, The Seville Communion - don't remember which else I've read, haven't read his latest couple. Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Shadow of the Wind, great first novel (or at least first translated into English. As many latin writers go, these are as much mystical/magical as historical. Highly recommended.
  5. Bzzzzz! You lose. You didn't name the sport.
  6. rexnervous

    Best Day 1 drafts

    They in essence got John Abraham in the first round. Good day for the Falcons.
  7. rexnervous

    LeBron travelled twice on that play

    I could care less about the winner of this series. I also think that LeBron is quite amazing, and love the way he handles himself. But, by god, how many steps can someone take to make a basket? And how can the announcers not even make note of that. Hell, I could play NBA if I could take as many steps as that.
  8. rexnervous

    Who will take Marcus Vick?

    Because someone drafted Maurice Clarett, that's why.
  9. rexnervous

    global warming documentary

    Despite the heated rhetoric that is so easy on a message board, I don't think that most rational people blame Bush et al for making it happen - instead, they (and I) wonder why there is such a vociferous denial by this Administration that it could even be happening ("we need more reports!" "1 out of 100 scientists don't believe this is happening!"). And thus, they do basically nothing to potentially help alleviate the problem, were it to exist. And I don't believe that we humans can do nothing about it. We could, for instance (and I know I'm being facetious here, in a sense), ban automobiles. But there are things that we can do that might, just might at least slightly affect any potential global warming. Call me hard-hearted, but my basic feeling on global warming is this: it's better safe than sorry. Too focking bad if we change policy to try and alleviate/slow global warming, and it affects negatively some businesses, and some people, for a few years. The economy, and society, will always adjust. There is no guarantee that the Earth will be able to.
  10. rexnervous

    Some Tony Snow quotes on Bush

    Who really cares who is the White House Press Secretary? Republican or Democrat, their job is to spin, spin, spin, and absolutely under no circumstances allow their own personal opinions become public once they've taken the job. They're pretty much nothing more than robots. Deliver the Administration line as best you can. Deflect problematic questioning from the (weak-ass) press. Doesn't matter if it's Tony Snow or Joe Blow. It's the same job description.
  11. rexnervous

    Are you going to see United 93 ?

    Wasn't even on my radar, but so far it's getting amazing reviews. So if the reviews keep up, may give it a shot.
  12. rexnervous

    If you could visit any one place

    New Zealand. For, like, 50 years. DEATH: "You still visiting?" ME: "Yep, still visiting."
  13. rexnervous

    So, Who's In For Next Year

    I'm iffy on it - both because of time considerations, and because this type of game, to be fun, requires active managers, so the dead teams hurt it, alot. Of course, it's bloody April, and I'm sure as July/August rolls around I'll be more inclined to join again.
  14. rexnervous

    best damn sports show..

    It's fake, gotta be Like some of the comments at YouTube, probably an April Fool's joke